Thursday, August 16, 2007

Meat Meat Meat!!!

Dear God! I'm so hungry. I've brought plenty to eat for lunch. The spring spinach salad mix I have it ok. But it''s blah.. I brought some flank steak I cooked the other day. But for some odd reason, I don't want it. The meat, the meat, I don't want meat!! Why?!! I've never turned down meat before. But today, today the meat tastes so icky. I don't like the taste. There's nothing wrong with it, it tastes fine, it's not bad. But I don't want meat. Yet I'm hungry. Grrrrr.....What to eat? There's a mound of meat in front of me that my fellow workers are picking on since I don't want it. *sigh* I can't go anywhere cause its pouring from that dumb tropical depression that hit TX. Why meat, why do I hate you so today?

Hungrly yours,

Artful Dodger


Beth said...

Maybe you're pregnant.

Artful Dodger said... they have tests for that? Maybe I am. :P Maybe its an early life crisis. Nah...

6th Floor blog said...

well, I can't say the meat looks that appetizing in that form. Pretend it's tofu or something?