Thursday, April 12, 2007

Animal noises

Senor Dry Toast to Pterodactyl Lady have been throwing barbs under the radar at each other a little more than usual lately. Me and my other co-worker get to watch and giggle at their pointed words to each other.

Today was unusually funnier than normal.

Mr Dry Toast: "Pterodactyl Lady just ignores me when I talk, with her headphones on."

(Recently Pterodactyl Lady has started wearing head phones at her desk. She wants to hear her music, which is fine by me cause me being a stickler for good music, must say her choice in music sucks)

Pterodactyl Lady: I wear them and have them loud so I can ignore you!! So I can ignore your barn yard noises. Right doesn't he make noises when ever he does something? (She asks us.)

I quickly turn around and giggle. Mr Dry Toast is turning red and getting embarrassed.

Mr Dry Toast: I do not make noises.

Pterodactyl Lady: Yes you do. Every time you get up or something you make some noise with your lips. Like a horse. (She imitates the noise. He does sound just like a horse. He always flutters his lips when he moves about. It sounds like a horse when they whinney.)

Mr Dry Toast gets very quiet as Pterodactyl Lady laughs at him. For the rest of the day he tried not to make any noise. He did once unintentionally, I was gonna call him on it, but figured he'd suffered enough.

On another work note, something unusual happened today. Something very rare. As I have to call lenders/banks etc. all day I'm constantly on hold. No biggie, usually just muzak playing in the back ground.

But one call today was different. Actual music. And not just any music mind you, no, no. Depeche Mode. I've been a Depeche Mode junkie ever since my big bro took me to see them for my very first concert all those years ago. So imagine my delight when instead of muzak after talking (yes talking) to the banks automated system, I get to hear "Never Let Me Down". I almost melted in my chair. And then it got better. Well if you like 80's music it got better. Real music, and to top it off when I spoke to someone, who wasn't from India (another gasp from me) and understood what I said and spoke understandable english, well that just made my day. What can I say, it's the little things that make us happy right? ^_^

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