Monday, August 06, 2007


Sunday night:
Me: I'm so sorry you had to put up with my family the past five days. Really I'll understand if you want to run away screaming and never return.
MTG: Are you kidding, that trip was funny on sooo many levels. Your family is crazy but in a good crazy kinda way...or something to that effect.
Me: That doesn't help much.
Weds 08/01/07
Upon leaving work I picked up Mix Tape Girl and drive home. Now according to the plans that had been made we were to leave from the airport in San Antonio. MTG, my parents and myself and my cousin that flies the plane that is. However receiving a phone call I'm informed by my father that there is a change of plans. We're going to fly out of a my (I suppose you could say, it is where I was born) home town. Oh how nice we have to drive 2 hours to a little border town. Why? Cause we were taking cargo with us. How nice. We get to the small border town. (It's small but they have a mall and an Indian Casino)
Uncle: Your cousins late so you'll have to stay around till he shows up.
Ok no biggie. I went to see both my grandma's while we wait which was actually nice. They both actually met MTG for the first time. Then back to my uncle's house. Hmmmm....
Uncle: (having drank about a 6 pack already) You guys wanna go do something?
MTG: Sure
Me: What something?
Uncle: Mija (to MTG) I don't think you want to come there's no A/C.
MTG: No I want to come.
Uncle: Ok
Me: Where are we going?
Uncle: You'll see it'll be fun its just for a little while.
So we drove out to the end of town.
Me: Where are we going?
Uncle: Don't worry were here.
Here being a beat up old building. We pull up and there are cars all over the place. And border patrol cars and police cars. We hear loud commotion as we approach the entrance. And there it was in all its glory. A cock fight.
Me: Thinking to self (WTF???!!!!!)

Uncle: Wait here I have to go pick something up.

No this small border town where I'm "originally" (I use the term loosely) from is odd. I don't know anyone but they all know me. (Stemming from my dad being a "civil rights" type activist way back when so everyone knows him) As most of them called me by name as I stood there with MTG in shock. One...ahem..."officer" gave me $10 bucks from his winnings as he was leaving as a Bday gift.

Uncle: Ok we can go now I just needed to pick something up. (Him holding a large box)

We left and headed back to his house. MTG looking a bit more shocked then I would've liked. I whispered, "I'm sorry" and she just nodded.

Later that night around 10 pm my cousin called and informed us that he's ready to go. We drove to the small local airport and went to the plane.

MTG: We don't have to get checked or nothing? Like customs?


Me: (shaking head)

We climb aboard the plane, my parents going first. The got the good seats. Me and MTG sat on a small bench seat towards the back surrounded by boxes of well, just junk in general. The flight went okay all in all. Though I could've sworn I kept hearing the door rattling more than I would've liked. And some boxes fell on MTG and myself in a little turbulance.

After a few hours we reached our destination in Monterey. Another uncle was there to greet us. However he only brought his truck with the single cab. So my parents sat upfront and MTG and myself sat in the back. Which was actually fun especially driving at night.

We got to his house and slept.


I woke from MTG shaking me.

MTG: Get up, I need your help.

Me: (half asleep)Wha?...

MTG: Someone's on the floor outside bedroom door. I think he's dead.

Me: (Still asleep not understanding)

MTG: Come on!! Get up.

Me: Okay okay.

I opened the door and found to my surprise my cousin that flew us lying there.

MTG: Is he dead?

Me: No he's just drunk and passed out.

He moaned as I nugged him with my foot. I dragged him and pulled him up on the couch.

Me: I'm going back to bed. It's still too early. (Being 6 am)

MTG: I think I'll get up.

9 am I finally get up, MTG no where to be found.

Uncle #2: Morning mijo. Sleep alright?

Me: Yeah...where is everyone.

Uncle #2: They went to go get stuff for your fiesta. (Offering me a cigarette)

Me: Oh...Cousin passed out infront of our room last night.

Uncle #2: Oh yeah he went out after we dropped you off. He came back all borracho (drunk). MTG told me she found him this morning on the floor.

After that the rest of the day was decent. I got to chill with my uncle and we drove around town sight seeing when MTG got back.

While back at the house that night before the fiesta a little cousin of mine drew a picture of me. The picture below isn't what I looked like but it's not that far from it either.

I liked that present. The fiesta was something else entirely, but that'll be for the next post.

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Beth said...

WOW. That read just like an episode of "The Simpsons"! Even your cousin's portrait could be on the show.