Friday, April 06, 2007

Ah work. I haven't blogged about you in much too long. I need to vent about you work. I love you, truly I do but we've been going through rough times as of late. :P Ok enough of that. I need to vent about work. I love my job, really I do. I have the perfect job doing what I love. Real Estate Legal work. It's an odd job really. There's only a hand full of people that do what I do. I'm actually part of a new business, in fact our office has only been open a little over a year. I work with friends and I get along just fine. Asides from regular stuff that drives people nuts. I work in a room with 4 people. It's just a big office our team is in. We're the elite team, the fixers, there's a legal problem, we fix it. It's what we do best. It used to be just two of us, and when it was everything was just fine. Then we added two other people. Petrodactyl Lady and Mr Dry Toast. I came up with names for them. I call Petrodactyl Lady that because...well she always scream and laughs the way you hear that wretched dinosaur in the movies. It's always SKAWK!!! RAAAKKK!! (Insert Swear Word) SWAKK!! again. Thus is my day with Petrodactyl Lady. She's actually nice but here noises get on my last nerve. It's like working in a zoo. And when she's not swaking, she's mumbling to herself. It sounds like, sounds like...Ok you know those old Popeye cartoons where he's just mumbling and then does his chuckle. It sounds just like that. Only with swear words mixed in. I don't mind swear words but I don't like hearing them with every sentence or mumble. Then on to Mr. Dry Toast. An oddity of a man. The only other man in the office besides myself. He's nice too. But odd. He almost has no sense of humor and his remarks are very sarcastic. Lately more so than ever. He's very quiet and thinks that he does more work than any of us on the team as he always is closing out 10 or so cases a week. Which I have no idea how he does it, and yes he is good but he likes to rub it in your face with off colour remarks and the like.

The office is made up of mostly women, it's a sea of estrogen. It's ok, but there's always a lot of very stupid drama going on. Stupid "She's looking at me funny" type crap. Fortunately we all know each other cause we all used to work at the same back doing the same things we do now. Until the bank shut down and gave 500 + people the boot.

We work on my team now, legal type cases. Fixing clouds in titles etc. on properties. Getting into ....actually taking the fight to the lenders for screw ups they did years ago that's messing up title commitments etc. I like my job, each case is different. Each case has a different legal challenge. It's fun, I like to debate so I like to get into it with banks over the phone.

We're an expanding new business. Growing more and having more customers everyday. But we've got growing pains. No real goals yet. Just survive. Lately we've been getting in on my team a lot of work. Normally people send us what we need. Normally...lately it hasn't been any where near normal. People say we preform magic tricks to get them what they need. But as with all magicians, you need a hat if you expect me to pull a rabbit out of it. And lately our cases can't even provide us with a hat to pull a rabbit out of.

I can't stress enough to people that you need to keep your records of any major financial transaction!!! Honestly you never know when these things will come back and bite you. Which is the case with the majority of our customers. Of course the companies that hire us want all these legal documents the same day. Most of the time, that's not going to happen. How do I put it. you buy a house, you pay it off, when you do you're SUPPOSED to get the release/satisfaction back in YOUR NAME, and it should have already been recorded for you by the company at the county releasing your lien. Sometimes that doesn't happen for whatever reason and like most people you don't know you're supposed to get these legal documents. Then say 5 - 10 - 15 - 30 - 50 years later (Yes we do get loans this old) you decide to sell your house. But since you didn't keep your paper work you have no proof that you paid it off. Thus you hire us and we fight with the company you "supposedly" paid off to get your legal documents. But since there is little or no proof its like asking someone "Hey I owed you money once and paid you off, can you give me something to prove it?" At which point the company pretty much laughs in your face and tells you to f-off. But we work our magic and we usually come through.

The worst is when people borrow money from people they know or from an individual. If that relationship turns sour, then its a whole other world of litigation. I get sick just thinking about it. Ick...

That's what I do day in and day out. Since it's a new business I'm there all the time. First one in to open up, I have the keys etc. It's usually a long day, and after fighting with banks over the phone, hearing Ptreodactyl Lady screech and Mr. Dry Toast groan all day, I'm usually at my last nerve by days end. Fortunately Mix Tape Girl calls, emails, etc and cheers me up.

But lately and I take this expression from one of my favorite books High Fidelity, it's been too much. Too much craziness with what people want, that I'm tempted to "Grab my files throw them into the street go work at a Virgin Music Megastore and never come back." But thus far I've been able to hold myself off from doing that.

But today was slow. It was ok. I closed a lot of cases and actually didn't really even work on them. All my requests came in from the previous days and I completed my files. I even over hauled our shredder since it was used so much and none of the ladies understand that it needs oil to keep the blades running. So I spent a good part of the day taking out scraps of burnt paper from between the blades and cleaning it out and oiling the thing up. Oh I also do the maintenance for our office as well, and handle any minor I.T. problems.

It's the weekend now. I took half the week off so it wasn't so bad. But there's still much to do. I'll worry about it Monday. I just needed to vent a little.

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