Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm strong to the finish, cause I eats me spinach

You know, I realized something today. I'm getting older. Now I don't mean that cause I turned 26 a few weeks back. But I mean I'm getting older in my tastes. And it's the little things that I find that I used to like but I don't anymore. For instance, I went to a friends house after work today to drop off some stuff. His son was there and he had just bought a pickle from the ice cream man. No biggie.

Now I used to love eating whole pickles covered with chile when I was a kid. But now...Bleech!! I almost couldn't stand the over powering smell of the vinegar the pickle came in. I was practically gagging every time I caught a wiff of the pickle. How on earth did I eat this crap when I was so young? Dear lord boy, through that away and eat something else.

I find that now I eat things that a few years ago I didn't like. Like spinach. I love spinach now, though it has to be fresh. From the can I can do without. But I used to hate it, oh how I hated it. Now I love cooking it. Or just eating it raw in salads. Broccoli too. I find that my tastes are changing so much.

Are my tastes getting better with age? I'm not a huge beer drinker anymore, though I used to be. Now I prefer a good wine with dinner, or a nice stiff glass of bourbon or whiskey or something MTG mixes up. My palate is changing.

I found that this comes true as well in my musical choices. Now do forgive me but now days I can't find much delight in most of these new bands that come out. I mean there's plenty that I do like, but I suppose I mean music from the crap they play on the top 20. Like that song, "Hey There Delilah" by some...ahem.."rock band". Now I know that we had rock bands do things like that whilst growing up, but now I can't stand crap like that. Fall Out Boy, pretty much any hip-hop artist currently out there. I hear this song and I can't help think this group is going the way of Extreme when the did "More Than Words." And I can't get this whole, "EMO" thing kids are into now days too. What you dress goth/punk but you're emotional or something? I see these kids and think about the line in High Fidelity, where Rob see himself as an impostor "like one of those people who shaves their head one day, and then tells everyone that they've always been punk." There's no class, no originality on the main stream music scene.

I hear this music and I just have to switch off and find something else on the satellite or pop in a CD in the car on the ride home. I giggle to myself cause when these songs I can't stand come on, I sound like my dad when he used to hear our music. "Trash, Trash, all of it trash." he used to say. Me thinks I'm getting better tastes with age, or at least that what I tell myself.


Beth said...

I just put my head on my desk and cried when I read You know, I realized something today. I'm getting older. Now I don't mean that cause I turned 26 a few weeks back.

I'm ancient. I have 22 years on you, child.

Artful Dodger said...

Awww...I didn't mean it that way Beth. You are not old at all. Hmmm...I must make this up to you somehow? A personal mix? Maybe.