Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OMG That's The Funk SH*T

Now I must say that there are only a few things in my entire life that have terrified me to where I was absolutely petrified. I am going to show you one of them right now. It's not what you think, no, no. In fact probably a good majority of people remember this and probably loved it. Not me!! No way no chance in hell. Do you remember "Showbiz Pizza" n/k/a Chucky Cheese? If you do you probably remember "The Rock-AFire Explosion". The animatronic band consisting of a freaky looking bear, and his psychotic friends.

I remember a long time ago when my parents took me and my brother to this place. At first all was ok. We ordered pizza. For little me, all I could think of was "Yay Pizza." We sat down and I noticed the stage in front of us. No biggie. Then the lights dimmed....and the music started. And the scarriest looking F'ing creature emerged from behind a curtain singing a song. A gigantic bear with soulless blue eyes, and a rubber face. Then a gorilla, then a gigantic mouse, and another bear, and a dog, and a freaky wolf, and a funky puppet. I couldn't stop screaming. I tried and tried to run out of the building but my parents held me there in my seat, telling me it's ok. All I remember screaming at the top of my little lungs is "NO IT'S SATAN's SPAWN!!!" Needless to say my parents and brother ate really fast and got me out of there before I had a complete psychotic breakdown. To this day those freaking machines with soulless faces, and hydraulic noise still terrify me out unbelievably.

Then I found something today while at lunch and reading on CNET. Someone actually bought an entire set of "The Rock-AFire Explosion" band and set it up at his house and reprogrammed the machines to play modern tunes. He posted the video's on Youtube. So if you are scarred then please don't watch the movies. I forced myself to watch them. Fortunately the music more than made up for the utter dementedness of the animated machines. I will surely have nightmares about this tonight. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Beth said...

Damn! I can't access YouTube at the office; I'll have to check again tonight.

Face your fears, AD!

BeckEye said...

You know that guy is totally violating those animatrons when the cameras are off.