Thursday, September 27, 2007

Come pick up you mail!! I'm going for a walk.

Me: I have more of your bills still coming to me since I put the forward on my new address.

Chuck: (My nickname for my brother) I'll pick them up when I get a chance to stop by.

Me: It's still the student loan people.

Chuck: I know.

Me: You'd think there'd be a statute of limitation on how long they keep asking for their money back until they realize that their never going to get anything back. Honestly you should've robbed a bank, sure you would've been caught but at least you'd already been done serving your time and not have to worry about paying it back.

Chuck: You're crazy.

Me: Yeah well anyways, come pick up your bills they're pilling up.

Chuck: Remember when they would call at mom and dads?

Me: Yep.

Chuck: That was funny when you told that lady, "He doesn't live here anymore. As far as I know the bum up and moved to Mexico with his girlfriend. If you guys find him let me know cause that no good bastard owes me $1,200 bucks too."

Me: And you still do.

Chuck: Shut up.

Me: Come pick up your mail.

This playlist:

Space Oddity : David Bowie
Virtual Insanity: Jamiroquai
Call Me (Come Back Home) : Al Greene
December 4th: Jay-Z
Dig a Pony: The Beatles
It's Electric: Metallica
Keep the Car Running: Arcade Fire
Let's Push Things Forward: The Streets
Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango Mix): Bananarama
Mongrel Meets His Maker : I forget what DJ does this one.
Monkey Wrench: Foo Fighters
Take It Off: The Donnas
We Used to be Friends : The Dandy Warhol's
Across the Universe : The Beatles
Ch-Check It Out: The Beasties Boys
Da Funk: Daft Punk
Light My Fire: The Doors
Manic Monday: The Bangles
Nookie: Limp Bizkit
Remember: Groove Armada
Take Me Out: Franz Ferdinand
Acid Raindrops: People Under the Stairs
Tiny Dancer: Elton John

Thus these songs were the mix that I jogged to today. I've felt bad that I haven't went jogging in well over a week. Ever since I moved to my new place I've found it difficult to find a place to go out and jog. The guarded neighborhood I'm in is far too small to get a decent run in. And the main road that my street leads out to is way too busy to run properly on. Plus the sidewalk ends about halfway down the road so you end up running on uneven rocky terrain. I can see the sprained ankle now. So after work I came home changed and felt the need to do some running and thinking. But where? There is a track at University Hospital opened to the public that's huge. But there's always so many people there and I want to walk alone. Besides it's not all that close. There's a community park that I came across while driving around a figuring out where everything is at. There are also a few schools very close by too, that I thought might have tracks as well. Well the schools didn't, well one did but it was locked up. What ever happened to the days when you could go to the school after it was closed and used the tracks or the outside basketball posts? A thing of the past I guess.

I finally made my way to the park. It's not too far from where I live. There was relatively no one there. Most of the people there were with their very small children at the playground. I parked my car and got out. They it's a small park but their nature trail was nice and orderly and far less jagged than the main road I tried to run on last week. I got off and there were two people and what I suppose was a teacher doing some Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga type thing in a empty part of the park. I watched them for a minute as I turned on my Nano and found a suitable place to start listening to. The trail is probably less than a mile long, thus I jogged it about 10 times in a row to get a decent run in.

My bad mood that I've been in most of the week pretty much went away with this run. The nice breeze and the nature trail was nice and calming, plus absolutely no one was around. I let my mind wander. I let David Bowie's Major Tom take me into space. I let myself get funky with Jamiroquai. I let myself tell it how it is like Jay-Z's, December 4th. I almost skipped along to Bananarama's, Look on the Floor. I let John Lennon's words transport me to another place, Across the Universe. I chilled to memories with Groove Armada's, Remember. I got uber chilled with People Under the Stairs, pot smoking song Acid Raindrops. And I let Elton John's, Tiny Dancer hold me a little bit closer.

I thought about my visit to my parents this past weekend. I noticed that we as a family have never been one to have pictures of ourselves anywhere. The last real picture that I took of myself on purpose was about 4 years ago when my older brother got a coupon to take pictures of ourselves at Sears for free. We did this to give as an anniversary gift to my parents. Other than that there's little or any current pictures of me or anyone else in my family framed. However there are now tons of pictures of my nephew (the 1st grand-baby) on the mantel, walls and bedrooms of my parents house. I browsed them all at while I was there. On the bookshelf, I found wedged between two books the program thingy for my God-mother's funeral. The picture of her and my Godfather on it at their 60th Anniversary. They looked so happy together. It's going to almost be a year now that she passed away. The last time I talked to my Godfather, he was only a shadow of the man he once was without her. "They took away my drivers license", he told me. "They're taking it all away. Don't get old". With out grandma, he has trouble doing anything. She was his life, and without her he's slowly fading away. He hasn't moved or changed much of grandma's things since she died at their house. It's still there, just in case she comes back looking for her things, is what he tells me.

I see the sun shining through the trees as I jog through and around them. Fireflies throwing glimpses of themselves as the night starts to set in. A couple are now at one of the park benches in the far corners making out. The Tai Chi people are there but there are a few more of them now. I notice that as the songs progress on my Nano that these are some of MTG's songs. Slowly but surely integrating her music in with mine. I think for a moment that some how I have a closet at home now that has her stuff in it, though we don't actually live together. Maybe I found my Renee? My Tiny Dancer.....

Sorry I got mushy there. Nuts... ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Me Complaining

"GrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHHH!!!!!!" <---- This is the note on my MSN Live Messenger we use at work, thus far this week. With my picture as follows:

(In case you don't know this is Akuma. The ruthless fighter/killer in the Street Figther Series. And yes I was a total Street Fighter dork growing up. I can still take on just about anyone and win.)

Needless to say people have been staying out of my way this week at work, as much as possible. It's not that I'm truly upset or anything but I just have a short fuse this week and am in no mood to put up with the least bit of stupidity. I know I'm like this cause of my elevated testosterone levels. (A life long side effect from a couple of tumors I had taken out of me a few years ago.) It comes and goes but it's just something I have to deal with. It's just bloody annoying. I swear I shave every morning, and by the time I get off work, I don't have 5 o'clock shadow. No, no. I'm practically sporting a full beard. Damnation!!

(Ok, so this is an extreme exaggeration, but I am almost at full beard.)

Regardless my workmates are still annoying. Since I work in an office of 99% women, there's always drama going around. Backstabbing drama that has been going on for far too damn long. In fact so much so that there's going to be layoffs coming up real soon. And why, because of stupid personal things between these women. "You looked at me funny?" someone thinks and the whole things blows up. Not that my job is in jeopardy, but I already know who's getting axed and I kinda feel bad standing right beside them in our morning meeting and smiling and singing in my head. "Nah, nah, nah, nah!! Nah, nah, nah, nah!! Hey, Hey, Hey!! Goodbye!!!" Though then again I kind of don't feel too bad about it either.

I'm seriously considering taking a full day to teach a "This is My PC 101" class to teach these women the "extreme" basics of using a computer. Things like: "This is the power button. You push it to turn on your PC. No you can't get any information off of it until you turn it on." And the ever so popular, "Food, drinks, makeup, earrings, and paper clips in your keyboard and mouse are good reasons why its not working." Honestly. I don't understand it. They have no problem figuring out how to forward the email of the sexy firemen picture. But they can't figure out that the printer doesn't work cause it's not freakin on!!

Pterodactyl Lady has sensed this. (She's always screwing up the logins and we're constantly having to reset the passwords.) She brought me McDonald's pancakes yesterday for breakie. So I cut her some slack and helped with stuff. See, if you're nice to the resident semi-I.T.guy and bring him some burnt offerings he will shower you with computer blessings. If you don't he groweth, wrathful and belligerent, and will curse you with 10 computer plagues.

Oh and I wanted to apologize to you oh faithful readers. I've bombarded you with far too much mushiness from MTG and myself. What can I say? The girl has me smitten, I tells you. SMITTEN. But then again looking over my posts for the past few months, they haven't been witty banter about music, books, or anything else. They've almost all be about us. So I promise to cut down on the mushy posts cause your probably tired of me gabbing about MTG.

Hey I found an awesome little pizza place near my new place this past Monday. Yes it's totally awesome. The people there are actually Italian. And their pizzas are way good. I kept seeing the place and finally decided to stop. I went in and was greeted by one of the owners. I told him I'd seen the place and decided to stop by and try it out. I ordered a decently priced large pizza. When I got it and was leaving, he told me that since it was my first time, to go ahead and take a free six pack of soda from the fridge in front. SCORE!!! I did, they had Sunkist Orange Soda!! One of my favs!!! Needless to say, when I want some good pie, I'm stopping there.

Well that's it for now. Till tomorrow, probably. Tah, tah.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Review & other things

I am truly sorry for my utter lack of posts. Lately I just haven't been feeling up to it or much of anything lately. Today although nothing really happened; was an utterly awful day. No it wasn't the average Monday syndrome, it was something else, what I don't know but I'm sure it'll come to me later.

This past weekend started off well enough. The average going out on Friday night, having drinks with MTG and some friends. Nothing else on Friday. Though the bourbon's and coke were extra delicious for whatever reason this past Friday.

Saturday evening was a bit more thrilling. Though for most of the day I did my homework and studied for a class I'm taking at the local college. (I was bored and decided to sign up for an advanced French class. Why I dunno?) However the evening plan were already set. I was to meet MTG for a dinner party. She printed out the directions for me and the access code to the gated community where the house was located. I've meet these people before and they are nice. But I'm never truly comfortable with them. It's not the gated community thing though. Which I totally understand now cause I live in one. Though a bit fancier as the entrance to the condo unit community has an actual armed guard you have to go through.

Anyways I got there in the evening. As I'm driving there a very good friend calls me. I haven't actually hang out with her in about a year or so. We both used to be good friends with my ex, until my ex used us and married my arch nemesis. (Yes I have an arch nemesis) In fact it was my ex that introduced us when she brought her over to a party I was having. She's so much fun, and I've known her for a long time now. Though I see her more like my older sister than friend, which probably tells you how close we've gotten. We've talked but have never been actually able to go out lately, which is sad. Anyways, she called me just as I'm entering the community. She was utterly bored and wanted to see what I was up to. I told here about the party, but I didn't really want to go. She wanted to go to the Jazz Fest that was going on in the park downtown. (It's free by the way, you just have to show up.) She wanted to know if I wanted to go, and see if MTG wanted to go to, as everyone else she'd called had plans.

I told her I'd try. I got to the party before MTG and placed the sodas I bought on the counter for the host. I already wasn't feeling it. I went outside to get some air on the porch and MTG pulled up. I helped her get down a gigantic bag of ice she bought and took it inside. I told MTG if she wanted to go to the Jazz Fest with my friend, but she said she wasn't up for it. I sat on one of the ever so soft plushy couches and our hosts son came up behind me and pulled the recline button on the side, nearly flipping me backwards. Nice you little cretin!! Though he apologized and said he wanted to make me comfortable.

I sat there and pretty much just watched everyone. MTG floating in and out of people showing pictures of us on last weeks trip to L.A. It was only about 15 mins into the party when we started eating. I quickly made a plate and found a nice corner to sit in. I was followed by another group of people, some I knew, most I didn't. MTG got herself a spot at the kitchen table and was talking to other people. One particular guy I know who is always trying to get MTG to go out running with him sat next to her. It irked me ever so much. Not that I mind her going running, in fact she's sorta got me into it now, but this guy is looking for more. Fortunately for me, she's can't really stand the guy and is only polite. She has a signal she gives me when she's cornered by someone like this. Which she gave for me to intercede. Though I admit I really didn't do much to this time other than go and stand by behind her for a bit and see she was alright. Running man got the hint enough though, but at the same time didn't leave the immediate area either.

So whatever. By this time it was 7:30 pm. I looked around and decided I wanted to leave. I went outside to call my friend to see what time the last act started at the Jazz Fest. It wasn't till later, but she said she was going to meet some friends of hers there. I told her I would go to, and asked if she wanted to car pool. She did so we meet up and I dropped off my car. (I told MTG that I was leaving and nothing much more) Being that she has a tiny Corolla that would fit just about anywhere we decided it best to go in her car. We talked and talked the whole way over. Having not seeing each other in forever we had lots to talk about.

We got awesome parking a block away from the festival, and got there while the roadies were setting up for the last act. Arturo Sandoval. BTW he is awesome. We had to stand as its a bring your own chair event, but while we stood around for the hour plus it took to setup the stage, we talked and talked. Her other friends never showed up. But according to her it was ok, as the friends her friend was bringing, she couldn't really stand. Mr. Sandoval finally started around 9 pm, and put on a great jazz show. Minor techincal difficulties ensued though, in particular with his keyboard. Fortunately his backup piano man was able to fill in when his went dead. Otherwise it was a great show.

Funny thing though is my friend who usually dances and sways just stood there. I though had to dance. Oh but while we first stood there, the people in front of us lit up a doobie, well several of them. So we got second hand pot smoke in us. Enough to give us a buzz. Which made me want to dance even more, though my friend didn't want to. So I swayed and moved by myself as was joined soon by others. Soon enough there was a whole circle of us dancing and twirling to the music. Letting loose and having fun. I didn't know any of these people, but when you gotta dance, who cares. It was so much fun. Even the little kids joined our group of dancing nuts. We hopped and swayed and played to the music. (Its hard to take pics with a mobile while buzzing from second hand pot smoke)

We left soon before the encore though as it was already past 11:30 pm. But being as we were buzzing from the pot smoke, we had killer munchies. So we settled on Denny's where we sat and talked till 1 am. It was so much fun that I'm glad I ditched the party. When I got back home MTG had stopped by after she left the party. Apparently she didn't stay too long after I left. I read her note she left on my kitchen counter. "Borrowed some CD's. TTYL XXOO"

Oh and here is my recently remodeled kitchen from a far.

I wouldn't realize until the next day that she took some CD's I had made for her way back when that I never gave to her cause I thought they'd freak her out. You know, the "I love you/want you" mix you make for someone, before your official and scrutinize over cause you don't want to give the wrong impression. The mix that you make about 10 times before finally deciding that it's good enough to give to that person. Well she unknowingly borrowed these CD's I had put in a case, never planning on giving to her. Each CD labled MTG Test Mix 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Sunday was a do nothing day. Washed the car, went to see the parents, and stayed at my brothers and played with the baby till late at night.

Today though I just felt down for whatever reason. I was snappy with people. Although I'm quite tired of fixing their utter sh*t, there was no excuse for me to be snappy. But when an entire office comes to you to fix every little PC problem, it gets annoying. Especially since we have no IT dept in our office, and I'm pretty much the default guy as I set the whole system for the IT guys in our other office on the east coast. Besides I'm not paid to do IT, I do it cause if I don't it'll never get done. But also to, I'm tired of all the drama between all these women. How they smile at each other and then turn into monsters the moment the other walks away. It's just uncomfortable. I don't want to be there right now. So it put me in a bad mood. But I put on my Pandora radio Sarah McLachlan channel and it helped me get through.

MTG called later on to see if I was ok. I told her I was fine, but as I was feeling blah, didn't talk much. (She also mentioned the interesting test mixes that she wants to know about later.) Even my boss asked if I was ok. I was almost about to loose it towards the last three hours, when MTG sent me a text message, which read, "Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, your my Wonderwall." That alone gave me just enough zip to get me through the rest of the day with out smashing down the walls. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Plus I have some rants and other banter I must post but it's late so till later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Holiday/Weekend Review

Dear Lord. I am barely able to stay awake as I type this. I slept well enough last night but I could not wake up at all today. I was a working zombie, only able to communicate in grunts and growls, and nods. No amount of coffee in the world could wake me up. I'm having serious jet-lag issues. Probably cause I did not want to come back.

Needless to say Cali was fabulous. Though the whole reason behind everything ended up all topsy turvy. Originally I had planned to go with a friend who had never been. I made the arrangements and booked all the necessary tickets and reservations. However at the last minute he backed out on me. So originally Mix Tape Girl was not even going to go, as she had to work. But seeing that I had an extra ticket now, I fixed the ticket so that she could catch a flight last Thurs evening after work. She called in on Friday. (cough, cough)

Anyways for whatever reason I decided to leave my ticket the same and leave in the morning at 7 am. So I had to get up by 4 am to make sure that I get through security in time and since my dad was going pick up and drop me off, I had to allow for his extra slow nail bitting driving on the express way. Thank goodness that there is hardly any traffic at 5 am on a weekday. Needless to say I got there with an hour to spare. I took a new airline MTG found called Express Jet. You basically fly non-stop on one of the small jet planes. The ride was awesome, I got there 15 mins early and we took off early too. Though being 6 ft 3' I had to practically bow down get to my seat and had almost no leg room. But for $89 bucks each way, I wasn't complaining. Hey they even served up breakie. Really not a bag of nuts, or a cookie, no a full breakie. Cereal, juice the whole deal.

Needless to say I got there due to the time difference at 7:45 am. I left at 6:50 and got there at 7:45 am. And that's with the 3 hour flight. Not bad if I do say so myself. After I picked up the rental car it was a little after 8 am. I figured that maybe the hotel might have a room, and they did at 8 am!! Great!! No waiting till noon or after. So I put my stuff up and headed out. Since it was still ultra early I wanted a bigger breakie than what I had on the plane. So I set out for a good food place. Oh I should mention I actually stayed in Ontario, CA which is right out side of L.A., since it was cheaper. Anyways, in Ontario the morning is dead. Nothing in CA opens till after 9 am, except for fast food places like McD's etc. But I didn't want that. I was craving pancakes. I happened upon a newly opened cafe. I looked good from the outside so I stopped. Bad idea. I went in and it was like a coffee/health food cafe. Get you latte and your veggie wrap. Ewww...wraps for breakie? Everything was a wrap. Bleeech!! So I had a latte instead. Though I kinda didn't really drink it as the girl who made it for me, obviously had a cold and was weezing and sneezing. And the coffee was bitter, bitter, bitter. But I drank it anyways. Afterwards I decided to go back to the hotel and unpack. I had planned on driving down to the beach by myself, but before I knew it I had lied down on the bed and when I woke up it was almost 3:30 pm. D'oh!!

MTG's flight came in at 4 pm. Needless to say like my flight she too got there 15 mins early. Fortunately the hotel is down the street from the airport so I was there in no time. I should mention too that MTG's sister decided to come along at the last minute. So I picked both of them up. We unloaded their things at the hotel and then decided to go out to eat. As I was starving from the morning still. One thing I learned from my trip, CA has some down right bad food. As in regular stuff. We went to this restaurant and I ordered a personal pizza, it looked good and the marinara sauce sounded ok. It looked good when I got it too. But when I bit into it, the sauce tasted like Spaghettie O's. Awful wasn't the word to describe it. Our drinks too practically had no liquor in them what so ever.

A friend of MTG came from San Diego while we were eating. It's a little over an hour drive to Ontario so she left right after work. Somehow she ended up staying the weekend with us too. Which was no biggie. The room we rented was huge, two bedrooms, and a full kitchen. Yes a full kitchen. MTG hadn't seen this friend in over a year so they talked and talked and talked. Needless to say I really didn't spend too much time with MTG, as her friend hogged up all the time, but that was ok with me. How often do you get to spend time with a long distance friend?

The following day we all went to see the sights. (Beach not included) Mostly museums, art museums to be exact, in L.A. I pretty much hung out with MTG's sister the whole day. Which we got to know each other more so it was a good thing. MTG and her friend just kept talking and talking. It was really funny. Other than that nothing too exciting.

Saturday was another story. I happened upon a friend of mine who was on holiday too in L.A. and was also staying in Ontario with some of her friends. MTG and her friend were still basically talking and just wanted to chill out all day. So I opted to go with my friend and MTG's sister to go out at night. We meet up with my friend's, friend she knows from L.A. Carlos was nice, and a big trip. Talk about a party animal. I finally go to the beach at around 8 pm, and saw the black Pacific Ocean once more. The sky was clear and beautiful. We walked the beach at Newport, and did the whole O.C. thing. I forgot though how cold it gets at night on the bay. So sans jacket, I had to buy one from a store. Now I have an O.C. zip-up sweater. Yes it says O.C. on it. It was cheap so I bought it. Carlos took us all over the place, some really nice clubs, the arcades on the docks, places that only locals would know. It was fun. MTG called from time to time to check on me and vice versa. As fun as Carlos was though, again he is a party animal. Good grief, he wanted to stay out till 5 am!! Needless to say we had to eventually say enough and I drove everyone back at around 2 am to Ontario. When we got there MTG and her friend were still there talking, but now drinking wine.

Sunday was a chill-out day, did a few things, mostly shopping. One very important thing I learned. If a girl says stop here and here happens to be Fredrick's of Hollywood, cause she needs to pick something out for tomorrow. YOU STOP AND GO TO THAT STORE. ^_^ Needless to say that made up for holding all the bags and purses etc, while shopping.

Monday, finally went out with MTG the whole day. Her friend was still with us, but we spent time together. Again didn't hit the beach till late at night but it was ok. Went and heard some live local bands, mostly jazz. Danced a little with MTG and her sister too. Had fun, drank a few bottles of wine. A good night. Oh and we had the most amazing Thai food in I guess you could say Thai town in L.A., changed my mind about it. I had a bad experience with Thai food here. But this changed my mind. Got back to the room not too, late. Stayed up with MTG, and relaxed on the patio outside our room, looking at the stars and the mountains surrounding us. I'll stop there, for that night. Not a liberty to say what happens next. ^_^

Tuesday we flew back in. None of us wanted to come back. MTG sulked in the airport and on the plane. "Do we have to go back?" she kept asking. "Unfortunately" is all I could say back. Got home late at night, unpacked, did laundry. Slept and went to work a few hours later. Oh and found out my new fridge went out, yesterday. Grrrrr!!! and the water heater needed to be replaced. Thankfully I was able to get them all fixed today. Though I had to throw away much food. Oh well, I'll go shopping again tomorrow.

Sorry I didn't do too much detail, but I'm about ready to pass out here. Will try to write more details later.

I'm back!!! Did you miss me?

I'm back all. Like all four or five people that read my bloggie. Did you miss me? I missed you. lol. I'll write a synopsis of my trip and weekend review tomorrow. I'm super jet-lagged and need some sleep. Night all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And Tony Bennett Make Three

Me <==== Frantically digging through my newly organized mess.

Me: Where is it?

MTG: Where's what?

Me: My journal?

MTG: I don't know. Did you put it inside one of those plastic boxes?

Me: No. I left it here so I could find it.

MTG: Have you looked to make sure it's not in a box.

Me: No.......cause I left it here so I would remember not to pack it in a box.

MTG: I think we should dig through the boxes. I bet you it's in there.

Me: No it isn't.

MTG: I bet it is.

Me: Fine.

MTG: If its in there you owe me a dance.

Me: Whatever just help me pull out these boxes.

I lost my personal journal and daily planner, neither of which I can function without. I've recently rearranged my bedroom for now and bought nice clear plastic boxes and labeled them and have put my books up in new boxes etc. Before my bedroom was a mess of CD's, records, clothes, tapes, DVD's, lots of books and general crap, all lying in a mess, that only I could understand. I had a system, but I hated the look, thus the boxes. Needless to say the entire make over, with the help of Mix Tape Girl, my bedroom is now respectable looking and the shelf over my bed that held about 30 pounds of books has since been removed. (Note this is a good thing. It's not good to have a shelf of heavy books hanging over your head. I can tell you first hand what it's like to have heavy books fall on you when you're trying to reach the top of the pile to find you glasses on top of the books in the morning, only to pull the entire shelf down on you with the books. Ouch)

I've since remodeled my entire bedroom, having just finished the living room and kitchen. (Oh did I mention I moved? If not then I did, to a condo near work, really near work, like 10 mins from work and even closer to MTG) Anyways I'm completely redoing the whole unit. I painted my room a nice neutral greenish colour, with some advice from MTG and few decoration magazines and books. Crown molding galore, and modern dimmer switches etc. It's rather swanky now. Not posh but according to a book I'm modeling after, uhm...modern contemporary or something. MTG says its warm and inviting. All I know is that now everything has its place and I'm able to use my 800 thread count duvet on my bed again with matching sheet and pillow cases etc.

But upon putting up the final touches I had inadvertently misplaced my personal journal and daily planner. I was going nuts trying to find it. Two hours later after pulling everything out that we had just put up, MTG found them wedged between a case of records in a milk crate I stored them in.

MTG: Look see I told you so!!

Me: (grinning and blushing) How'd they end up there? Did you put them there? (I kid)

MTG: Oh no you didn't!! You're the one who put up the records cause you had to have them just so.

Me: You're lovely when you're angry.

MTG: And you owe me a dance. (It's a thing we do.)

Me: Right now?

MTG: You have something else to do?

Me: uhm...Put this stuff up.

MTG: stares blankly at me

Me: Right then, a dance it is for the lovely lady.

In the crate that she just pulled out and found my stuff in was some old records. The first one being a Tony Bennett record. I love Tony Bennett. To me he's right up there with Sinatra and the best of them. I even met him once when I was little, on my first trip to NYC. He was actually sitting in the booth next to us in a NYC restaurant, and even gave my dad his autograph. (Which to this day my dad has that cocktail napkin framed) I recognized him from the record covers my parents had of him. They'd play him a lot and I'd love to sit and listen to him. I used to wish I could sing like him or Sinatra, but that was a long time ago and those dreams went poofers.

I put the record on and play a cover Tony did of "They Can't Take That Away From Me". Though I still think of Fred Astaire singing it to Ginger Rogers, I love Tony's rendition of it. Gives me goosebumps. MTG and myself dance to the song though we don't dance anywhere near divinely as Fred and Ginger, but we don't care. MTG super light on her feet as always. We end up stopping what we're doing and listen to the enitre side A of the record, before we put anything up. After putting everything thing back up MTG switches to side B and we dance a little more. Thanks Tony for making our night.

Oh and by the by there was as wonderful PBS documentary on Tony tonight too, I caught the last 30 mins of it. I do hope they show it again.

PS: I'll be leaving for L.A. tomorrow morning so I probably won't post for a while, unless I finally decide to take my laptop with me. I can't decide yet. Oh well. Will post later on next week. Have a great weekend all. And do a little dancing, it'll make you feel better.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A quick post before bed

As I sat at work today, I put on some blues music. Not that I'm particularly sad or anything but it's one of those days when I just need to hear something I can ignore. I'm the first one there so I get about a good 30 minutes to myself to hear semi-loud whatever I want. But once the others in my team come in it all changes.

I used to listen to my music all the time without headphones at work. I even have a 100 watt sub-woofer under my desk for when we really would jam. But lately there are too many people in my office, five of us in a small room. And well my musical tastes are not anywhere near the same as their.

Mr. DryToast listens to 7o's soft rock. Pterodactyl Lady listens to utter crap. And our newest member listens to oldies, most of the time. (Not that I don't like oldies but all day long it gets to you.) And she listens to as Barry from High Fidelity would put it, sad bastard music. Old country songs that are depressing and slow. Now I like Hank Willams and Dwight Yokam, and the others she plays, but not every freaking day. It just gets so depressing. So today she came in and put that on right away. Seeing as I got all of three hours of sleep the night before I couldn't take it and asked her to turn it down, to which she ignored me. Then asked why I don't like her music. I told her I liked it but it's too depressing for that on a Monday morning, and just wanted to hear something I could ignore.

She still kept her music on and I put on my gigantic DJ headphones that cancel out all noise. I ended up tuning into the classical channel on my satellite for most of the day. Thank goodness I can actually log in and listen online at work to the satellite. I don't know what I'd do without it.

But my lunch time made up for it. I went back to the cafe I sometime frequent down the street. I ordered my sandwich and sat outside by myself on the patio. It was sunny and just right, but it was still under the shade. I was practically done with a new book I just bought the day before, "Among Other Things I've Taken Up Smoking". Which is a good read by the way. I placed my number for my order in the ashtray outside so it would have something to stick up on.

The young man who came out to serve me my sandwich was very nice. He gave me my meal and noticed I didn't have any napkins. He asked me if I needed some. For some stupid reason I said no, though it was obvious I needed some cause the sandwich was dripping and hot. He gave me a puzzled look and said "okay.." and went back inside. I sat there not knowing why I said I didn't need napkins. Maybe because I saw him working too through the windows cleaning tables etc, and didn't want to make more work for him. I finished the page of the second to the last chapter of the book I was on. And proceeded to eat. My hands getting wet and greasy. And then I thought to myself, dammit I need a napkin. No sooner had I thought this then the young man came out with a large stack of napkins for me, and handed them for me and said, " never know right", and turned and went back inside.

I don't know why but just that alone made my day. I got up to take my plastic basket the sandwich came with inside when I was done and before I could open the door he popped out and took it for me. He was just wonderful. Needless to say I left a large tip in the tip jar. Some days it's just the little things that make it so much better.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mr Amaya's neighborhood

I desperately needed a haircut this weekend. It was way too long. From the top of my head the hair reached almost down to the bottom of my face. I hate having my hair so long now. It's so hot to have it that long.

I went to a barber shop that I've been going to since my parents moved us here many years ago. Mr. Amaya's barbershop. It's near downtown and really in the projects. It's the kind of place that the tourists don't see, and that people from the north side of town are afraid of. (i.e. MTG) Nestled between the westside, and the southside between the railroad tracks.

I drive to this part of town, knowing that the man who's cut my hair since forever will do a better job than any hairstylist or high priced barber would and for only eight bucks too. The shop is in the middle of an old strip mall. With the housing projects on both sides of it. Basically it's the ghetto. Mr. Amaya's long since moved out of the area, but he keeps his shop opened. It's just himself in the shop, though he has about 8 chairs for other barbers. It's always been just him. He learned how to cut hair in the military and has done so ever since. He's an older man in his early 70's. His hands still work fast with experience.

The shop itself is old. The mirrors that line the wall are faded and spotted. He has pictures of his family up on the wall, with duct tape. The walls cement so you can't put anything in with nails. There's about 3 Selena posters (Selena the latin singer gunned down), a good number of Jesus pictures, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and various other items in the shop, as well as a picture of Geronimo in the far back corner. And least I should forget a picture of Pope John Paul duct taped to the old water cooler unit that stands in the back of the shop. (The thing is about 8 feet tall) The seats are old too, I'd say from at least the late 60's. And a shoe shine booth in the back corner long since abandoned, as the gentleman that manned it passed away some years ago now.

There's cracks in the walls and it has an old smell. But I'd never go anywhere else. Even when we constantly moved my father would always bring us here for haircuts. Whether we lived in the city or not. When we first came here the place was filled with old men. All smoking and talking. One old gentleman in the back shining shoes while Mr. Amaya cut hair. One old gentleman sitting next to Mr. Amaya in the corner smoking, only getting up to sweep up the hair on the floor between customers. And it's all in spanish. It was a place of wonder for me. Watching Mr. Amaya cut hair, shave beards, trim mustaches, all while holding conversations. Even though things in the neighborhood changed, he hasn't.

He's still the same only older now, I dread the day he closes for good. There's a younger man now that sweeps up the hair. (Younger as in late 40's or so) The older gentleman who'd sweep has since passed away. On busy days the place is packed, and Mr. Amaya takes no breaks. He appeases everyone telling stories asking about the families of his loyal customers. He's a genius at work. He cuts now with electric shears but still have the old hand held one he used in his army days. But he still uses a straight edge razor to give you a shave, and to get to the hard to do spots for hair cuts too.

Today there was only a few there so I got seated in little time. He asked me how I was doing and we talked about everything. He gives me advice for my trip to California, and MTG, and asks how my dad is doing, telling me he was just by this past week for a haircut. I tell him my dad's ok, though I didn't know he'd gone by this past week, and it makes me feel a bit guilty cause I really hadn't seen him in a while. He enjoys cutting my dad's hair and they talk about the day's when they were migrants in the fields and of times long since gone. It was while we were talking about my dad they my dad called and insisted we do lunch.

He finishes my haircut and gives me a shave. I feel wonderful after he's done. He only charges eight dollars but I always do what my father taught me to and give him fifteen. He tells me he'll see my next time, and I tell him goodbye too. As I walk back out into the old stripmall the nostalgia wears off and reality sets back in. I get in my car and drive out of the ghetto. I can't imagine what I'll do when he finally closes one of these days. Hopefully it won't be soon.

Weekened Review

Dad: So how's Mix Tape Girl?

Me: She's fine, I really haven't had too much of a chance to talk to her this week. Her schedule's been a bit hectic. But when I have it's just been the daily check up. But we're going out tonight so I'm sure she'll have plenty to say.

Dad: I see. Well just make sure you give her your full attention and listen and be supportive.

Me: That I will dad.

Dad: Good lad.

And so it was myself and my dad eating lunch on Saturday. I haven't spent any time with him really in forever, so on Saturday he called me and insisted that we do lunch. I mean I see him quite often but we never really get to talk, like the expression would say, ships passing in the night. So he called me while I was getting a much needed hair cut. (which I will post about after this) We sit and talk and finish our lunch, he insists on paying and even leaving the tip. We walk out together and he turns and asks me if I have to go. I tell him I do but will be by later to spend more time. He nods and waves goodbye. By the time I get into my car and find a CD I want to listen to he's already pulled out and driven away. For some reason listening to James Taylor at the moment satisfies my mood. Maybe cause he's one of my dad's favorite singers.

I meet up with Mix Tape Girl (MTG) later and we go to another dinner party of some friends. I find it most interesting that now I accept more and more to go to these gathers than before I was with MTG. Somehow I always felt out of place. Not that I didn't have anything to say, it's just that most of what other people said didn't really interest me. But now I suppose through MTG's magic pixie dust, I'm turning into a bit of a social butterfly. Though when I do go out with her and I have no idea where we're going or whom our hosts are, I do get shy and clam up. But at least this night both of us knew the group of mutual friends that we have.

Our hosts were just having a simple sandwich meal, but when I asked what to bring she said "just anything, it's kinda potluck thing we're doing, last minute." So I stopped by a local BBQ place and ordered some chicken. I was a bit dressed up but not in anything I would consider fancy. (All black i.e. Johnny Cash) I went inside and didn't bother to take off my sunglasses, MTG waited in the car. I ordered chicken to take. The girl rang up my order, fortunately there weren't many people there and no one in line. She looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?" I said I was and asked if I didn't look okay. She said I looked fine but just off in space. Which I was since I was just leaning against the wall and letting my mind wander. She made small talk with me, (okay actually she was flirting heavily with me). She went to go get my order and gave me a whole bunch of extra stuff I didn't ask for. (A gallon of tea and family fries) MTG was utterly surprised when I walked out with so much stuff.

MTG: What happened? Why so much?

Me: I dunno. I batted my eyes a little at the girl on the register and she gave me this extra stuff.

MTG: Uh..huh. She give you her number? Do I have to go inside and beat her up? (She says jokingly)

Me: Nah...I didn't take it that far.

To which she pinched me for good measure.

We get there and MTG and myself are among the first few there. I parked myself on the giant oversized corner couch by the kitchen. MTG put some things up and followed suit. We sat there at first saying nothing just relaxing into the cushions. Finally I got up and got us some drinks. More people started showing up and most we knew some we didn't. MTG made rounds with everyone talking etc. But eventually we found our way back to the same seats on the couch, only this time with some wine. MTG started telling me all about the mess that is going on at work. At that point I remembered what my dad told me, and I gave her my undivided attention, although I didn't understand most of what she was talking about in regards to work. We ate a little and got more wine. Our hostess offered me some Vermouth, which I never had so I accepted a glass and loved the flavour. She brought two for MTG and myself. Though MTG said she didn't want any. I really liked it and drank mine right away. MTG sipped hers, and continued to talk to me. Most of everyone else went into the front room and were playing Pictionary. We sat there listening to loud laughs and the fun of everyone else. Not that we didn't want to play but we were just comfortable. MTG nestled into my side and played footsies with me. (Though I had to ask her if she was or was I just kicking the coffee table. She said it was her.) Some of the older guests that were sitting in the kitchen were talking about things I really didn't understand. Politics etc. But every few minutes they would turn around and look at us sitting together and coo with that weird sappiness of us being together and how we looked so cute.

So we continued to sit there. MTG doing most of the talking, getting any and all things out of her mind she wanted to rant about. I listened and responded to where I was supposed to from her questions. Though when she got kinda excited (more like upset) about things bothering her she squeezed my hand tighter than normal. So we sat there till just about 11 pm. MTG mentioned that she was tired and should go to sleep, but that she didn't want to go home. I got up first and then pulled MTG out of the couch. We tried to leave but ended up talking to our hostess for another hour in the kitchen, and then ended up taking home more food than what we brought. Some how I ended up taking home a huge plate of chicken salad sandwiches. (I hate chicken salad) We got in the car and again MTG told me she didn't want to go home. I took this to mean she wanted to stay the night so we drove back to my place.

She turned on the satellite radio in the car and after going through all 200 + channels settled on the movie channel. They were doing a special Sci-Fi Hi-Fi show with old Sci-Fi Movies. We listened to clips and the score to The Day The Earth Stood Still, and It Came From Beyond and a few others. The music fit so well as I took the back route home and its pretty much in complete darkness, and semi-country. MTG fell fast asleep half-way home, I suppose she talked her self into tiredness to me.

When I pulled up there was little I could do to wake her up. So I carried her inside and put her to bed. Though after which she managed to change into a shirt of mine when I went back out to get all the food I brought back. By the time I changed she was snoring. But I wasn't sleepy. So I watched some late night telle.

Today I got up and took MTG home after we slept in till just about noon. I remembered that I had to help my brother install a new washer/dryer. So I drove to the totally other end of town. We installed it with little trouble. But I ended up spending the whole day at his house doing odd jobs and playing with that baby. In fact we ended up simply having a BBQ since we did a lot of work and I stayed late. My brother and I sat in the back porch reminiscing and talking over a few beers.

I still can't believe how my brother is now, a family a house. It boggles my mind. Him who was always in so much trouble, never responsible, never had cash, always something. Now that his son is here it's a totally different story. I guess you can never tell.

MTG called to check on me a few times while I was there. And to tell me thanks for letting her vent last night. And to say, "I love you." because she forgot to say that last night and this morning.

On the long drive back home I popped in my Kenney Chesney CD that I have in my glove compartment that I had forgot about. It's been there for a long time. I really haven't listened to it since a road trip I took with an ex a few years ago. I love his country songs, but usually when I hear them it makes me think of my ex and what probably would have happened if I had just stayed in a particular place a long time ago. (Meaning I'd probably be married etc, right now. Married at 22 at the time, which I'm so glad didn't happen.) But this time I didn't think about her and only thought of MTG when the songs played. So now this CD will probably find its way back into my mainstream circulation.

And that was the weekend. Oh and just and FYI, for those of you who asked for 'mind jarring questions'. I am working on them. I will hopefully try to get them out before I leave to L.A. this Thurs. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I'll be in California from Thurs till the middle of next week. But that's for another post.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


So I've been going jogging a whole lot more recently. I find it helps so much just listening to my music and running out my worries. But a funny thing happened to me today. Or I should say I was able to layeth the smacketh down on some unruly youngsters.

I was about half way home tonight and walking and coming up on my street. There were some kids there (teenagers) I'd say about 15-16ish. I had my Ipod on very low, not so low I can't hear it but so I can hear traffic behind me as well.

Well these kids were messing around. They were a mix of emo/American Eagle Outfitter/punk kids. When I approached them they got quiet. Then one said something and waited to see if I'd respond. I acted like I didn't hear them and kept walking. Then one of the yuppie Ambercrombie kids said, "He can't hear us." as I was just about near them. Then as I walked by he said looking at me, "My dick itches." (He said this loud but not too loud where he thought I could hear him. Unbeknownst to him I could hear him. He said it again as I walked right in front of the kids.

I couldn't resist and while walking past him said, "You wouldn't have that problem if you learned to wash your dick properly you dirty bastard." and I kept on going. His friends pointed and laughed at him and he was too embarrassed to say anything back.

Score one for the older kids. The little punks need to learn some respect.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Interview

Beckeye from over at her blog The Pop Eye was looking for victims to interview, so I delightfully raised my digital paw and asked for one. Here's the questions she asked me and my ever so lame answers, as I tackle the subjects of John Travolta, Japanese Porn, figts, and so much more. Enjoy. ^_^

1.  I see that one of your favorite movies is "Get Shorty."  Just how
good was
John Travolta in that film?
I absolutely loved John Travolta in that film. I think out of all the films he has done it is by far the best. He just oozes coolness from himself with every line. With lines like:

"I'm the one tellin' you how it is... "
"Well, I could see myself in the parts that Robert De Niro plays. Or maybe even, an Al Pacino movie, you know, playing a real hard-on. But I couldn't see myself in those movies where three grown-up guys get left with a baby, and so they act like three grown-up assholes, acting all cute... "
"Now I've been shot at three times before. Twice on purpose and once by accident. And I'm still here. And I'm gonna be here for as long as I want to be. "
"Look at me."<------Which I've admit I've used many a time since hearing that line. It works wonders. "You're trying to tell me you fucked up without sounding stupid, and that's hard to do. " <------ I've used this line too many a time. Though my wish if I could ideally would be to use it on the stupid f@#$ers that use our services at work. Oh and how he just fits so perfectly into that role is just ace. Not to mention, Danny DeVito, Gene Hackman (whom i adore) and Rene Russo (Growwwlll...) are all awesome in that movie. Even Barry Sonnefeld does a cameo too. I'm going to have to watch this movie again, and again, and again.
2.  You are a fan of comics and animation. Can you please hazard a
guess as to why anyone (including yourself, if applicable) would find anime
porn erotic and how it came to be so popular?
Damn...what a question!! And no I don't find "Hentai" (as it's called in Japanese) erotic. In fact I find it creepy, and disturbing. But I will admit I have seen some, in all places when I was in high school. Those geeks in the audio video club my senior year were way freaky. I first saw it and was like "WTF"!!! (It was a creepy as the dreaded "Donkey Show", which I believe is now a time honored male tradition that all young boys see during high school, for whatever reason)But like a major car wreck, you just can't stop looking. I couldn't figure out what these guys saw in it. Monsters rapping helpless women with giant shlongs??!! Hello??!! What gives? I guess like all porn some guys like odd things. In fact "Hentai" can be used to mean "metamorphosis" or "abnormality". In Japan "hentai" has a strong negative connotation, and is commonly used to mean "sexually perverted". (Straight on true) Now I see how some guys like naked girlie cartoons. I'm partial to old time pinups myself, but I don't go sporting a woodie over the picture, I appreciate the art/erotic aspect of it, and nothing really more. For me if it isn't real and in front of me, then it's just another nudie picture, more viable for teenage boys in the confines of their bedroom. As to why Hentai became so popular. I'd venture to say it was the internet. Geeks emailing movie clips to each other, then file sharing sites to swap whole movies, then someone got a bright idea to start whole websites devoted to the fetish. And now it's practically common place, right along side the regular porn at the adult store. Or at least the one MTG and myself meandered into a while back anyways. Though you probably didn't need to know that.

3.   I just discovered on Wikipedia that both Davy Jones of The Monkees
and Phil Collins of Genesis have played the role of the Artful Dodger.
Who do you think would win in a fight between those two?
Jack Wild will always be the Artful Dodger to me. But I find this information most interesting. I'd love to see Davy and Phil go toe to toe in a knife fight or maybe a ladder match or a Hell in the Cell type thing. But are we talking in their prime or now in their older years? I'd say in their prime that probably Phil Collins would win. He seems a bit more soccer hooligan than Jones. But I do think Davy would put up a hell of a fight, after all he was lighter and seemed more agile. But I think Phil would have the brute force needed to vanquish his foe. I mean really while Phil is still playing and recording, Davy is now selling golden 60's records on infomercials that come on Saturday mornings and late at night. Come on now Davy don't go down the path of the dark side, come back, come back!!!

4.  Your musical interests are listed as "just about anything." Is
there any song or artist that you find impossible to listen to?
Top five artist I hate: Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Akon, The Plain White T's, Bruce Willis (Remember "Respect Yourself"? Stick to acting Bruce)

5.   Let's imagine that Blogger wants to advertise its service on TV
and radio, so they ask you to write them a catchy commercial jingle. How
does it go? (I realize we can't hear the music, but describe it as best
you can.)
"If you have a thought to beat, Blogger is the place to meet. Write your stories, post some pics, Blogger lets you gets your kicks. Meet new friends and old ones too, state your cause or act a fool. Blogger is way mas cool." In a childish rhyme kinda way. Or get the Rock-AFire Explosion band to play it, and freak all the kids out.<-----Yeah that rhyme really sucked, but its late and the best I can do right now.

Well there you have it. I guess this is where I say, if you'd like to interview me or have me send you five mind jarring questions, let me know.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The week in review

Ya know after all that mess that happened Thursday, fights breaking out, people getting fired and written up, you'd expect all hell to break loose again the following day. But nothing. Nobody said anything about what happened, everyone acted like nothing even happened. Though it was interesting to half to walk into the office and notice the empty desks about. Well whatever.

Oh and if my spelling is a bit more off than usual do forgive me. I spent a good part of this evening drinking a rather large bottle of wine with MTG. So I'm typing this rather inebriated (not drunk but felling really good).

Well not much to report other than the hecticness of the past week. I'm taking the holiday and spending most of it with MTG. Though tomorrow I must make the rounds to see my brother. Well actually hepl him go pick up a washer/dryer, to be exact.

Yesterday was fun. My evening consisted of pretty much going to a dinner with MTG, and then after that stopping at a party my friend was having. Which is basically on the same road as home so it wasn't a big deal. But I meet (or is it met, no that doesn't sound right....yes it must be meet, yes that looksright) Where was i? Oh yes, i got to know some people more than what I had. Music, movies, books these subjects will always be able to strike up a conversation. It's like "You like the Godfather?? No way!! Me too" and jsut like that you find out something you didn't know. Though it helps to have some drinks in ya.

Other than that I spent the day watching movies with MTG. I just saw Hot Fuzz and I loved it. Very funny. I love brit comedies. The Andees where hilarious. Oh and we watched some of MTG's movies too. Music and Lyrics is good, and some others but I don't remember right now. Probably cause we kept falling asleep during most of the movies. Though Hot Fuzz was action packed enought to keep me awake.

Oh MTG's done with the shower now, so it's my turn. Till next time.