Monday, August 27, 2007

This is why I don't do downtown much anymore.

Downtown. To be quite honest we don't have much of a downtown. Oh sure we have what people call the world famous river walk. Or mud lane as I call it. But all in all it's not that bad. But downtown here if more for tourists than anything else. The nice parts are all neoned signed and do you put it...Mexicaned out. Honestly, you don't even see things in Mexico like the decorations that they have at some places.

Regardless last night was actually a very good night to go downtown. The moon was full and bright, a friend of mine that lives downtown asked MTG and myself over for dinner, along with some other friends. The evening was ok, although MTG and myself and my friend did most of the talking. Now usually I'm reserved and quiet. But my friend had invited some new people over and there were way too many moments of awkward silence. But finally we managed to get everyone talking.

My friend made this weird tea like drink for us. She boiled some sort of flower(s) that "Jicamia" or something like that. It looked like hibiscus flowers but it wasn't. Now it looked dark red like wine, it smelled like wine, but brother it wasn't wine. I took one sip and my lips puckered shut, it was so sour. My friend didn't put any sugar in it cause she drinks it straight. She is crazy. Needless to say I sugared my drink up like you wouldn't believe. After I did it tasted like rose flavored Kool-Aid. Needless to say I swallowed it quickly and then hit the lemonade. But the dinner was amazing. My friend makes everything from scratch. OMG!!! It was so good. I had to do double my run today cause I ate so much last night.

MTG and myself decided to take a stroll under the bridges of the river walk as my friend lives in a condo on it. It was too beatiful a night to waste. So we walked hand in hand under the moon light.

MTG: It's been years since I've been down here.

Me: Me too. I think it was like 3 years ago for me. And that was just to pick something up.

MTG: Ok so if you had to loose your hearing, speech, or touch or smell, which one would you use.

Me: Where'd that come from?

MTG: It's just something I read in a magazine.

Me: What is this a Cosmo thing?

MTG: No. Now answer the question.

Me: *sigh* I guess speech.

MTG: How would you communicate with people. Like me, how would you tell me something?

Me: I dunno pantomime?

MTG: Really?

Me: I could carry a pen and pencil and notepad with me all the time I guess.

MTG: But would that be practical.

Me: I dunno, maybe.

MTG: Okay, so if you lost your ability to speak right now, how would you convey your thoughts to me?

Me: I'd use Jedi Mind tricks. Or use the force to convey what I need to do.

MTG: (gives odd stare)

Me: Maybe not, you don't have a weak mind for Jedi mind tricks to work.

MTG: Well then?

Me: Look if I lost the ability to talk right now, I'd.........(freeze frame)

I should have mentioned that we were walking under a bridge where above there was a rather rowdy group of revelers, that had one to many margaritas. And they were sitting on the edge of the bridge, whilst we passed underneath it. Lets just say they were having fun throwing stuff over the bridge.

(back to real time)


Something hit us. Ewwww......What the hell is this stuff? I felt something warm and icky sliding down my face and I pulled MTG back under the bridge. I couldn't open my mouth. I was afraid to get whatever it was that hit us in my mouth, thinking it was a foul nasty substance. MTG just looked at me confused about what was happening.

And there I was not able to talk. What are the odds.

MTG: Are you ok? (Me taking the brunt of what hit us)

Me: (unable to talk I'm hopping up and down making monkey noises)

MTG: Hang on, and she bent over and dipped her hand in the icky river water to wash some stuff off my face.

Me: (trying to talk with my mouth shut but only managing).....MMM...nnnnn...nouuwey

MTG just stood there both of us looking at each other. Then I noticed, hey these are eggs. Those bastards. But still afraid to open my mouth thinking I would get salmonella poisoning.

After a minute more of shock I grabbed MTG and rushed back to my friends place.

Friend: What happend?

MTG: Egging

I just rushed to the bathroom and finally washed my face, MTG followed suit.

Friend: Are you all ok?

MTG and myself sitting on her couch semi-wet finding bits of eggshell on us. I couldn't help it. I just started to laugh. MTG followed. We all just laughed.

Me: I guess I failed your test.

MTG: No, I understood your monkey noises.

Me: Really?

MTG: Yeah it was cute. Oh and thanks for stepping in front of me and getting the brunt of it.

Me: No biggie. (Although I didn't see it coming. But I must say I dunno if I would have if I did. :P But I'll take the compliment)

Me: I think I've had my downtown in take for a while.

MTG: Me too.

Friend: I'm sorry this happened to you.

Me: Not your fault. (Looking at MTG) Ya know this is the second time in so many weeks that something has happened when I'm with you.

MTG: I know, creepy huh? You going to run away from me screaming?

Me: Nah, I just better make sure my insurance is up to date.

MTG punched me in the arm.

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Beth said...

What assholes! To ruin a perfect evening.

I think I'd give up speech, too. I couldn't give up hearing or sight. But, Gawd, I do love to talk ...