Thursday, April 12, 2007

Evil Eye

Being too lazy to cook something after getting home from work & class, I decided, "It's pizza time." Which I haven't had pizza in a really long time so I was looking forward to a good pie.

I placed my order etc over the phone. About 30 minutes later "Knock, knock!" Alright it's here. I had a just enough in paper money to pay for the pizza. But not one to never tip my pizza guy, I had about five buck in dollar coins. I pay the man and then give him his tip. The coins fall in his hand. "Clink Clank". He looks puzzled. I tell him they're those new dollar coins. He looks at them funny and looks at me with the evil eye.

It's money!! Darn good money too. It's unusual money but its still five bucks. Sometimes I wonder what the deal is with people and not liking the dollar coins. Oh well. The pizza was excellent anyways.

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