Sunday, April 22, 2007

Work this past week was crazy busy. Our team had a set back this week as our main processor that logs in our requests got sick. So I took up the slack. Which I have no problem with as me and her get along just fine. In fact she was the one who trained me way back when.

It wasn't until I did her job and mine the past three days of work that I realized just how much work she has to do. So much stuff my mind went crazy. So I do what I do when I need to relax and clear my mind. I turn to my music and art. This past week was art really.

I had so much work that it was a record week for me. Fortunately I closed out about 12 cases by myself and a few that came in for our missing team member too. But all that work got to be too much. And our customers (other attorney's and title companies) weren't being a great help either. "Where's my release? What's taking so long? I sent in my request yesterday, why isn't it done? Can I get an update, we want to go to settlement by tomorrow?" And so the endless calls came in.

It amazes me that these "qualified" people whom you trust with your financial well being in real estate know so little about the inside process of the business that it's scary. The fact that they know how to process your paper work doesn't mean that they necessarily should be. It's all "Hurry up and get it done, my commission is riding on this. or The buyer is threatening to walk out and the deal." Which makes me think (sadly), "So what, I'm probably doing them a favor by not letting them get some second rate loan they'll probably never afford when their ARM rates skyrocket and they become another foreclosure statistic in a year or two." It's scary what decent these people will weave to make a credit score acceptable so some half-bit lender will give you money with conditions that would make a loan shark cry. But oh well, mine is not to say...only do. So this week I turned to art to get me through it.

I like to draw, doodle, paint etc. Especially when I have my music going. Very relaxing. At work we're lenient enough so that I can express myself anyway I choose. So usually I doodle on our conference room dry board. Leaving pictures, puzzles, poems, games, whatever comes to my mind. Here's what I did this past week. I took these pics with my mobile so excuse the graininess.

I took this concept off a stencil that I found on a sticker website. (Urban sticker) I'm a secret sticker fiend. Did this during lunch of course but hey, what can you say, we only have a few colours of markers to use.

Then of course it was tea time. I love making my tea fresh with my special tea cup with decanter and top. I love it because it's so asian with the dragons on it. Sadly I had run out of my favorite Black Cherry tea and only had a bag of dark chocolate M&M's in my desk. So the tea cup was filled with M&M's instead. Not the healthiness of the tea, but just as good to me.

And last but not least I needed a napkin. While rummaging through my desk I noticed I had tons of them from all manner of restaurants we go to. The stack was about 3 inches high. I need to clean out my drawers at work.

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Beth said...

I like the doodle. And the teacup of M&Ms; great photo!