Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do you wanna dance?

MTG: Can I change the channel?

AD: Help yourself.

MTG goes to the stereo and flips through the channels on the XM receiver. She goes through everything at least twice and finally stops on XM Classics (classical music)

AD: In a classical mood?

MTG: Some what

I listen and read some more from a new book I picked up. MTG is flipping through an interior design magazine and humming along to Chopin.

We sit in silence blissfully listening to the music and reading. I'm actually staying at a friends house right now. They asked me to house sit and I jumped on the offer right away. Let me put it this way, stay at home in a regular house, or stay at my friends all inclusive luxury town house for the next month while their gone. MTG is staying this week with me. Hmmm...yup, luxury town house it is. It's not a huge space but it's very spacey. My friend has great tastes in design so it's very modern contemporary. The best part is I'm only 10 minutes away from work instead of 40. Huge plus.

The down stairs of the town house is opened and large. No tile or carpet just stained ultra smooth cement floors on the downstairs. Very..(ok I'm gonna break my own rule here).."Classy".

I look at MTG as she flips through the magazine blissfully enjoying the music. I think to myself that I should ask her to dance. It's the perfect little area to.

But then I think of how I used to abhor dancing and now again, if given the choice won't. I think all guys do that though. We know most girls like to dance and they want to dance with us. But most average guys have no rythm, like me. Ok well I have some rythm now, I took dance classes a few years ago. (Don't laugh I know you're laughing, aren't you!!??) But lets face it. Most of the time we look like some rythmless druid on the dance floor when we're at a dance or wedding, or club.

It takes courage for us to ask a girl to dance. When we don't know how, it's like deliberately putting yourself through an embarrassing slow death. I won't even begin to tell you how I used to dance before I learned. Ok I'll be honest, I to explain it. Ok I originally learned to dance by watching Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry dance on cartoons and emulating them. Hey Bugs has got moves. But lets just say that I shouldn't have followed them.

Anyways, I'm sitting there thinking these things. MTG smiles at me and is twirling her feet in little circles as she lays on the couch.

I think to myself, "Ask her stupid!! Not like there's anyone here to see you." I put my book down and stand up. I turn around and take one of MTG's hands. She looks out from over the magazine cover with a puzzled look.

AD: May I have this dance?

MTG looks puzzled but giggles profusely.

She stands up and says, "Yes you may." I take her hand and hold it up and put my other arm around her as I lead her into a waltz.

In actuallity I'm counting the steps in my head as we dance. Fortunately she doesn't notice. But she dances very well and is light on her feet, so I all I have to do is lead. We dance till the song ends. MTG is a great dancer and was surprised that I asked her to dance in the first place.

MTG: So....what was that all about?

AD: I just wanted to dance with you. That and feel you up a little........ Just kidding.

MTG: Yeah sure...(she says with an evil smile)

MTG: Wanna dance to something else?

AD: Uhm....ok


Beth said...

I swooned a little.

And this is the best line I've read all month:

Ok I originally learned to dance by watching Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry dance on cartoons and emulating them. Hey Bugs has got moves. But lets just say that I shouldn't have followed them.

So I laughed a little, too.

gizmorox said...

I can't believe that as a DJ you don't have rhythm. Not knowing the precise steps to some archaic dance doesn't mean you don't have any. I'll bet you dance fine :)

Artful Dodger said...

Beth: Really you swooned? Wow. Glad you liked my first dancing lessons from cartoons.

Gizmorox: Yeah I have rhythm. But it's a little different DJ'ing cause you play music that the crowd wants to dance to not necessarily yourself. There's many rules to it. But I dance ok. Hey after lessons I can now correctly dance, salsa, tango and waltz and a few others correctly. Of course I had to learn the electric slide, robot, the monkey, moonwalk, twist, and sprinkler, on my own or just watching friends and family. I can do a mean moonwalk now. Booyah!!

Beth said...

Yep. Swooned. Laughed. A good read for me.