Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ah Mix Tape Girl and family. Well I survived the killer pickle so I figured it would be smooth sailing. Yeah right. I joined MTG and family and a few of their friends for dinner again, fortunately at a restaurant this time. A average italian chain place, not starting with olive but not that far either. I actually hadn't been there in a couple of years and it used to be so good.

Well it was...ok. The portion was huge but this time it was really lacking in the flavor dept. But it was ok. We got there and I held the door open for MTG and family. MTG Dad was like, "Thanks". We go inside and they had made a reservation. It was a during the week so it was practically deserted so no waiting. However while standing there for a brief moment in the foyer, MTG Dad turns around and looks at me and (I believe he was kidding, but he looked serious and stern when he said) "There's no room for you at the table, you'll just have to wait." And smirked and turned around and took a few steps away.

I was like. "Ouch" I hope to hell you're kidding. But I just smiled my smile and turned my attention to the bar. I walked up while MTG was talking to the hostess. I signaled the bartender and ordered my drink so it would be read when we sat down. I ordered a bourbon and coke. That's my drink where ever I go that's what I get. As soon as I ordered my drink MTG girl signals me to come with them to sit at a table. They split us up into two groups. MTG family and friends and MTG, MTG sis a couple of friends that we know and myself.

Now I wasn't truly planning on sitting right next to MTG I was hoping to sit across as its easier to hold conversations when you can look without having to turn around etc. We were at a long rectangular table. But for some reason the hostess took away the chair from in front of MTG and the only one left was next to her. She patted the seat as if saying "Sit here". So I did. The hostess took our drink orders. I asked for water as my drink was coming. MTG and MTG sis and ordered Belini's however they're spelled. You know those ultra tall mixed drinks made with champagne and fruit, like a smoothies with alcohol.

A few minutes later the hostess brings us our drinks. I got my glass of water but instead of my bourbon and coke, she gave me a Belini instead. Right away MTG noticed and said you didn't order that and before I could tell the hostess MTG was telling her. The hostess looked at me like and said, "Are you sure you didn't order this? I could've sworn you ordered a Belini." I said no I wanted the bourbon and coke. She apologized and took the drink back. She was very nice about it though. I had to drinks and she charged me for one of each since the drink I didn't order was actually cheaper. So it turned out ok.

So we order our meals and talk while we wait. MTG Dad keeps getting up from his table and walking in circles around ours. And keeps stopping right in front of me where the empty spot was. And he stands there and talks to our other friend who was there. He keeps doing this through out the night. He talks to my friend and then stops and then talks and stops and when he stops he just stares at me. I do mean STARES AT ME. I find this very amusing though for some reason.

At one point he stops to ask what I am drinking. I tell him bourbon and coke. He just freezes and looks at MTG with a really really odd stare. Seriously like, "OMG he drinks liquor instead of beer." MTG Dad is a beer drinker pretty much solely. I figured this out from him right away. MTG gives a evil smile to MTG Dad and says to him after she puts her arm through my arm, "He's a lush just like me." (jokingly of course) This seems to diffuse the situation and MTG Dad leaves us alone for the rest of the night.

Everything else pretty much goes ok. Just small talk etc. And then its time to leave. I tell everyone at my table goodnight. And I go to the table where MTG Dad is at. I stand infront of him and say goodnight. No acknowledgement. I say goodnight again, still same thing. My last drink was pretty strong so I'm thinking "Forget about it, he's too busy talking and you're getting a bit woozie, best go home." Honestly the last drink must had 151 in it or something cause it never hits me like this. The others at the table say goodnight but MTG Dad keeps talking. I walk out the nights over.

The next day I meet MTG later that evening. Dad wanted to know why you didn't tell him goodnight yesterday. I look puzzled. I tell him I did say goodnight/goodbye, twice but he was busy talking that I decided I better not interrupt. But I told MTG, you can give him my apologies for not properly telling him goodbye yesterday. MTG gives me an odd look like, "Uh..ok." and we go on.

"You didn't tell me goodbye!!" I was standing right in front of you and said it twice and you didn't hear or see me waving at you. After a discussion with a friend, I decided to let it go and stop over analyzing things. "He's gotta get used to you." my friend says. I think to myself, "He'lll have to even if he likes it or not." I won't give up, at least not yet. :P

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