Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Birthday and Word Verification

I'm sitting at work eatting my rice balls, oh how I love asian food. Except Thai, had a very bad experience once. (Don't tell me that bug is just a piece of cracked pepper.)

So tomorrow is my birthday. It was 26 years ago tomorrow, August of 1981. Me and MTV came out on the same day and same hour. Coincidence? Yeah it is, I'm just messing with ya. Hey I was born saying "I gotta have my MTV". Of course that's back when it was worth watching and they actually showed MUSIC videos during the DAY. Remember that? Do ya?
Unfortunately I have to work still tomorrow. But after that I have the rest of the week off. So Monterey here I come. And better news, Mix Tape Girl called and said she'd be able to go after all too. It must be nice being able to work from home. I need a job like hers.
Anyways, somethings been bugging me. Word verification. Now I know it's useful and I'm glad it's there. Helps me avoid spammers etc. However lovely readers when I read your posts and try to comment on them, it takes me forever to get it to work. Why I dunno!! There I am typing a message all proud of what I said. I drop down to word verification, and I put it in correctly. In fact I'm so OCD that I'll type it, erase it, type it again, erase again, and re-type it to make sure I have it right. But for whatever reason 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work. I swear it does this on purpose. I get the new word verification window to try again. So I do, same thing. Grrrrrrr....it's damn well intimidating. It's pops up staring me down. Damn you word verification, I will get my message through. After numerous attemps it finally takes. What gives? Look me square in the eye word verification I slap you with my dueling glove, it's pistols at dawn you shall not win. My comments shall go through.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of posts. I had been feeling rather naff for about the last week. Allergies etc. Just a bad past week in general.

Mon. I woke up last Monday feeling great. All energized and everything. I made it to work in record time, there was no traffic whatsoever to be had in the morning. The ski was nice no clouds in sight. It's been raining relentlessly for the past month here. The day at work actually went by fast. Like it was ending just as if felt like I was beginning. Mix Tape Girl was coming back from her trip to NYC too. A good day all around. So I thought. Just before leaving work the sky turned pitch black. I had promised my brother to meet him at Lowe's to go price a lawn mower. As I left work it started drizzling ever so slightly. Then it poured. Fortunately the Lowe's wasn't too far away so I got there in little time. However after we meet and I told him I'm not buying him a lawn mower there I went home. Oh I should say that they just bought a new house. He needed a lawn mower but all they had at Lowe's was mowers that were $150 on up. Needless to say I decided to visit a pawn shop to get him the same mower used for way less than $150. Back to my story. After leaving Lowe's I got caught up in the mother of all storms. Seeing as I live no where near where I work my usual 45 minute trip took me 3 and a half hours to get back home. It was a sign of things to come.
At Lowe's

Tues. I woke up..I felt kinda strange, though I woke up later than I would have liked. Hmmm..didn't think much of it. I went to work and started feeling worse. I couldn't keep much down so I kinda just sat at my desk doing what I could. I didn't leave cause there was no way I was driving being as I felt bad.

Weds. Same thing. A familiar tingle came to me. Something I hadn't felt since I got super sick and ended up having surgery to remove a couple of large grapefruit sized tumors in me. How do I explain how I felt? Well it's not like normal sickness. Actually you have far too much energy. It's like suddenly being on caffiene and steriods at the same time. It's just super crazy energy, like you can break through brick walls, but its almost uncontrolable. I went to work regardless doing my best not to fidget around too much. Though I did make an appointment to see a Doc after work, fearing a return of the tumors. They did tests and couldn't find anything wrong with me other than a few allergies and very escalated testoserone level. I've got a weird phsyiology, all the doctors I've ever seen have told me this. My heart beats half of what's normal and I breathe half of what normal people do per minute, though I take deep large breaths. So I'm told it balances out and for me that's normal. Oh and I kinda have a weird immune system too. It can either work ultra fast or get stuck and keep me down. I freaked the surgeon out that removed my tumors a while back. 15 minutes after they were done I got up got dressed and walked out of the recovery room by myself. They didn't even give me stitches cause I was already starting to close up. TMI I know. I'm just a freak, I must be part mutant or something.

Thurs. Felt a wee bit better. Worked again nothing crazy. I went and finally bought a PS2. I know I'm behind the times. I only bought it as there are two games I wanted to play. Tomb Raider Anniversary which is just a redo of the original. I like the puzzles in the game, it makes you think, and you get to shoot things. Oh and Star Wars Battlefront II, which my friend got me hooked on while I played him after his accident whilst visiting. I got the PS2 and the Tomb Raider game at Wal-Mart oh and new pillows. I needed new ones, my old ones were all flat and icky. I have new fluffly ones. Wonder of wonders they are. Anyways they didn't have the Star Wars game, so I stopped at Game Stop. I perused around. I used to spend much time in these stores browsing for deals when I was in grade school. Now I couldn't stand to be 10 minutes in there. I promptly found the Star Wars game and took it to the counter. The manger was working the counter and tried to make small talk with me.

Manager: Man it's going to be crazy today. We have a Pokemon Tournament playing in here later on.

Me: (looking around seeing only four displays) Where?

Manager: (Points to four displays) There. We have like 30 kids coming in here that signed up.

Me: That's a lotta kids. It's going to take courage.

Manager: Yeah there was this guy that came in here. He was about as old as me (him looking about 35ish) and wanted to sign up for the tournament too. I told him we were all full. He just wanted to pick on the kids.

Me: Yeah that's really creepy.

Manager: Oh...Star Wars Battlefront II. Have you played Star Wars Lego? My kids and I can't put that down.

Me: No, I'll have to check it out later. (taking my game and receipt) Good luck with the kids (I said as I left)

Fri. Felt much better. Not doing cartwheels mind you but much better. I had to meet my bro after work again. He didn't have money for gas cause he didn't get paid till next Tuesday. Agghhh!!! I spent $76 bucks to fill up his truck. Grrrrrrrr!!!! Lousy expensive gas. Needless to say I was a bit mad. Upon getting home to calm my nerves I made a new dance mix, which I shall have to post here soon. MTG had been busy working all week and I had been going to be early so we met up that night. Since not really talking much during the week, immediately cornered me and chewed off my ear for the better part of the night. I finally got home and went to sleep.

Sat. Woke up fell outta bed, dragged a comb across my head. Know where that's from? I'll give ya a cookie if you do. :P I got up early as I was going to help my bro move. We were supposed to start around 8 am. 9 am nothing, 10 am nothing, 11 am nothing. I called. They had just woken up. He hadn't even picked up the U-Hal yet. Grrrrr.... I ate cereal while waiting. Finally he called and said to come. I went over and they had only packed the big stuff, not the little stuff. Double Grrrrr!!! Needless to say by the time we actually started moving them it was after 2 pm. I had plans with MTG at 6 pm. Good thing I always take a change of clothes in my trunk. Quickly picking up the pace, we moved all the big stuff in the truck. Took odds and ends and finished up quickly. I showered and changed at their new house and left a little after 5:30 pm. I meet MTG and her sis and some friends and we went to a dinner at another friends house. I didn't notice at first but I was starting to suffer from heat exhaustion. It's actually not very hot here like in the low 90's cause of all the rain. But its so humid, like at 80% humidity. Being outside is like being in a sauna. I started feeling ultra hot driving there. My face felt all flushed and I started getting a terrible headache. Fortunately I had some Gatorade in a small lunch bag with ice that I drank. We got to the dinner ok. I planted myself on a sofa looking probably odd. MTG said you really couldn't notice but I felt it. MTG's sister sat with me the entire time, talking. I never actually spent that much time talking to her, so that was nice. MTG and one of her friends pretty much pampered me bringing me drinks, food etc. I think I drank about a gallon of water, a bunch of soda and half a bottle of wine. I cooled down enough to get up and do some socializing for a while. Needless to say I hit the bed, but when I did I was hot again. So........nah I won't even go there. But the A/C was cranked all the way that night.

Sunday was a do nothing day. Well not really. Bought a whole bunch of storage boxes and am tackling the great music/movie organization debacle. I have CD's and DVD's everywhere. How could I have so much stuff. Needless to say the place is a mess.

Till later ya'll. (Why did I say Ya'll? I hate saying "Ya'll". Ack!! that sounds so bumpkin)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picture Time yet again

Feeling rather naff. Stupid alergies. Anyways as I don't feel much like doing anything. It's time for picture time. Get ready boys and girls.

First some pictures that made me smile thus far this week.

Hey, who got a picture of my family?

See what happens when you keep cooking with TransFats.

Where's the cookies?

Ren & Stimpy!!!

I picked these up at the store, they are really good. Goes great with a good dip.

I found an "N" in my M&M's.

Upon waking up late for work I had to find a lunchbox to put my lunch in. This is all I could find. You probably can't tell from the picture but this back is big enough for a large kitchen trash can. And all I put in it was two small tupperware containers. It tooks up a lot of space in the fridge at work.

A nice picture driving to work

Does anyone even drink Strawberry Nesquik? I haven't drank this stuff in years. Imagine my surprise whilst digging through the pantry and coming across a can of this stuff. Although it was the old box. The metal container remember that? Needless to say I threw it away.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Parental Units

Ah..the parental units. It's interesting to be with them. I won't say that they're overly protective or anything. Infact their turning into those cute old couples you see that always argue with each other but in the funny ways.

This is what happend upon spending the weekend with them.

Pop: Your mum's been in a fighting mood. Did she tell you what she did at the new Wal-Mart this week?

Me: Nope

Mum: We went to the new Wal-Mart down the street here. And we got our stuff, blah, blah, blah. We were in the check out line and I had some coupons. I had the buy one get one free Head and Shoulders coupon for your dad's shampoo. The dumb girl there rang up the shampoo wrong, she charged me for two bottles instead of one. I told her and she was like, "Oh I'll go back and deduct the difference. Now the shampoo was like $6 something almost $7 bucks, and she should've halfed it. She went back and deducted $2.49. And at first I didn't think anything. But as we were walking out I went over the receipt and I knew that was wrong. I may be dumb at math but I know my money.

So I went to the customer service and told the lady. "Hey they charged me wrong for this shampoo. I had a buy one get one free coupon and the lady charged me for two but then went back and only deducted $2.49."

Cust Service Lady: Do you have the shampoo maam?

Your "DAD" who never stops for anything was already walking out the door. I told the lady, he was already out the door and I wasn't going to get him. The lady went to get the coupon from the register.

CS Lady: Maam it says here (on the receipt) that you got 2 24 ounce bottles, the coupon applies only to the 16 ounce ones. Infact she should've charged you for both.

Mum: How was I supposed to know can you read that tiny little writting about that on the bottom? (taking back receipt and looking at it) Hey wait a minute, she also charged me for two hair dyes and I only bought one.

Mum: (The customer service lady was already tired of dealing with me by now.)

CS Lady: Ok I'll credit you back for the extra hair dye.

(Back to home)

Me: Wow you actually still go the better of them.

Mum: Yeah but it shouldn't have happend in the first place. (pointing to my dad) and you should've stopped when I did.

Dad: I'm not stopping for that. You always find stuff to stop at when were leaving the store. I wanted to go home. I get tired easily. (sticks his tounge out of my mum)

Mum: Next time you better stop or else. (raises fist at my dad)

Dad: Blahh!!

Mum: Then the dumb people at the grocery store forgot to give me some of my stuff. I didn't get all my bags. So I called them up and told them and they told me to go back with the receipt and get what I forgot. I went back, I had to go back to the store, and pick up what they forgot to put back into the basket. The next day I was going to make some eggs. But I noticed that I they didn't give me my eggs or back or orange juice. But buy this time "YOUR DAD" had already threw away the receipt, why he has to throw everything away I don't know. Can't you ever just leave stuff alone for a minute.

Dad: No, cause then you leave a mess of receipts everywhere and you're not the one who picks them up. Always leaving messes about. How was I supposed to know you needed it again. (sticks tounge back out at mum)

Mum: Anyways I called the store again and told them, but they wanted me to bring the receipt. I told them your dad already threw it away and they should already know that they forgot to give me my stuff from the day before. Anyways I went back and they gave me what I still hadn't got.

Dad: See I told you she was in a fighting mood.

Me: Yup..

Needless to say the whole time with them pretty much was like this. Gotta love'em. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Gasp!!! I almost forgot that tomorrow is payday!!! Yay day!!! Here is the best part, I have absolutely no bills to pay with this pay check. A whole free paycheck just for me.

I must do some shopping. I need new pillows, mine are all flat and stiff. Hmmm...boots too. I just threw away my old pair. Hmmm...ohh..there's that outlet mall in New Braunfels.

It's going to be ok after all. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tomorrow Never Knows

Dearest Reader,

Do you ever feel happy yet miserable at the same time? I don't mean physically sick or anything but just...."blah" is the best I can describe it.

Do you ever just have the feeling that you mustn't be where your at, and that you need to leave no matter what and never look back?

Do you ever know that things are going too perfectly that it feels all wrong for whatever reason?

Do you ever just stand in the rain and watch the world pass by for a few minutes?

Do you ever stop and listen to a street musician? Not for a minute, but listen to his set.

Or how about looking for art in all the oddest places? Graffiti, stickers, stencils, chalk drawings?

As of late the whole urge to uproot myself has been uber strong. My gypsy self has been urging me to get up and go. But the thing is I don't want to. Do I dare leave it all behind like my family has for as long as I can remember? Never, no I will not. But I feel like I'm in the wrong place and just want to fly away if I could like Superman.

I couldn't fathom the thought of leaving what I have now. Plus the fact that MTG and I are progressing along more than I would have imagined. I don't think I mentioned that we were friends for a long time before we ever got together. It's raining again. So you can't see the racing stripes of dirt on my car anymore cause the whole thing is filthy again. But upon getting out of my car after work, I couldn't just help but stand in the rain and let the drops fall on my face. It just felt right.

As I've mentioned before I'm a sticker fiend/art fiend. I doodle and post stickers everywhere I go. Not exactly graffiti but it's not exactly vandalism either. I'd like to consider myself a junior Banksy wannabe. Stenciling art all over that makes people think. For now I'm content to do this on the board room dry board at work. Although I have been placing stickers all over the building too. In mostly unreachable places. Say the ceiling in the men's restroom, the top of the elevator, on various ceiling tiles in the hall ways and on the side of the security camera downstairs. Oh and lets not forget the FedEx and UPS drop off boxes.

It gets kinda tense in the office from time to time. Mostly because its all women, and their either hot or cold or have some sort of tiff with each other. So they've all formed their own little clicks, which I stay out of. Although I'm generally welcomed by all cause I get along with everyone. I pretend to be buddy, buddy with Pterodactyl Lady and Senor Dry Toast. Though truth is I can't stand either of them and I absolutely abhor having to spend my day in the same room with them. Needless to say we go news today. Our head office is doing a social gathering, the head office is in another state. So this Friday they are taking off early and going and doing something like bowling and stuff. They want us to do the same. Problem is most of these women now barely tolerate each other as it is, so I don't relish the thought of having to spend extra time with them acting like their all friends when later they'll be talking smack about each other. Thus my need to do thought provoking art to clear the air and joke about things going on in the office.

I'm a bit relieved as last night I gave a presentation entirely in French for about an hour. It's a long story, (its for work) but I did it. Though I need to work more on my liaison's. It's not often I get to speak French so I cherish any chances to. MTG helped me immensely with this as she speaks it even better than I do. However MTG is out of town right now, playing tour guide for some friends who have never been to NYC. Basically driving them around and keeping them from making stupid touristy mistakes. However I have been getting daily calls and updates. And of course the "You're going to do fine on you presentation." message as well. Followed up by the missed call after the presentation, with a message that said, "Just calling to see how you did. I know it was great. Oh DON'T bother calling back, its like midnight and I'm tired and am going to crash from walking NYC all day. If you call I might get grumpy and snap at you. So be warned. Ok love you miss you, bye." After which I just laughed cause she did sound tired and I thought about calling just to annoy her, but figured I better not, cause I'd probably wake her friends up too, and then they'd all let me have it.

So there's no point to this other than to say I'm just feeling "blah". Who knows it's just a feeling. I'm going to finish re-reading a book I'm on and listen to a mix I just made which I am posting for your listening pleasure as well. Oh do let me know what you think. It's eclectic at its best.

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