Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So here I am, sitting at work one day away from Thanksgiving. There are so many requests coming in. I know we try to work real estate miracles, but come on!!? I guess people are just cleaning off their desks and sending stuff they don't want to deal with to us. Oh well, works better than no work..

One of my work buddies just came back from lunch. Someone's double parked in her space outside. I know that really doesn't amount to much, but for some reason you get really protective of your space. It's yours. I know the feeling, there's some lady in a giant land yacht Suburban that parks in my spot occasionally. Ticks me off something fierce. But it probably shouldn't.

It's too nice of a day to be at work. I got a view of the highway and the airport, with crystal clear skies. Watching cars and aeroplanes go back and forth. I wonder what fantastic destanations those people are flying or driving too. I'd have thought it would be more busier out there with people traveling. It probably is, I just can't see it.

I've been pretty fortunate this past few weeks. So much so that it's kind of over shadowing the fact that my adoptive grandmother just past away Sunday. Which makes me feel really odd. She was very sickly these past few years, so its not big surprise. I guess I feel more relieved that she passed peacefully than being constantly sick. I don't feel sad, although I should probably be.

As for the good fortune, well it's not exactly good but I'm quasi relieved. Having finally gotten a new (Decent) paying job, after being downsized from a really large company that closed it's office here, I'm finally able to catch up with all my bills. Say for one. My credit card with the largest credit limit.

No matter how much you sent in the interest just kills you. Then the constant calls asking for more money. Finally I was able to talk to someone helpful, and cut a deal allowing me to pay less than half in 3 months at which point they'll cancel the debt and clear it from my credit report. Although I really could care less about the credit report its an unfortunate nessecity. But so be it I'll get it done.

Now I know what you're thinking. If you don't have the money to buy what you need then you don't need it. Bullocks. From my point of view. Here's how I see a majority of people in debt. Like me, there are so many people that suddenly find themselves without jobs all of the sudden, with little to fall back on and a really small severance package to get you through a month or two, you kind of don't have a choice. Yes you find a job as soon as you can. Of which you use your paycheck on the necessities of life, and rarely if ever using your funds on something for pleasure. A paycheck can only last so long and when there is no more, and you still need to get petrol for your car and buy groceries, what is there to use but the handy credit card. And you use it for basic things to get you by to the next check. After a while it adds up no matter how much you send in for payment. But I'm ranting here. Till next time.