Thursday, May 24, 2012

My god, has it been over a year since I visited you blog?  Say it isn't so.  It's my fault really for neglecting you.  Seems like everyone has jumped to Facebook or WordPress.  Not me though not yet.  People tell me just friend me on Facebook.  My blank stare tells them I don't have it.  How can you not have one they ask?  "Cause I'd rather not have you all up in my business 24 hours a day", I reply.

Not to say Facebook etc, isn't useful it's just not for me.  I rail against it for no particular reason.  I miss the people and interaction that used to be here. But life does go on. 

So for today, I shall just give an update.  Mixtape girl and myself are doing just fine.  Or little family is growing, we have two cats now.  Much to Mixtape girls displeasure, though her love for me allows me to keep my critters, both strays. 

Today's been a "meh" day thus far.  Started okay but then my wonderful breakfast of oatmeal no less decided that my grooming needed updating.  Thusly the milk inside it decided to come squirting out and give me a Pollock like pattern of milk and oats all over my dress shirt a work.  Leaving lovely yellowish colored stains all over my chest. Seeing as I now have to walk around work all day with stains all over my chest, I want to shout "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!" Throw my files out the window get in my car pick up Mixtape girl and drive off into the unknown. 

This of course will never happen.  I'll go too the loo in a minute and do my best to wash the stains out.  Such is life.  I'll try to type more tonight.  If any of you still by chance read this, I just want to say hi and miss you too.