Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's very odd, infatuation. Yeah really really odd in fact. So much so that I had no idea someone had a huge crush on me until today.

I'm trying not to sound all debonair or anything. In fact I'm probably the last guy who would ever even be considered debonair. I'm just me and sometime odd things happen to me.

So here's the story. A while back (as in early last year) I met this girl at a party of a friend of a friend of a friends. We talked she was nice, but she kept on talking to me, continuously, as in singling me out and not letting me escape for air. Which usually is muy bueno with me, pero this was not to be the case this time around. After listening to her talk for well over an hour to me, I came to the conclusion that this girl has issues. I think it was the part when she told me that she was specifically looking for a boyfriend.

Bueno I was like, "We'll I'm sure you'll find someone one day." But she kept talking to me, obviously she didn't get the hint that I wasn't interested. The night went on and I managed to get away but she kept finding her way back to me. "Aye Dios!" I was thinking to myself. Anyways long story short she was insistent on giving me her phone number. Which I had no intention of calling and even told her so, but she still gave it to me. After she gave me her number I got that look like "Aren't you going to give me yours in return?" Oh hell no is all I could think of. So I did what I usually do, I told her I really don't give my number out to anyone, just close friends and family. Still looking at me, still didn't get the hint. So I quickly thought of giving her my instant messenger I.D. figuring she would never instant message me on my PC.

So I thought...I thought wrong. The next day I had my messenger on. "Hey" it said. I'm thinking who the heck is this? Another spammer. I closed the message window. "BUZZ!!" the screen shook. It's a real person. "And you are?" I replied. "It's me from last night." Nuts!! Didn't think she would actually try. "Hey how are you?" I replied. This went on for sometime. After a while I thought she got the hint. I didn't hear from her for a couple of months. But then they started up again. I would reply, "Hey how are you? How've you been? blah blah blah blah, Well gotta go TTYL." And this was it. But from time to time she kept giving me her number. And again I'd tell her I'm not going to call.

Anyways a couple of weeks ago I got a message from her, I should have just ignored it. I should have, but I didn't cause I'm a freaking idiot. And the whole process resumed again. And once again "Here's my phone number call me." Yeah maybe, as if. I just ignored it. So today I open my messenger. Mix Tape Girl is out of town on another business trip and I was checking to see if she left me a message before she leaves which she usually does. I open messenger and immediately I get BUZZED. The screen pops open. Nuts it's her, psycho girl. The message read: "Ya am so mad at u " (Now note that before she started using the whole IM slang, she actually typed full sentences and such. Then it just started getting too casual which annoys the heck out of me)
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Psycho Girl: "But wat can i say am use 2 being diss thanks 4 that bye"
Me: "I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression but I told you I wouldn't call."
Psycho Girl: "(insert sad smiley face with a heart breaking in front of it + the words) U GOT IT"
Me: "Sorry"
Psycho Girl: "It is wat it is i got 2 relize it"
I didn't bother replying anymore.

Interesante...muy interesante. I should probably feel bad for this girl. I should feel some regret or so I think. But how can you break someone's heart if you never had a relationship to begin with? That doesn't make any sense to me. Some how come I feel like an a-hole though for making this girl feel this way. But then again, why should I? I didn't do anything. This is just too weird. Needless to say I miss Mix Tape Girl right now, but I'll have to wait till next weekend till she comes back. Maybe she can explain this to me, unless someone else can.

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Beth said...

You weren't an @sshole at all. You were up front, honest, and thoughtful, really, in your rebuffs. She just didn't want to give up. And that's why she keeps getting rebuffed: She's trying too hard and has that feeling of desperation about her.

Don't waste another minute questioning yourself.