Sunday, April 22, 2007

The weekend

Friday night: 8 pm received call from a friend.

A: Please you have to come with me this morning!! I can't do this alone.

AD (me): But it's at 6 am? Why at 6 am? Are you bloody crazy?

A: Come on!! Do this for me I know he's going to be there and I don't want to get sucked into his group again.

My friend has a problem. She had a small volunteer job to do this past Saturday. Sadly there's this guy there that she feels really uncomfortable with. Somehow they always end up together and she gets freaked out. Nothing wrong with the guy, he just gives her the willies. I have no problem with him. Her thinking, is if she makes plans with me then she'll have her group set. Not that I don't have anything against volunteer work, I do it from time to time but at 6 am? After my crazy week.

A: PLEASE??!!! DO THIS FOR ME?!!!?? I'll take you to Starbucks and the Guenther House after.

AD: (sighs) Ok Ok!! But I get to have pancakes at the G.H.

A: Deal

(note this deal didn't materialism due to the rest of the days events)

I set my stero for 4:50 cause I live no where near downtown. In fact I'm not even in the city technically. I get up at 5:10. I take my time as I'm literally sleep walking on Saturday morning. I get there five after 6 and there making plans. My friend nearly jumps for joy that I show up.
The volunteer work is boring and uneventful, but I'm asleep while doing it so I'm oblivious to anything going on. At least I get a Starbucks out of it.

It finished and I'm on my way home and my mobile goes off. My friend "D" calls.

D: Hey can you do me a huge favor?

I'm only thinking about going back to bed, but figure I'm already granting favors today so why not.

AD: Yeah why not

D: Thanks man. I'm at work but I have a friend who called me. She's from Missouri and she's in town for work but she's done. I didn't know she was here so I can't get off and show her around.

AD: Ok sure. (still asleep, and not sure what I'm getting into.)

D provides me with her hotel info and room and number. I call and make arrangements to show her around till D get's off work. I arrange a couple of my friends to go with me as I don't know what to expect. D doesn't get off work till 4 pm.

D's friend was actually very nice to hang out with. And we showed her the town. San Antonio is alive, it's fiesta week. (Think half mardi gras and carnival [Yes I know those are the same thing, but there completely different if you actually go to the two] with more emphasis on family) 10 days of city wide partying so she came at a great time. Although her hotel is right in the middle of down town and with street closures and tourists it takes forever to pick her up. The rest of the day I play a half asleep chauffeur and tour guide. Fortunately my other friends are very energetic and bouncy so they more than made up for my sloth.

Finally the day ended. I dropped D's friend off at her hotel where D was waiting with his wife and some other friends to take her out at night. I chauffeured my other friends home as I picked them up. Sadly this takes forever as they live on opposite ends of town. I finally get home around 9 pm. But Mix Tape Girl calls. We talk till 11 pm. I might have fallen asleep while she talked to me, I think, because I can't remember at all what she said. But I explained my day so she said she understood if I was sleepy. Oh well. Can't wait till next exciting weekend. It'll be pay day and I should be rested and the best Fiesta parties will begin!! Viva Fiesta!!! ^_^

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