Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

See here a picture. It's the last friggin piece of wedding cake that we have. Thank God!! Normally we'd be over joyed to be showing your our last piece of wedding cake. But the truth is finally it's gone. Hurray!!!!

See this is the one left over that you're supposed to eat on your first anniversary, which we did. Now I should note one of our friends made the cake and it was to die for. So moist and soft, and full of gooey goodness. It was a delicious cake. It just wasn't really delicious after sitting in the freezer for a year and then getting defrosted.

We ate some of it during our anniversary and I thought, we'd throw away the rest. Boy was I wrong. Here's Mix Tape Girl's thinking. "We should eat every last piece of this cake. It's special." Me: "I don't think it'll take to being re-frozen again." MTG: "Sure it will". Me: "But it's all dry and icky now." MTG: "What you don't like our wedding cake?" Me: "Yeah it was great when it was fresh and less than a year old". MTG: "But it's ours. It has history we have to eat it." Me: "No we don't" MTG: mad stare... Me: "Uh...." MTG: "WE HAVE TO EAT IT....ALL". Me: "Give me the Saran Wrap."

So thusly we have been munching on this cake since our anniversary a few months ago. And now we are both overjoyed to be done with the thing. This final piece has been sitting in the fridge for about a week since last being thawed out for the....oh..I'd say 7th time. Needless to say it was hard and cruchie and the frosting was atrocious. But, here it is folks for you're viewing pleasure. This last damn piece of cake. Naturally as any loving husband, I let Mix Tape Girl have the last piece of this horrid 7 times defrosted cake.

FYI: Mix Tape Girl's response after eatting the last piece. "That tasted like crap. Why didn't we toss?"

I told you so. ^_^