Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Spice

Wow, Old Spice has a new bottle. I said to myself while at a store yesterday. It actually looks pretty cool, like some Marc Jacobs rip off or something. Still smells like Old Spice though. The smell that will always remind me of dad. Back in the day when we all used the same bed, when mom and pop would sleep during the day and go to work at night. Me and my brother would go to sleep in their bed in our little apartment, when they went to work. I always slept on dad's side, his pillows and sheets permeated with the hint of Old Spice, like he was there even though he wasn't. Up until a few years ago he always wore it. Dad's signature scent. Sure thousands of other men wear the stuff, but when I smell it I can't but help think of my pop. He knew how to wear it, just enough to catch a hint of the smell, not overwhelmingly so powerful it sucked the air out of you. The smell that I could barely smell, when he would pick me up over his head and run so I could feel like I was flying like Superman. Yeah, dad's signature scent, I thought to myself as I put the lid back on the bottle. I put the bottle back and thought to myself; "If I ever have kids, family, etc. will they remember me by my scent of what I wear? The one and only fragrance that'll make them think, 'Dad.'" I look at the bottle one last time and walk off. I guess I'll keep to wearing my Brook's Brothers, and maybe, just maybe someday, someone will remember me by the scent of it.

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Beth said...

A sniff of Old Spice always brings my dad back to life for me, too.