Thursday, August 16, 2007

Full Albums

Having recently bought Yoshimi Vs the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips, I noticed that I did something that I seem to rarely do now days. I listened to the whole album straight through. No skipping songs, no lemme just listen to my favorite song and that's that. No, I listened to the whole thing from beginning to end.

Now that I think of this I rarely ever do this anymore. I mean I listen to music constantly throughout the day. But it's not a whole album. No I let the Ipod or satellite or mp3 player decided randomly what I listen to. I listen to my vast amounts of mix CD's with all numbers of artists on them. But I rarely listen to a whole album anymore.

So my dear readers. (Like all three of you :-P) Take a look at your music player. When's the last time you set it to play a specific album, instead of letting it pick music randomly? How often do you listen to an album from start to finish? How soon will you need to hear your favorite song now? My inquiring mind wants to know.


Splotchy said...

Hey, you're talking about something like a Total Absorption album eh? :)

I don't really listen to albums that often from start to finish.

However, for me Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures always seems to cry out for a complete listening, though that might be Ian Curtis doing the crying that I am hearing.

gizmorox said...

When I'm editing, it helps me concentrate if the music is similar and not hopping around all over the place, so I listen to actual albums a lot. I don't generally get all the way through an album at at time, but according to my iTunes, recently it's been Wilco's "Summerteeth," Twilight Singers' "Blackberry Belle," and Stereophonics "Language, Sex, Violence, Other." I also like the Bloc Party albums for listening straight through.

BeckEye said...

I try to do that every time I buy a new CD. The most recent one I bought was the new Crowded House CD. I listened to the whole thing, but only once so far so I don't remember a lot of it! I have to listen to it again.

Artful Dodger said...

Splotchy - Ohhh, I love Joy Division. Excellent tastes.

Gizmo - I know what you mean. Whenever I do something serious and have to really concentrate, I always listen to Beethoven. I dunno why but when I hear it, it opens my mind and I think so much clearer.

Beckeye - Yeah I hear ya. I just bought the new Interpol CD. I listened to it twice already, but I'm afraid to listen more cause I get bored rather easy.

Me: On the plus side I'm currently obsessing over and new song called "Anthem". It's a dance song and I've been dancing my butt off to since Tues. I just can't get enough.