Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello, hi, bonjour, etc. I just wanted to make a quick...uhm..update to my bloggie. If you read it the other night when I was explaining things about copying from myspace and pasting on here, you probably noticed that I said there was plenty of typos etc. And well they are, in fact it concerned me too much after I posted that. I re-read what my last post and thought to myself. Dear God Man!! Your grammar is atrocious. Normally when writting at work I'm very thorough with my grammar punctuation etc. In fact I take a red pen to myself. I would definitely given myself an "F" on my last post. Completely missing words, letters, punctuations. I just wanted to say sorry for my lapse in good grammar. Not that you really care. Although truth be told most my (any new) posts will probably look the same as I am typing these up almost at midnight and I'm too tired to re-read everything. I should just do it in word but oh well. So if you by chance do read this, read with knowing it's a bit sloppy, but you can still make out what I'm trying to say. I'll write more tomorrow. I haven't gripped about work in a while and well....I darn well need to. But that's tomorrow. It's late and I probably made a few typos in this thing anyways. Later.

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