Friday, April 27, 2007

Wow, this past work week was killer. We've had so much work it was ridiculous. Not that the case load is something we can't handle, it's the demands and promises that came with them that nearly sent me over the edge. Our bosses will do anything to get new business, darn near anything. Our service we provided in my team is the elite of the elite of the legal land problem world. We charge a premium for our work, and we're able to resolve the problem 95% of the time. Now I say we charge a premium, $350 an hour is quiet a high price to pay. But out bosses never charge anyone. In order to drum up business for the main part of the company, they give away our work for free, like candy to children telling them take as much as you want. So they give our services for free almost 99% of the time, it's very rare we have someone call us out of the blue and ask for our services. Other companies send us their screwed up files faster than we can process them, noting that "Boss so and so said we get all our files free". Ok that's fine, their the boss that's their business. Mine is to do and not to say.

So we get case after case after case of legal files in. Fixing real estate legal screw ups that happened within the last 100 years. Yeah we get files that have problems stretching that far back. I sometimes think of it as Mission Impossible. Mission Difficult is a walk in the park, we work Mission Impossible. (It's silly I know but we really do this) So we work our magic and have but a few simple demands that must be met by our customers. We need only a few items to properly preform our magic with. Sadly our bosses spoil our customers so much that they refuse to give us a hat to pull a rabbit out of. Getting quite nasty with us for not working their case when we refuse to accept it with no information. Seriously if you need something done legally, you at least need to tell me what it is you need fixed. I don't read minds, and don't yell at me cause I don't.

So this week was crazy silly. One of our bosses promised a company (owners are personal friends) that our services are free and will always be free and send in as much as they want. Meaning that Thurs and Fri, we were bombarded by request by this company. (Note they have 16 offices and all 16 unloaded on us.) And this is despite the fact that all other companies we work with decided to do the same on those days too. Normally our case load is 20 each. Now the four of us have over 50 cases a piece. Our team prides ourselves on being able to fix these problems within a very quick time period usually no more than a week and in some cases within the same day. However the cases we've been getting cannot be done just so. The information is so broken or completely wrong that there is no way we can get it done anytime soon.

But our bosses decided long ago to let our customers tell us how long we have to get their work done. Putting an "need by" date on our request forms. Normally their pretty good and put down, a reasonable time period. But not last week. No, no, it was need by "TODAY" or "TOMORROW" or "BY 3 PM TODAY!!!!!!!!" When we get these they are rare, usually one or two. But imagine getting these 10 of these requests dumped upon you at the same time. There is no human way possible to complete these. So then the calls come in and the emails and the threats. Now note that the companies (title companies, attorney's etc) usually have these closing documents well over a month before they send things to us. So that means that when you decided to buy land they process your paper work, it usually takes about a month to run everything. And so it sits there your paper work until closing day. They don't look at it, until your sitting right there waiting for your new house. And then BAM!! Wait we can't do this cause there's this legal issue on your property you wish to purchase, refinance, etc. So we come in, they send the request to us. Giving us as little information as possible to get the work done. Then call and scream at us every hour on the hour till it's done. Albeit, making it sound like our fault for holding things up when they had your paper work for over a month and didn't bother checking for any mistakes in your title.

But now I'm ranting. Anyways the stress got so bad that my eyes started twitching. Like literally twitching. By the end of both those days I couldn't even focus on work. Much less read my computer screen. One customer got mad at pterodactyl lady and phone up our main office to complain. PL got talked to but it wasn't her fault, there were a few things she needed to do better but all in all you couldn't blame her for not working, she did her best. She broke down, and cried. That pissed me off considerably. I was a few steps away from turning into the Hulk and smashing through walls demanding justice for my team. Everyone else was on edge in our team but didn't break down thank goodness. We just found escape anyway we could. So that being said I found peace in finally being able to do something I have not been able to ever do in about 16 years.

Magic Eye

I've never been able to figure those pictures out and it drove me nuts. So taking a momentary break from work, our team did some Magic Eye, focusing our attention on something other than work. It helped a great deal. I finally was able to figure out how to do it. I know think that it was so easy, how could I have not known how to do it? Oh well.

The weekend came and I Fiesta'd. Got all nice and tipsy (not drunk) and had fun and forgot about work, well nearly forgot about it. Spent the day with friends doing crazy stuff and eating my fill of turkey legs and beer. And let's not forget the sausage on a stick.

Oh and I finally go around to seeing "Stranger Than Fiction". My friend loaned me the movie and I finally saw it. I loved it. Will Ferrell was great in that movie. It's a bit off colour but very interesting and has it's funny moments too. If you haven't seen it give it a whirl if you like odd off colour things. Although I could've done without the men's shower sceen, you don't see anything but back ends, but was unnecessary. Well it's already tomorrow morning. Night all. Don't go mad and turn into Hulks. Save that for me and my shadowy vengeance in our meeting on Monday with the bosses.

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Beth said...

I thought Stranger than Fictino was good ... sweet, almost. I love sweet Will Ferrell.