Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holiday Picture Time

Just some quick pics from Holiday. Enjoy Con Amor from Santiago de Chile

There was Scottish dancing marching people here. Why I dunno? But they are neat to watch.

They have just about the same cereal that we do. Estrellitas are the smashing. MTG friends had them and I ate some. I'll have to bring back a couple of boxes.

How can you not resist going on a horse and buggy? We got on this one right after the snapshot. How touristy can you get? I think I somewhat embarassed MTG cause I kept blowing kisses at people as they passed by.

Some house on the beach.

At the metro. Very NYC no?

Flower arrangments at the market.

Check out that old school lorry with 4 doors. Rarely see that in a small lorry (truck).

Cafe with wifi. A nessecity.

Flower clock. This looks so much like Niagra Falls in this area.

The hotel and in the inside.

View from the room.

And the plane.

Will update later. Gotta get ready for our next outting.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture time yet again

Again I have things to write down but I don't feel too much like typing during break. So

This is a picture of my nephew. Ok it's a pic of a pic I have on my desk. It's grainy from the mobile cam. But he's the only boy after my brother and I to carry on the family name. All of our cousins on my dad's side are all girls.

Baby sitting. Ok so I babysit from time to time for a good friend of mine so the can go out for a while and relax. Their good kids and don't cause trouble so I have no problem in sitting. MTG took these pics. The last one is a nice moment of calmness. Right after the pic was taken the little boy pushed his sister off the couch. Only to have a pillow thrown at him in return.

Sometime things work out right. Lookie a Hungry Man dinner for lunch. Ok nothing spectacular really but if you look closely none of the ingredients are mixed together. There was no corn in the brownie!! No corn!! It made my day.

Lastly I found this picture on Flickr. I dunno who it is or where it's at but I love it. It said on the comment, "4 am standing in the street". I like it cause this is something I would be doing. On the weekend of course.

And just a note, I leave this weekend on holiday and won't be back for two weeks. I'll try to post again before I leave, but if not, don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. My faithful all like 5 readers. :-P Who knows if I can find a good wireless place that isn't too expensive I might post down there too.

Monday, June 18, 2007


No woman over the age of 17 has ever been thrilled by the gift of carnations.

The sexiest fruit is the fig, followed by the peach, the plum and the pomegranate.

The least sexy, the Frankenberry.

People who call ping-pong "table tennis" will always beat you.

Wishing we were all still connected on a super-continent known as Pangaea, is probably not the best use of your time.

You cut the fat, you cut the flavor.

No one will tell you the chicken salad was not made today.

Although a failed business is correctly described as "defunct", it does not follow that one that still is opened is called "funct."

Always keep your receipt from Radioshack.

Female pastry chefs are to men as male architects are to women.

There are words to say when playing touch football. "Got you" is fine. "Touchdown", expected. But "Hey too hard!!", that's a no no.

People who are eager to get married can be trusted as much as people eager to get elected.

Because even smiling clowns are scary.

If a Halloween costume is unavoidable, it must preserve your good looks, involve no makeup, and be easily removable in the event of passion.

And the guy in the gorilla suit gets sweaty, not lucky.

Satan loves parents who give their young children rat-tail haircuts.

It's ok if you're overweight. As long as you can dance.

Self-cleaning ovens usually aren't.

Certainly it's your perogative to be difficult in restaurants. Just as it's a restaurant workers prerogative to place unwanted fluids in your meal.

If you are uncertain how much cologne is enough, you are not allowed to use cologne.

The correct description for a photograph of someone else's baby is "Adoreable." Have this word ready to go before the photograph is shown, so that even if the baby is shockingly ugly, you can still utter "adoreable."

A complicated coffee order impresses no one.

The words "Bruckheimer" and "first date" do not belong in the same sentence.

The words "dirt cheap" and "sushi" do not belong in the same sentence - or, rather, if they are in the same sentence, that sentence also often includes, "intestinal parasite".

"Irregardless" is not a word, irregardless of what you say.

Little Notes

The pictures small I know. But it's MTG smile. Es muy bonita no? Kinda grainy its from my mobile camera.
Anyways I discovered a note in my pocket today.
It said: "I was here. Be Good! :)" (with the lipstick kiss on the back too)
Don't you just love little notes?
It more than made up for the crummy morning I had.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pretty Feet & Gallons of Pepper

MTG: I'll have the number four please?

Cashier: And for you sir?

AD: I dunno. Uhm...the number 10.

Cashier: Ok, would you two like large or medium?

MTG & AD (at the same time) "Medium" "Large"

Cashier: Ok one large and one medium?

AD: Yes maam.

Cashier: Regular or curly fries?

AD: Curly please (MTG always gets curly so I order for both of us.)

Cashier: Any jalapeno poppers or cheese sticks shakes?

AD: Not for me?

MTG: Can I get a small Oreo shake please?

Cashier: Sure...Anything else?

(Both together) No

I pay the cashier and MTG goes to find a seat in the corner. I picked her up for lunch from work. The cashier hands me a decorative antenna ball. I didn't ask for it but I take it anyways. Oh we're at Jack in the Box. The cashier hands me our two drinks and the shake. I take them to the booth were MTG is reading a local culture newspaper, "The Current".

MTG: Hey Kenney Chesney is coming!

AD: I know

MTG: We'll be back from Santiago by then.

AD: Indeed

MTG: It would be nice to go you know.

I smile and nod my head. She doesn't know I already bought tickets. MTG rolls her eyes.

AD: This is a huge drink. (I say looking at my monsterous large Dr Pepper)

MTG: You going to drink it all?

AD: No way. I'll probably drink maybe an ounce and throw the rest away.

MTG: Now why would they give people huge drinks like that. It's like saying no to the small size that's like as big as a bottle of coke, and instead getting a drink that's more than you'd get in a six pack.

AD: Wow, where did that come from?

MTG: I'm just being exurberantly contemplative today.

AD: Yeah I see that.

MTG: Honestly why are we giving people gallons of soda to drink. It's crazy.

I go back and pick up our food. MTG has her legs extended to the other side of the booth when I get back.

AD: Comfortable then?

MTG: Yes very.

MTG: Do you like my new shoes?

I look at them while scrapping the mountain of mayonnaise off the bun.

MTG: Well.

AD: They're very nice. When did you get them.

MTG: This past Sunday when I went out with my sis.

AD: Jeeze this is mostly letuce and mayonnaise. Look at the size of the chicken breast. I think they're killing chicks and using them instead of full grown chickens.

MTG: I wouldn't doubt it. But you'll eat it anyways right?

AD: Yep, delicious chicks.

We eat our lunch and talk. Halfway through MTG asks.

MTG: Have you decided what you're going to take on the trip.

AD: Haven't even had a thought.

MTG: What?? I already have my outfits planned. Am I going to have to pack for you? I can get us matching outfits. (She said with an evil smile)

AD: I can pack myself thanks. Lets see I just need a pancho, some Hot Wheels, a thermometer and some flip flops and I'll be set.

MTG: That's not funny. (She says while laughing)

MTG: I have a bag just for my shoes.

AD: Now how can you have a bag just for shoes?

MTG: I'm a girl that's what we do. It's all about shoes baby.

AD: I have four pairs of shoes. Work, tennies, Boots, and dress. You have half a closet full.

MTG: Open toe sandals, pumps, high heels...(she keeps going)

AD: See how can you need all those shoes? It boggles the mind.

MTG: You just don't understand. (she says as she tapes my leg with her foot still up on the bench.)

MTG: I have nice shoes. They show off my feet. I'm always complimented on my feet.

AD: Uh..ok that's kinda creepy.

MTG: (laughs) Don't you think I have pretty feet?

AD: Yeah their nice. But honestly I'm not really paying attention to them most of the time.

MTG: How's your mayonnaise and letuce sandwich?

AD: Fattening.

MTG: Want the rest of my fries?

AD: You needn't ask.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do you wanna dance?

MTG: Can I change the channel?

AD: Help yourself.

MTG goes to the stereo and flips through the channels on the XM receiver. She goes through everything at least twice and finally stops on XM Classics (classical music)

AD: In a classical mood?

MTG: Some what

I listen and read some more from a new book I picked up. MTG is flipping through an interior design magazine and humming along to Chopin.

We sit in silence blissfully listening to the music and reading. I'm actually staying at a friends house right now. They asked me to house sit and I jumped on the offer right away. Let me put it this way, stay at home in a regular house, or stay at my friends all inclusive luxury town house for the next month while their gone. MTG is staying this week with me. Hmmm...yup, luxury town house it is. It's not a huge space but it's very spacey. My friend has great tastes in design so it's very modern contemporary. The best part is I'm only 10 minutes away from work instead of 40. Huge plus.

The down stairs of the town house is opened and large. No tile or carpet just stained ultra smooth cement floors on the downstairs. Very..(ok I'm gonna break my own rule here).."Classy".

I look at MTG as she flips through the magazine blissfully enjoying the music. I think to myself that I should ask her to dance. It's the perfect little area to.

But then I think of how I used to abhor dancing and now again, if given the choice won't. I think all guys do that though. We know most girls like to dance and they want to dance with us. But most average guys have no rythm, like me. Ok well I have some rythm now, I took dance classes a few years ago. (Don't laugh I know you're laughing, aren't you!!??) But lets face it. Most of the time we look like some rythmless druid on the dance floor when we're at a dance or wedding, or club.

It takes courage for us to ask a girl to dance. When we don't know how, it's like deliberately putting yourself through an embarrassing slow death. I won't even begin to tell you how I used to dance before I learned. Ok I'll be honest, I to explain it. Ok I originally learned to dance by watching Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry dance on cartoons and emulating them. Hey Bugs has got moves. But lets just say that I shouldn't have followed them.

Anyways, I'm sitting there thinking these things. MTG smiles at me and is twirling her feet in little circles as she lays on the couch.

I think to myself, "Ask her stupid!! Not like there's anyone here to see you." I put my book down and stand up. I turn around and take one of MTG's hands. She looks out from over the magazine cover with a puzzled look.

AD: May I have this dance?

MTG looks puzzled but giggles profusely.

She stands up and says, "Yes you may." I take her hand and hold it up and put my other arm around her as I lead her into a waltz.

In actuallity I'm counting the steps in my head as we dance. Fortunately she doesn't notice. But she dances very well and is light on her feet, so I all I have to do is lead. We dance till the song ends. MTG is a great dancer and was surprised that I asked her to dance in the first place.

MTG: So....what was that all about?

AD: I just wanted to dance with you. That and feel you up a little........ Just kidding.

MTG: Yeah sure...(she says with an evil smile)

MTG: Wanna dance to something else?

AD: Uhm....ok

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More whatnot

From least chaotic to most chaotic: willy-nilly, hugger-mugger, hurly-burly, pell-mell

Never trust an act of civil disobedience led by a disc jockey.

Girls named after a month of the year are usually more frisky.

It's possible to actually become dumber by watching TV News Magazines

No group of people has worse hairstyles than men in government

When describing the food at a restaurant the waiter should not use the phrase "I have a"

There is nothing more fun than watching couples in movies visit instant-photo booths.

Central and Middle America have very similar names but in fact are very VERY different.

Never play cards with a man who wears a visor. You gotta know when to hold'em know when to fold'em

Barley is the most underrated grain.

The dumber the man, the louder he talks.

If you must use a euphemism for masturbation, the only appropriate one is "sclaping General Custer"

It is borderline acceptable to spell A.M. as ayeem. It is absolutely not acceptable to spell P.M. as peeyem.

As a man gets older his glasses and ears get bigger at exactly the same rate.

The best blind dates are the ones with girls named Kelly or Samantha.

Tollbooths are not for the asking of directions.

Your car never runs better, faster, smoother, than after it's just washed.

Never trust anyone who uses unusual paper clips.

When in doubt go bowling

If a person begins an opinion by saying "Now im not (fill in the blank)", then that person is (fill in the blank).

People who use the word "classy" aren't. Generally speaking. :P

"Partner" is a noun, not a verb

Making a living as a man who turns into a huge green monster with tight tattered pants to fight crime is fine and dandy - it's your choice. But know this: It's a lonely, lonely life.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Rules

Because we all love rules:

Aliens always speak in contractions

Do not trust a man who calls the bathroom the little boys room.

When someone says he is "pumped" about something it usually means he's about to do something stupid.

"Wow" is not a verb

Sitcom characters watching porn always tilt their heads

There is nothing that can be marketed that cannot be marketed better using the voice of James Earl Jones

No talking at the urinal

The team mascot sleeps alone

Though jazz and brunch are acceptable when separated, the two should never be combined.

If you become annoyed with a telephone customer-service rep, be aware that the words "I'd like to speak to your supervisor" are generally understood to mean "I'd like to speak to your friend in the next cubicle who will pretend to be your supervisor" just so you'll know.

The best force is centrifugal

No matter how hard you practice, you cannot say the phrase "Yeah, right" without sounding sarcastic.

When it comes to luggage, men don't pull.

There comes a time in every man's life when airborne livestock is no longer funny.

There is no dignified was to ask why you weren't invited to the pool party.

When introducing yourself, you will not amuse anyone by adding, "And I'm an alcoholic."

Orange things have to be round.

Offering to rub oil over the semi-naked body of a total stranger is as unacceptable on the beach as it is at a bar-mitzvah

The study of inert gasses is best left to professionals.

No matter how greasy the pizza is, you cannot blot it with a paper-towel and expect to be taken seriously.

The ampersand should be more popular.

Words ending in "oma" (e.g., melanoma) are BAD.

Words ending in "iti", "ita" or "ata" (e.g. ziti, margarita, frittata) are just plain delicious.

There is nothing funnier than cursing puppets.

If you ask about her previous boyfriend and she gets a small wistful smile on her face, CHANGE the SUBJECT.

Artsy Bookie Comic

Every so often I come across a book, comic, whatever that I just get. Recently I read this little graphic novel. (Ok its a comic but it's longer than normal and it's not regular comic have to read to understand) Anyways, it's a great short story. Seriously I finished it in a little over 30 mintues.

It has everything to do with art. And me being me LOVES ART!! It's about coping with life through art. It's just a nice story, although probably aimed mostly towards girls. Regardless I still love it.

Make me think of way back when. When being when I gave up an art scholarship to a rather big well known univiersity because of friggin moving all over the place. Oh well.

Other art publications I read too in regards to art.

Art on Paper:

And of course me being a sticker fiend (honestly I like put stickers everywhere in our building. Seriously there's banana stickers all over the office and hidden inconspiculously in the elevator too. And our office)

Peel: cause it always comes with free stickers.

Hmmm...maybe if I have time I'll scan and post some of my drawings, paintings etc. Maybe..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hair Hair HAIR!!!

Ackk!!! My head feels so warm and heavy too much hair.

I'm just ranting here. I need a haircut but don't know what kind of style to get, nothing crazy.

I must think about this. What's the point of this post? Absolutely nothing.

I just need a hair cut cause it's driving me nuts.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Picture Time

Since I can't think I thought I'd share some pictures.

The first three are from the morning. It was a very pretty morning, the pictures don't do the sky colour justice. The other ones are at night on the way home. I took these with my mobile so they're really crummy.

Here's a bird nest. The birds hatched their chicks in the hanging plant infront of the front door. you can kinda make out the eyes of some of the chicks.

Found this little guys at a store. He's supposed to be some anime soldier frog from another planet so the box says. He's tiny and hard to stand up is all I know after opening the box.

This is actually a mint tin. I got it at Hot Topic. You buy these mints and it supports musical arts in school. Me being all for supporting musical arts in schools had to buy one. Although once opened the mints are really tiny and look like asprin or dare I say ecstay. Honestly they just need the crazy face on them and you couldn't tell. Don't ask how I know that ok.

Ikebana Broken

I should be working right now but today is one of those days. Everything is out of whack and I sense hordes of bad juju about. Stupid sense I guess, but I do get this sense from time to time. Plus it hasn't helped that my right eye hasn't stopped twitching since this morning.

I feel...I feel..odd. I'm staying at a friend’s house right now, house sitting while their gone. I went to sleep rather late, tossing and turning as I'm not used to their bed, though it was very very soft and comfortable. It just wasn't "my" bed. I finally feel asleep and slept very well. But it was too short. Odd thing is I actually woke up ok. I felt rested after I got up for the first few hours. But by the time I got to work, everything just felt wrong.

The feeling was odd. I didn't feel sick, in fact I felt more than relaxed. I started getting very very sleepy. I know this is probably to the tossing and turning, but it became more than that. As my morning progressed I couldn’t for the life of me do anything. I was lethargic but more. I don’t know how to describe how I suddenly felt exactly but the best I can describe it was like a hangover, without the sickness or headache. It was just weird.

I quickly went to Starbucks during break as it’s just down the street for a hot chocolate. It did the trick in waking me up but that was about it. Chocolate has the effect of waking me up more than coffee for whatever reason.

I returned to work from break feeling a little better. But when I got to my computer, I could not concentrate for anything. I’m staring at letters and numbers and reading them but they don’t make sense. I know what I have to do and do it, but it’s taking me forever to do it. I think I worked a total of three files from when I got in to lunch time, a while five hours of semi-productiveness that annoys me as it’s not like me.

But that’s not all that is bothering me. I dunno, it seems like the whole world is off balance today. Nothing is in its place. As it’s oblivious to most people, to me right now it feels like things are Time slows down and then speeds up without normal rhyme or rhythm. Like things are here that shouldn’t be but goes unnoticed by everyone. I dunno, I think I’m just tired and not thinking right.

So during lunch I went out just to drive. I went down the highway a little to one of the main roads. Things still feeling very off. But at least I’m wide awake now. Although now that I write this I’m starting to get sleepy yet again, but not too much. Anyways on the corner of an closed down gas station there was a man selling plants. Namely bonsai trees. I always wanted one so I figure I’d stop to have a look. Look I did. Oh man!! No wonder the universe is out of whack! $50 bucks for a little tree??!! They were pretty and all but…nevermind. Anyways, he had some other plants there we well. Some beautiful Ikebana arrangements and bamboo arrangements as well. Not too expensive so I ended up buying a Ikebana arrangement and a bamboo one too.

So I brought them back to my office and placed them strategically at my desk. Note: I’m not into the whole reasoning behind Ikebana or Feng Shui, but I’m just feeling odd today so I figured what the heck. They look nice on my desk. Are they doing anything? Not really. I don’t feel any different, but oh well. I think just the thought of buying something made me feel a little better. Shopping always does. Oh well. I’m still just sitting here typing when I should be working. Maybe I’ll get into it tomorrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hands of Time

I'm looking at my hands. My arms. Their here with me. I'm really, really fair skinned for being hispanic. But most of my family is anyways. Seriously there's like blonde haired, blue eyes, and red heads in my family. How that is I dunno. I know I have hispanic, latino, and some european in me and indian. I'm a mutt, what can I say.

I look at my hands. I have freckles on them, and scars, on my arms as well. From accidents and fights, and other things that happened to me through out the years. All pieces of time I will have with me forever.

I look at my hands today because today I looked closely at the hands of my Godfather. No I'm not Catholic but I do have a Godfather. He's more than that, he's like my grandfather (adoptive gypsy grandfather) as I never meet mine, they both died before I was ever born. He was also mentor to my brother and myself and my parents.

Gypsy families aren't necessarily blood related per say. But we make do. My parents have known my Godfather for years. He actually named me. His family and ours intertwined through out the years. It wasn't until all us kids in the families were teens that we realized that we weren't blood cousins. But that didn't change anything. We still call each other that.

But today I visited my Godfather. I haven't seen him since his wife died a few months ago. I called her grandma too. Both of them complimented each other. He is an old WWII vet, a kind and generous man. He's had the hard life, no formal education, pretty much taught himself everything he knows. Like reading and writing. He was a carpenter a mechanic. He taught my father and my brother and I a lot of things we use today. We learned a lot from him.

He was always a strong man, always provided for his family no matter what. He loved his wife more than anything and did anything for her. They complimented each other in a way that could only be described as true love. They were married for over 60 years. Even when grandma's health was diminishing he was always there to do anything for her. Sadly though she died a few months back. He found her laying on the ground on her way back from walking to the bedroom. He cried in private, but he didn't let anyone see. He held her up and put her in the bed by the time the sheriff arrived to take the body. He was strong but sad during the funeral.

His sadness would grow though,. more into anger as he realized there is nothing he could have done to save his wife. Nothing, no power in the world to keep her alive. I can't imagine what it feels like to be helpless and not be able to save the one you love. The one person that you knew better than anyone else in the world. You make a vow to keep this person safe no matter what. But despite it all there is nothing you can do. You watch this person slip away from you forever. Only the memory remains. I think to myself, how could I do it? How can I protect the people I care most about, only to know that eventually I never can? My family, my friends, Mix Tape Girl?

I see my Godfather a shadow of a man he used to be. The life in his eyes dimly lit. He still carries himself strongly and goes about his day to day routine. But it seems to have little meaning now. He looks much older, and very very grey now. He didn't seem to look that way when grandma was around. He's much thinner as he hardly eats anything.

He speaks to me and asks me how I'm doing. Ok I say. I tell him about my life and Mix Tape Girl. He perks up when he hears about her. I tell him about us and even about the little tiff we had on Friday night. (I'll have to post about that later) He laughs about it and gives me some advice. It's nice having breakfast with him again. We sit at his favorite restaurant, all the waitresses know him. He's been going for years. It's the only place that makes the meal as he likes it.

He tells me about how he and grandma used to have little spats and tiffs. About silly stuff. He smiles as he tells me this. The smile fades a little after he tells his stories. He takes a sip of his coffee and then looks me in the eyes.

"You know, even though were not blood related, you are my grandson" he says to me.

"I know grandpa" I reply back.

"I don't know if this girl you're seeing is the one. But whatever happens with whomever in your life. Be strong for them, make it work. And while I'm here, I'll do whatever I can to help you, even if its just my words I can offer." he says.

I see the life come back into his eyes for a brief moment. He smiles and squeezes my hand. I get a good look at his hands. Their big and calloused from years of hard work. But they are reassuring.

"Thanks grandpa" is all I can mutter out without breaking down.

We leave and he drives home. Almost 90 years old and he still drives himself home. I've got a lot to think about.

Unknown Artist - Track #!

One of the good things about having to re-record your entire record collection is going through all your music over again. I've been spending a good amount of time going through the that's not quite right, thousands of songs I have and countless CD's and tapes and records.

I have most if not all the modern day pop/rock/hip-hop standards if you will. Not that they're anything special but they usually have a good beat you can dance to, or you hear them and talk to your friends about this song and how the melody works for you or the chordes come together to form that simple musical magic that gets them to number 1 on the Billboard list.

I have these songs, but I also have numerous others that no one if anyone has ever heard of and probably never will. I sit hear tonight listening and giving homage to the songs and songwriters and artists that never quite made it or quit before they scored that one great hit that would have put them over the edge. Or the band or singer collaboration with another band/singer songwriter that made that off name album that you heard on the college station and made you wonder why it wasn't played main stream on the FM.

I have my stereo on right now listening to these forgotten artists and songwriters and bands. Songs that I had completely forgot that I own. Listening in bliss. Songs that make me remember why I bought the album and who I was with when I bought them, or what day it was, what the weather was like or how I was feeling physically and emotionally.

I sit here listening to Massive Attack (most people who listen to house music know of them so it's not exactly fair to say their unknown, but still you never hear them on the radio and probably never will) the song Protection. It's absolutely exquisite in it's simpleness. "I stand in front of you, I take the force of the blow, Protection, you're a boy and I'm a girl/am a girl and you're a boy, Protection". I love this song.

It plays on my rather old and dated now Phillips bookshelf system that I should probably replace. It's always been rather picky about CD's it plays and sometimes refuses to play certain CD's. But I won't get rid of it. It plays the music so rich and so warmly. It's got the exact right amount of bass and treble that I can control. It's like a high-fi but it isn't, I love the thing. So when it finally goes out I think I may even shed a tear for the thing.

I have the cd changer on random. Loading all these CD's from artists people probably don't know of.

Rosey - Dirty Child
I remember purchasing this CD way back in 2003. It came out in 2002. I remember reading the review in GQ. The reviewer said she was like Sarah McLachlan or Allanis Morissett. I was never able to find it at the regular stores and finally found it at Blockbuster music/then Warehouse Music when they got bought out. The only copy of it sat on the shelf for well over a year. Finally that Blockbuster/Warehouse music store (all of them nationwide really) went out of business. And I'd go in and out scooping up CD's for half or 75% off their price, but never picking up Rosey's CD. I always picked it up, but never bought it. Then the final day the store was opened I walked in and it was there in a last minute 90% off sale. I picked it up for $3 bucks. I was with a group of friends having a late night drink and driving about aimlessly when we walked in. By friend Can looked at it after I bought it. She laughed at the album title, Dirty Child, and made fun of me a little. Plus it doesn't help that Rosey is actually very cute she is if you ever see the cover. At first I listened to it and thought it was rather crap and threw it away in the corner of my CD pile to be found a few years later. I played it again and instantly fell in love. The songs are very bass heavy but in a good way, and she has a raspy but in my opinion sexy voice as he lyrics are most of the time too. I don't think she ever put out another album before but I hope she didn't give up on music and stop writing songs. I hope.

Lara Fabian- artist and album

I picked this one up a long time ago. I saw the video early in the morning when I went into work at 3 am for a job long since forgotten. "I Will Love Again" was the song to the video. I was fast and poppie and dancy. I know those aren't real words but how better to describe it? I bought the CD thinking that the rest of it would be dancy and poppie too. I was wrong the rest of the album was mellow, very very mellow, like adult contemporary mellow, something my mom would like and play. Me being not my mom didn't like it, I ripped the one song and forgot about it. I come back to it now with a different appreciation. I listen to it regularly when I need to relax. She sings some beautiful songs in Italian. (She's Italian actually) I like it now the way I like listening to Barry Manilow full blast in my car and sing to Mandy on the highway only to bring the volume to a whisper and mumble the lyrics when I'm at the light or driving down a regular road. I'm silly that way. Stupid that way. But I love it I love this CD.

Laura Pausini - From the Inside
I heard her back when we actually had a dance/trance station in the village of San Antonio. They played an awesome trance version of "I Surrender"and I fell in love. I danced so much to that and they played it at the clubs all the time for about a year. Then it disappeared. Much like Lara Fabian I bought the CD thinking that it would be dancy just like the radio. I was wrong again. The CD version, the CD itself actually is very acoustic and the CD version of "I Surrender" is soft and mellow. I was so mad that I bought it. (I was at the height of my Trance/Techno phase) Again throwing to the side till a few years later when I heard it again. Like Lara she too is an Italian singer. She sings in Italian, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Again its a mellow CD and became hooked after a bad time (the break up type) that made me appreciate the music. I can't say I listen to it regularly now associating with that break up time period but I like it now, non-trancie and all.

BBMAK - Into Your Head

You probably heard the song "Out of My Heart". It's a pop non hit that played like on the Disney channel for pre-pubescent girls. A trio of heart throb surfer type boys playing on the beach as the video goes. Ok I won't say that I exactly like this CD. But I bought it way back when. When being about 5 years ago on a month long trip to New York City and Toronto/Niagara Falls with an ex. At the time she loved the song so we heard it all the time in the rental, that and Diamond Rio (a country group I like). She had the song from a friend but not the CD. So I bought it for her. We listened to it endlessly so much so that I was quite sick of hearing it ever again. It came with a bonus video CD that could only play on a PC so my laptop played in our hotel room every night. Needless to say after it all ended I got the CD back from her, she kept the vid/PC/CD. I've popped it in every now and again to hear Out of Your Head cause sometimes you need stupid pop songs to laugh about. But I keep it cause it reminds me of that odd yet wonderful month of travel and the things we did. Maybe I'll sell it some day, trade it in, but for now I'll let it collect dust and think about it.

Mary Fahl - The Other Side of Time

This one is odd. It's like cover songs from well I'm not sure, she didn't write these songs. What a minute looking at the CD sleeve she did. It's world music maybe? Oh here's how do describe it. Ok if you've ever seen "Serendipity" love that movie, Kate Beckinsales fiance plays that off the wall weird world music artist. Yeah she's just like that, but a girl. Anyways I got this on a whim from Barnes and Nobles, it was sitting on display on the checkout counter in the music section. I asked the guy working there if it was any good. It was only $5 bucks. He said he loved it and gushed over it. I bought it. Last time I listen to him. (Should have know he is like in his late 60's) I don't regret buying it but it's only something I can listen to every so often. In fact it's playing now. I think I'll press the skip button on the remote.

Martin L Gore - Counterfeit (Martin Gore is a member of Depeche Mode he wrote nearly all their songs, this is his solo album)

Poor Martin. I bought this CD thinking it would be really good like a Depeche Mode CD. Unfortunately it was odd and somber. It didn't really have any success like Dave Gahan's solo project (Dave the lead singer of Depeche Mode) I had high hopes for this CD but was and still am disappointed. But needless to say I copy it to the PC and put it now in the pile to trade at the CD Exchange store for credit towards something new. Good try Martin, really, but next time, try a little harder, have some fun.

Olive - Extra Virgin

Ruth Ann-Boyle. She has an amazing voice. I love her stuff with Olive. They haven't put anything out in years but their stuff is highly remixed in the trance/techno/dance world. If you're into that you've probably heard endless mixes of "You're Not Alone" my absolute favorite song. But the album non-the-less is very good. Not quite as dancy, very somber but good. Give it a listen, you might like it. It's a constant for me, well not a constant but I play it a lot.

Weekend Players - Pursuit of Happiness

Another collaboration of artist. Groove Armada and some others. Made this band. Again not really played on the radio like Massive Attack but some songs are remixed and used at clubs. Its a good CD, house music that is very good. I play it a lot, good for slowing things down when DJ'ing.

Mandalay - Solace

I heard her on a CD I bought at Starbucks. Yes I bought one of their CD's there, to my utter gasp. Anyways it was on a Ambient Lux CD mix. "This Life" the song I love it dark and haunting and beautiful at the same time. It's the perfect chill out song. Great for sitting outside on a rainy day and having a drink and reading a book.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela (CD title is also their names)

This is a newer CD. I don't think you'll ever hear them on the radio. They play acoustic guitars very latin, but they play all sorts of things. It's very nice, not like a regular guitar CD you might own. This one has soulish/rock to it. I hope they catch on more main stream. They were supposed to play at South by Southwest in Austin this year but Rodrigo was denied a visa to come to the US and play in time. I hope they come play again. Their awesome. It comes with a bonus DVD about them. Their actually from rock/punk back grounds. They have an interesting artist story that I love. I hope they catch on.

Anna Nanlick - Wreck of the Day

Ok you've heard her song "Breathe 2Am". But I like her other songs too. Songs which this more than likely one hit wonder will never have played. Lets hope she's not a one hit wonder. She's got some other good songs. I wait to see.

Aracade Fire - Neon Bible

Ok so I think you've heard of them. I listen to satellite radio so they play them regularly and on the FM college station in town. So I'm not sure they play them on the regular radio. But I hear a lot of No Cars Go and Keep the Car Running. But the song I love is "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations. I love the dual part of this song. Listen and wonder in amazement. :P

Ray Munns - Rays House

I dance compilation. Mr. Ray I thank you for introducing me to Ghosts - By Tenth Planet. It's hauntingly beautiful.

Ok that's it for now.