Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up, Bad Karma and FM Transmitters

MTG: You're not tired of me yet?

Me: Never. I've gotten quite accustomed to you. (I say while looking her straight in her eyes)

MTG: Thank you (She whispers to me and smiles)

MTG's had a tough past week. Crazy really. So first chance I had I took her out.

MTG's Friend: So we'll see you at the zoo tomorrow?

Me: Ya I guess so. You going? (I ask MTG)

MTG: No I'm sorry I have some stuff I have to do. You guys go instead.

MTG's Friend: I don't know either, they're going at 1 pm and it'll be so hot.

Me: I hadn't even thought of that. Now I might change my mind.

MTG closes her eyes and lean on my shoulder.

Me: I better close out the tab and take you home. Are you all ready too?

Everyone else about 7 other friends. "Yep"

I wave down our extremely nice waitress and ask for the ticket. I inform her that the bartender kept my bank card when we were waiting for our table there. She said she'd get it. (I actually had a gift card given to me for my b-day, so I decided to use it for dinner for MTG and myself, and bought everyone a couple of rounds of drinks too. This is one of those swanky expensive restaurants on the way north side of town. Not a place I'd frequent normally. I might have to go back, the bartender serves a mean Jack and Coke.)

Waitress: I'm sorry sir (she says coming back from the bar) you'll have to close out your tab at the bar first.

Me: No problem. (I go and pay off the tab for everyone's drinks.)

V & X(some married friends of ours): You paid for our drinks? Oh no, we already paid for ours when we left the bar.

Me: I told you I was buying.

V&X: Oh we weren't sure.

Me: Ok lemme go back and get credited back on my gift card.

I go back and wait for the manager to sort it all out and get credit back on my gift card.

I finally go back and pay for the dinner for MTG and myself with the gift card.

Me: Oh shoot. I don't have change for a tip. All I have is my bank card.

MTG: I got it.

Me: But I really feel bad about not leaving a tip too. Our waitress was so good.

MTG: It's ok

Me: I know but that's bad karma.

MTG Friend: It's ok we're all pitching in more than enough.

Me: I'd feel better if I chipped in too.

(The only reason I didn't have cash on hand is the bank messed up my new bank card. I had to get it re-done as they screwed up the billing address on the card, so some places I could use it and others I couldn't. I got it fixed so I can use it everywhere now. But they forgot to active the option to use it at ATM's too. So I can only use it to purchase and not withdrawal. Which I had to get fixed today so I have to wait for another new card, in about 2 weeks.)

All: It's ok.

I'm still thinking it's bad karma for me not to leave anything.

We leave and we head to the car. I get MTG in first, (she's half asleep). Going around the corner towards the drivers door, I didn't notice that I parked close to a tree with a small pointy metal fence around it. I had to maneuver into the car. I thought I had it. Wrong. I got my pocket caught on the top of the pointy metal fence. RIPPPP!!!

Me: Dammit!!! I knew I'd get bad karma. (I just ripped my favorite pair of slacks, they tore right down the pocket. My undies where showing.)

MTG: (Looking and laughing) It's ok, just get in the car before someone sees you.

Grrrrr....Thus ended a long Friday night.


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I bought an in car adapter to create a line in on my factory radio that doesn't have one. You just plug it into the antenna and it creates the line in.

Anyways I put it in. I painstakingly took off the entire center part of the dash. In order to get to the stereo on my car you have to take off almost the entire dash board. I get it off, unscrew the radio and connect the line in.

I put it back, its very simple but a long process. Awesome I know have a line in. So I thought. I connect my satellite to the line in. Nothing. WTF???!! I try all the things I could think of to work. Finally I look at the package. All it has is a website for the instructions. I go inside and look up the instructions.

What a minute!!!! I didn't buy a direct line in!!! I bought the line in connector for a stupid FM transmitter for another system that costs over $100 bucks!!! The dumb package!!! All it says is direct line in connection for all radios. It didn't say you had to buy the FM transmitter and selection fob to make it work. CURSES FOILED AGAIN!!!! My satellite already has a built in FM transmitter. I wanted a direct connect so I wouldn't have to worry about FM transmitting. (Sadly we have a radio station on every single channel in town. So I always get bleed over from the stations to the satellite when its on. It's so annoying.)

Having taken forever to put it on I didn't want to deal with it. So in my dash it sits, useless and annoying. I guess the order for this coming weekend is to take it out and return it.

In other news I'm getting ready for my latest trip again. (Yes another trip, I know I just went on one. I told you I was a gypsy) I just bought tickets to California, to visit some friends. MTG is going to be able to go too. I can't wait.


Beth said...

You missed a great opportunity to say "I've grown accustomed to your face" (a favorite Sinatra tune).

Thanks for your sweet comment about my dad. I hope you hugged MTG tight!

Lucy said...

My undies where showing.

Yes, and so were your "H"s...

Lovely story though... leaning on shoulders always makes me * sigh *

I sent you an email, so feel free to delete this comment after you read it.

6th Floor blog said...

sometimes it feels like nothing ever goes completely smoothly. But I guess that's part of the fun of it all.