Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Impending Doom and The Big Wicked Online Pageant

Sorry for the lack of posts folks, things have been turbo on this end. Anyways, Monday the head attorney's that I work for shows up unannounced. This is a bad thing as since he's opened our office he's only been there twice and each time only for a few hours. Every time however he lets us know that he's coming so we rush like rabbits to make sure our desks and office looks generally clean and tidy, not that he really cares.

But Monday, Monday was the day from hell. He walks through the door unannounced, along with the office manager from the head office on the east coast. He goes into our office managers room and stays there talking with our office manager for a good hour. We all sensed the impending doom. There were no smiles when coming in no nothing. Then our manager gets our small motley crew and we gather in the corner office. We're promptly told that our office will be closing, effective immediately for some and others a little bit later. Me being the little bit later group. Sucked the wind right out of all of us.

See our office handles real estate law, for pretty much all 50 states. I basically handle problem cases where there's clouds on the property title. Not many people in the US do this. However with the housing boom going kaput, the main part of the business isn't getting that much money and well you know how it goes. Long story short, I will soon dear friends be out of a job. However knowing that we were heading down the crapper, I did a preemptive strike and started my own business doing what I do. See what I do can't really be done by that many people and well, the company may be going under but I've got more work than I can handle. So I've been away setting up my new business with Mix Tape Girl's help. So we've been like busy bees. So do excuse our lack of posting.

As we've been busy though I haven't had time to go through old photo's of myself or MTG for Beth's online pageant. I think there's a picture of my brother and myself dressed like the Joker that my mom has somewhere. (Though it should be noted it wasn't during Halloween, it was just after the first Batman movie.) But honestly after I was about 10 all photographic record of me ceased to exist as my family was never one for photos. So in light of this I thought I'd do a gratuitous back of the head shot like Beth, with a kick. Had one of my fellow workers take this for me. Oh and by the way, the mask is always at my desk, not just for Halloween.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Be fair

We shuffle down the aisle. People putting carry-ons into overhead compartments. I see AD finding his seat towards the middle of the plane. Sadly I'm in the back, even though I'm with a friend. He smiles and blows me a kiss before I see him almost disappear, only the top of his head visible from the seat. I take my seat by the window. The back of the plane is crowded, but the front doesn't look so much.

We tried to get our tickets together but since AD was able to come with us at last minute that wasn't able to happen. So we traveled separated by a few chairs. The lights dim and the stewards voice comes on. I'm watching our steward, he's an old man, probably in his late 70's, I'm not kidding. He can barely stand, and he doesn't look happy. He mutters out the flight safety instructions that few people ever listen to. He looks like he's in pain as he slowly fastens the display seat belt and then uses his arms to point out the emergency exits. As soon as he's done and the plane taxis down the runway, he takes his seat not to get up again until we level off. I can't help but think that with the economy the way it is, he had to start working again as retirement money just wasn't enough, and I worry about him.

I watch out the window as the plane takes off. The engines whirring and clicking. The televisions mounted in the seat head showing what movies are available and gives you a free 15 minute preview of the Direct TV offered on the plane. I press the brightness button until the TV is turned off. I sit back and watch the land change. From over water to the city, to country, farm land, woods. I see the sun leaving us as day starts to become night. I stare out the window, and then raise myself up a little to check on AD. I see the top of his head so I know he's okay.

It feels like we're climbing forever. I want to get up and check on AD but the seat belt sign is still on. I sigh and rest my head on the head rest. I stare down at my feet and wiggle my toes. Before I know it AD is tapping my shoulder. He tells me his whole row is empty as he makes his way to the bathroom. Asides from the back of the plane the front is mostly empty. I tell him that I'll be up there with him as soon as we level off. He nods and goes to the bathroom. I watch him after he's done and makes his way back to his seat.

It seems like we climb and climb. The pilot never comes on to make the announcement that we can move about. I wait about 20 minutes before I finally just get up. I was to tell my friend I was moving but she's asleep. I hop over her and make my way to AD. There are tons of empty seats. Asides for the lady her child sitting behind AD the rows in front and beside him are all empty. I move up on him, he's asleep. I raise the arm rests and snuggle up with him, putting his arms around me.

AD: Thank you.

Me: For what?

AD: For coming to sit with me. And for being you.

I stroke his hair and he falls back to sleep, though his arms are tight around me. I feel ashamed that what ever decisions need to be made he always tells me, that let's just do what would be easier for me. He goes out of his way that things are always as easy for me as possible. I know that if I ask something that we need to do he'll respond with "Let's just do what's easier for you." And I accept the option easier for me, and for this I feel ashamed. I tell him that I can't always do what's easier for me, but he always makes it so we wind up doing it that way anyways.

I sit there and watch him, tracing his face with my finger tips. We went to visit friends on the west coast. The entire time AD only knowing one other person besides me, and being kind to my friends. I laughed and talked and caught up and cried with my friends. I didn't realize that the entire week that we were there that I was only with AD for a few hours asides from going to sleep. But I didn't realize this till the night before we left.

We were at a party that some of my friends were having. Sitting on chairs in the back yard of their house. It was just an everybody bring something kind of deal. Before we knew it there were at least a hundred people there in their tiny back yard. Sitting on the grass or wherever. AD got me a drink when we arrived and I immediately turned into the social butterfly that I am and sat down with some friends that I hadn't seen in forever. I caught up with a friend from long ago who just got divorced. We talked, I lost track of time, to my shame I lost track of AD. Fortunately my friend did not, and she reminded me of this.

My Friend: Marriage is something that you have to work at. It's give and take, and you have to be fair. It's can't always be your way. You're going to do things that he's not going to want to do and vice versa. Such as being at a party where he knows no one, even if he does so, so you can be with your friends.

And it hit me. I looked around, I didn't see him. I got panicked. My friend turned my head and I saw him, hidden in a shadow, in the corner of the yard by the fence, leaning against it and sipping his soda and doing his best to smile. I excused myself and worked my way through the crowd to get to him. He had spaced out and didn't even notice when I walked up to him.

Me: Hey

AD: Huh? Oh hey, what's up?

Me: I'm sorry.

AD: (looking confused) For what?

Me: For making you do all these things for me when I know that you'd rather be somewhere else.

AD: Don't worry about it. I want you to have fun with your friends. You only get to see them a couple of times a year anyways.

Me: But I'm not being fair to you. Make me be fair.

AD: You are being fair.

Me: No I'm not, I'm being selfish. We can leave if you want.

AD looks at me for a few moments.

AD: I'd be lying if I said that I wanted to be here and I'd like to leave. I'm not good in really big crowds, they freak me out. And I'm not the people person you are. But I want you to enjoy being with your friends right now. Go be with them, I'll be fine here holding up the fence. When you're ready you know where to get me.

Me: You're too good to me.

AD: No I'm not.

Me: You are.

I kiss him, and he smiles. He tells me to go back and visit with my friends. I sit where I can see him this time and I watch as he walks around some only to make his way back to the empty corner. He does this a few times. I only visit for another 30 minutes before I decide to take him out of here. He reminds me of a flower getting choked out by tall grass, so I have to safe him. I tell everyone goodbye and we leave taking along our two friends that we're staying with.

I wanted to ride back to the hotel to be better, but that didn't happen. One of my friends had a little too much to drink and was acting a fool. He was doing a crazy dance in the back seat to the music, talking very loud and laughing even louder. AD was driving, and I was flipping through the radio stations trying to find music that would be okay with everyone. And I flipped and flipped. After going through the stations about five times you could see a vain pop out on AD's head. He was getting upset, my friend was getting louder. Finally AD reached over and turned the radio off. He pulled into a gas station without saying a word, got out and started filling up the tank. I got out and went to tell him I'm sorry. He forced a smile and said it's ok, that he's not upset with me and just needed some air. I went inside the station to get him a Sprite and some asprin, and we continued on our way, all the way back in silence. Fortunately my friend having passed out by the time we got back in the car.

AD didn't say anything when we got back to the hotel. Just a few answers to my questions here and there. I felt bad for having to make him put up with this, even I was annoyed. The next morning we left back for home, packing etc. We talked but its the average travel we need to get here and there busy talk. And now we were on the plane heading back home.

I look out the window past AD. I see some city lights below us as we fly by. The lights sparkle light diamonds on a piece of black velvet. I hold AD's hand while he sleeps, and I whisper in his ear, "Make me be fair." Without warning I grab his head and he opens his eyes. I kiss him. The older gentleman steward walks past us without saying a word, he knows better than to interupt, but he rolls his eyes. It's ok though, two less people to have to cater to. I kiss AD, and I didn't stop till we touched down at home. And when we did, I whispered to him again. "Make me be fair."

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I like moose

Pterodactyl Lady: arm and shoulder hurts so much!!

Me: Take some Advil or something.

Sane Lady: You're probably getting carpal tunnel.

Pterodactyl Lady: It hurts everytime I move my arm.

Sane Lady: Does it hurt when you're typing?

Pterodactyl Lady: Yes a lot! Especially when I'm using the moose.

All together: The moose??!!! (with a puzzled look on our faces)

Pterodactyl Lady: Yes the moose! See! (picks up the mouse)

The rest of our team busts out laughing.

Me: Yeah, my arm would hurt too if I was moving a moose around all day.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Trouble Me

The night is warm and the air conditioner is blowing cool air on the bed. AD's been knocked out since 6 pm. I watch as he sleeps, his chest slowly rising and falling. I feel guilty because I know its me that has him so exhausted.

I reach over and take off his glasses. He fell asleep with them on and they are making little marks on his face. He slightly moans as I remove them from his face. I can't help but caress his stubble a little and trace the outline of his lips. He somehow smiles though he's sound asleep. Exhausted from taking me to the doctors office weekly and picking up my meds, and taking up all the extra slack that I usually try to do for us.

I feel guilty as I keep him up till past midnight almost every night simply to talk. I get up and grab his cover from the closet and place it over him. He remains motionless, and snores just slightly audible. I decide to head down stairs so not to disturb him, and kiss him before I walk downstairs.

Hunger reaches me as I get to the kitchen. I realize that I really haven't eaten a meal all day. I fix myself some tuna sandwiches and turn on the TV. "On the Waterfont" is playing on AMC and I keep the volume so low that it's hardly even audible. Not really paying attention I concentrate more on eating my sandwiches. The tuna tastes good to me, as I rarely ever eat it.

I think to myself that things are now pretty much back to normal. We went to Florida and had a wonderful time. Then I came back and got sick, and well things happen. But it's all over now. AD going out of his way to make sure that I was okay the entire time. I put the doctors visits and hospital stays out of my mind and stare at the ceiling, the light from the TV flickering and causing shadows.

The movie quickly loses my interests and I turn off the TV and sit in the light of the lamp that's on. I take another bite of my sandwich and chew it slowly, the silence of the room getting to me. Not able to take the silence I turn on the stereo. 10,000 Maniacs plays and I relax on the couch, staring at my half eatten sandwich.

I hear a loud commotion from upstairs. AD is up and rushes downstairs looking upset.

AD: What time is it what day is it?

Me: It's 9.

AD: 9!! 9!! I'm late for work, why didn't you wake me up?!! Crap Crap Crap!!

Me:'s 9 PM Weds. It's not tomorrow yet.

AD: Oh....I thought I was running late for work. Sacred myself there for a moment.

Me: Silly boy.

AD sits next to me, his hair a mess.

Me: Can you see?

AD: Huh?

Me: Your glasses?

AD: I didn't even notice, completely forgot them.

Me: They on the dresser on my side. You fell asleep with them on.

AD: Thanks.

We sit on the couch, Trouble Me playing now. AD finishes my sandwhiches. I place my head between his shoulder and neck, smelling his cologne. We listen to the rest of the CD, as I fall asleep on AD's shoulder. I rouse myself when AD finally gets up to turn off the stereo. I smile as he picks up the plate and cup that I used, even though I tried to pick them up first.

Me: Don't spoil me too much. I can turn into a brat.

AD: It's okay.

AD: Thanks for taking care of me.

Me: Uhm...isn't that the other way around?

AD: No I don't think so.

Me: If you say so.

AD: I do.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're back?

Sorry it's been almost a month since either of us have posted. Rest assured we're okay. Well..kinda, MTG went and got all sick on me so. That's a update for later. Much to tell, so little time to do it. One of us will post soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008


It doesn't matter how hard you try to make something perfect. Someone's bound to come along and f*%k it up.

I'm sorry I'm a bit upset. It's AD's birthday Friday and I decided earlier this year to take him to Florida with some friends to get away. I rented a condo, squared all the details and got everything ready. Then the airline comes along and screws things up. Okay I admit that airfare was cheap. I decided to try SpiritAir as their prices seemed good and well it's too good to be true. Yes we got cheap tickets but they canceled our flight.

Blast damn!! We were supposed to leave early Thursday morning so we could have the day to settle down and get supplies and stuff. But no our flight is canceled and we were put on an evening flight that won't have us there till after 10 pm, and then it's a 2 hours drive to the condo I rented.

This totally screws up my itinerary. Yes I made an itinerary, I'm far too organized for my own good. So I've been huffing and puffing all day. AD keeps telling me to calm down but I'm giving him my look that says "Don't tell me to calm down", even though I know I shouldn't. Gaaahhh!! I'm just so pissed. Damn you SpiritAir, bastard motherf*%kers!!! Ruining my plans for a small vacation.

Sorry I'm ready to stomp buildings like Godzilla here. I will have my revenge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eleanor Rigby

Every morning for the past year on the drive to work she's there. A homeless woman at the corner intersection, sitting behind a telephone transformer, staring out into the world. Her face is ruddy and red, she's overweight, her cigarette slowly burns in her hand. Her short hair peaks over her face from time to time from the scarf she wraps around her head.

I've never seen her move, she just sits and stares. The grassy area where she sits and lays down is worn down, only the dirt is there now. Every so often a Meals-On-Wheels person stops to drop her off some breakie.

I see her for the briefest of moments everyday. No more than 2 minutes tops depending on traffic. But she's become a constant, a routine. I see her everyday while I wait at the light, waiting for my turn to move ahead and face the world.

I can't help but wonder what she thinks of when she stares out into the world. Why does she stay here? She doesn't look sick or frightening. Is she here because she can't deal with the world anymore? Did she loose someone? Did her heart break? Did she loose her job? Does she have family? Why does she always have Dr. Pepper bottles with her? Why don't the pigeons bother her? What does she think of the rap/rock/reagaeton music that blares from the cars as she sits there? Why, why why?

I can't help but look when I see her. MTG notices her too but never really looks. Usually she's leaning back in the seat with her eyes closed, or putting on makeup. I often think to myself to someday pick her up something to eat and bring it to her and simply ask her why she's there. I think this but I never do it. She doesn't ask for money from cars like so many other homeless people. She doesn't make a spectacle of herself like the church people on the corner asking for funds. She doesn't scream at the top of her lungs like the pep-rally girls collecting funds and offering car washes that stand on the corner either. She has no mess around her, no possessions. She sits and stares, ever the constant feature.

But then this past month, she disappeared. At first I thought that maybe she moved to go to the convenient store for smokes and something to drink. But day after day she's been gone. Slowly the patch of grass that was worn out has come back. I wonder if the business where she used to sit by that was forever closed but recently re-opened forced her to move. I wonder if she was picked up by the social services. I wonder if she pulled herself together and got on with her life. I wonder if the summer heat made her seek shelter at a homeless center. I wonder if she simply moved somewhere else. I wonder if she's okay. I wonder. I imagine, it's easy if you try.

And then today I see her. But not where I imagined I would. I see her in a place I don't want to see her in. MTG brings me the obits and there she is, Jane Doe, MTG points this out to me. I wish I would have seen her as the lottery winner picture instead of this. I wish she could have found what she was looking for. I wish that she didn't become a small part of my life that insignificant as it was, made me stop and think every morning about how fortunate I am. I wish I would have stopped and brought her food and talked to her at least once. I wish that she simply moved to another spot and was fine. I wished that maybe she was picked up with social services and was being taken care of. I wish she was okay. But it's not to be. There's Jane Doe, staring back. No family, no friends. Buried with no name, no one came, no one cared.

MTG: I wonder why they couldn't find her name?

Me: She has a name.

MTG: How do you know?

Me: Eleanor Rigby

MTG smiles and runs her hand through my hair as she walks past me. She grabs the clothes she was folding and takes them upstairs. I look at the obit one more time and grab a pen. I scratch out Jane Doe and write above it, "Eleanor Rigby."

Eleanor Rigby - Ray Charles

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Like an MC at a Fever in the DJ Booth

And so it is. Air Supply was not played at the party. But MTG had a great time anyways, even though it wasn't a party for us.

The funny thing is I prepared the list including all the songs that were on the preset list. And as I was playing the preset list this happened. One of the guests, a little old lady, (I just don't say that, I mean she was old and little and frail) came up to me while I was playing the pre-chosen song "Because you loved me" by Celine Dion (I playing this song reminding myself that this is what is wanted by the host) and said matter of factly, "This song sucks. Look you've cleared out the dance floor! Play something we can dance to."

I couldn't help but smile, I wanted to hug her. But I had to inform her that this was the set list that was chosen and it was not exactly up to me to not play these songs. Besides at that point they were cutting cake and no one was dancing anyways. But a few moments after this older lady tells me this, the husband of the couple who's anniversary it was comes up to me.

Him: Hey can we kick it up a notch. Who choose this music?

AD: Your daughter did. And heck yeah I can get this place moving.

He looked at the list and asides from a few songs to keep, he pretty much gave me free control. In no time at all I had electric slides, soul trains, twists, salsas, merengues, and everything else going. Everyone was sweaty and having fun.

Sadly I didn't get to dance but to all but two songs with MTG. My setup was less then stellar. I actually got there early but the person who had the keys to the club house was no where to be found. And when I did get there, about 30 mins till starting time, I was aghast to find that there was no where for me to set up or a table to put my stuff on like I was told there would be. So basically I set up my speakers at the far end of the dance floor, plugged in my amps and mixers and everything else; set it around a lone chair I was able to steal from a back room, and played the music from my laptop that literally had to sit on my lap almost the entire time.

And funnier is that there was nothing to drink but water and tea, so MTG brought two bottles of wine and left them in the car and snuck out every now and again to get us some drinks. Felt like we were in school. But I'm glad everyone had a good time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Air Supply

Okay this is actually a reader participation post. Mix Tape Girl uhm.."volunteered" me to DJ an anniversary party for some acquaintances. Said acquaintances are a bit older than the crowd I would normally DJ for. No biggie. It's going to be a night of oldies, disco and slow dances, I'm resigned to that, though I may sneak in a remix version of something between sets. Anyways.

Now I've been given a set list to play. Something along the lines of the following:

1. Somebody like you - Keith Urban
2. Laughter in the Rain - Neil Sedaka
3. Dancing in the moonlight - King Harvest
4. Everyday - James Taylor
5. Because you loved me - Celine Dion
6. Like a star - Corinne Bailey Rae
7. Somewhere over the rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
8. Come away with me - Norah Jones
9. Dance party favorites Cha Cha Slide - Mr. C
10. Outstanding - The Gap Band
11. Good times - Chic
12. Electric slide
13. This will be an everlasting love - Natalie Cole
14. Love train - The O'Jays
15. Giving you the best that I got - Anita Baker
16. Stand by me - Ben E. King
17. The first time ever I saw your face - Roberta Flack
18. Fields of gold - Sting
19. You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder
20. Don't it make my brown eyes blue - Crystal Gayle
21. I'll be around - The Spinners
22. Danny's song - Anne Murray
23. The way you look tonight - Frank Sinatra
24. Let's get loud - Jennifer Lopez
25. No one - Alicia Keys
26. Quando, quando, quando - Michael Buble
27. Save the last dance for me - Michael Buble
28. Boogie oogie oogie - A Taste of Honey
29. The power of love - Huey Lewis & the News

And the rest of the 4 + hours I have to devise myself. When asked how long to play I received the vauge answer from 7:45 to maybe...midnight? Which left my mouth quite opened. Anways the debate MTG and I are having is that she thinks that I should include some Air Supply. I think that I shouldn't. I'm vaugley acquainted with these people and even though their cool, I don't know if their Air Supply folks. But MTG say yes, I say no. So I'm asking you bloggie people. What do you think? Yes or no? No is fine but if Yes, can you give some hints of your favourite Air Supply songs that might be good for an anniversary party.

A bet is riding on this so don't let me down.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And the Award goes to....

After much debating, here are Mix Tape Girl and I picks for the "Arte y Pico" awards. Some are our own, some are joint picks.

1. Cup of Coffey: One of the first blogs I came across in the blogging world and to me one of the best. (Okay, amendment. Per MTG "to us one of the best") Beth's undying love for REM, her witty and funny writings, about music and life are all too good to pass up. Her Mix Tape Friday's are a tribute to her true love of music, and inspires others to think how a song can change your life or at least your day. As she isn't a DJ, she very well needs to be one. One of the sweetest gals out there, she's fun and loving and a great friend to have. (AD & MTG)

2. Restaurant Gal: I don't quite remember how I came across this gem of a site. Restaurant Gal has had me hooked since the first read. Her stories flow like poetry, and can pull at the strings of your heart. From thoughts about the restaurant business to personal reflections, this is a must read. And most importantly she answered my question to boot. Know I know to always tip even when picking up take out myself. (AD pick)

3. My Head Is A Box Filled With Nothing: Another joint favorite. Gizmorox provides sweetness and angst delivered up oh so greatly. We agree we love her quirks. She can deliver sarcasm towards work, gush over a cartoon bunny, leave you laughing or with a tear. Definately someone to have a drink with. Cheers to you Gizmo. (AD & MTG pick)

4. Coaster Punchman's World: Again I don't remember how I found out about this blog. It was probably during lunch while my cheeks were filled with Ramen Noodles. Anyways, CP is great. He and Poor George can make you smile anytime. Find out about Mama Gin, arrogant sales reps, lovely cats, what's cookin' (literally) with George and lest we forget, the Mary Tyler Moore Service. Which MTG has had the privilege of experiencing. (AD pick)

5. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody: Cooking with a personal twist. Peabody's love of cooking drew me in. What drew me in more is cooking for a picky eater. Much like AD, yes that's right he's a picky eater too. Little gold flakes of personal reflections along with receipes fill her wonderful blog. From childhood memories to cakes, I love this blog. Have a good read and try making something new, even if a Creme Brulee turns out like mine to be a chocolate omlete, there's no going wrong here. (MTG pick)

So here's your awards. Enjoy.

Sorry if we missed some of you. We'll have to do an honorary award cermiony for the others, where everybody gets a ribbon. Yay!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Okay its not an Oscar but it's the next best thing. The ever so awesome and delightful "Prone to Whimsy" awarded Mix Tape Girl and myself the Arte y pico awards. I shall have to make a special shelf just for this picture.

So here are the rules of how this works.

1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award, creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Each award-winning, has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the ward itself.

4) Award-winning and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y pico"blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) To show these rules.

Award winners are:... "

Our committee is going over the list of nominee's, stay tuned folks.

Blackbird singing in the dead of the night

It's 1:30 am, we've been tossing and turning all night. We actually went to be early and thought we'd be good and sleep. Both of us getting up early for work all week long and feeling it's effects. For a weekend we tried to keep this one quiet. Trying to avoid being sucked into an invite to a gathering from our friends. Not that we don't love them, we just need some R&R.

We literally ran (ok a running jog) away from some friends when we came across them. Knowing full well they were going to ask us over, and be stuck there till midnight or so at their house watching movies. I'm sorry but that just wasn't us this weekend. So we ran and hid, giggling to ourselves. I don't think our friends thought anything of it, knowing that we're a couple of goofs.

So we stayed in. We sat on the couches, sprawled out, reading books and magazines, listening to music. I've taken up knitting and was busy making a blanket for a friend that just had a baby. Time passed and we grew tired. We didn't say anything to each other but were happy in our silence. The music played, Otis Redding coming softly from the stereo. Eventually we were just starring at the ceiling. Listening to the hum of the ceiling fan and the shadows it made in the light.

Eventually peeling ourselves off the couches, we headed upstairs and to bed. It was only 10 pm. We fell asleep quickly, but alas it wasn't to last. Before I knew it, it was 1 pm and I was wide awake. I tried to just lay there wishing for the sleep to come back, but it didn't work. Staying quiet I reached for my mp3 player that I normally keep by my side of the bed, but it wasn't there. I forgot I moved it when I cleaned up yesterday. I turned slowly to see if AD was sound asleep. He wasn't, in the darkness his eyes were looking at me.

AD: Can't sleep either?

Me: No.

Slowly we roused ourselves up and turned on the TV. There wasn't really anything on. Old movies and re-runs, and soft core porn on the premium channels. After a while we turned off the TV and turned on the stereo. Dar Williams "Two Sides Of The River", beckoned us to sleep. Her sweet smokey voice softly speaking to us through the speakers.

AD was thumbing through a magazine, to occupy myself I grabbed his free hand and was examining its features. Old cuts, and scratches, fights from long ago, injuries from play, oddly enough even a stab wound on his left palm. After a while AD turns to me.

AD: I want some ice cream.

Me: That sounds like a great idea.

Sadly none was to be found in the freezer. So doing what most insane people do, being around 2 am faced with insomnia, we drove to the 24 hours Wal-Mart to get some. AD changed, I pretty much went in my PJ's. Fortunately this seems to be somewhat standard attire for midnight runs to 24 hours Wal-Marts.

We took the long way to the ice cream. Looking at clothes, picking up some light bulbs. I passed a mother with her little girl, with the cutest cheeks I've ever seen. The little girl was starting to fall asleep. She told me she takes her here at night when she gets fussy and they can't sleep. They walk around till she's out and then goes home.

We headed to the electronics section and rummaged through the $3 and $5 clearance DVD's, which had be just restocked. AD feeling that Lethal Weapon 4 was now worthy enough to be bought for $3 dollars. I picked out some old cartoons, of Popeye and Casper for whatever reason compeled me to do so. As we walked we noticed others who basically looked like us. A motley crew, some dressed, most in PJ's. Walking zombies of insomnia, going through clothes racks, buying shampoo's they've never tried before.

We finally got to the ice cream, which was on sale for $2.98. Yay!! Seeing as it was on sale, we stocked up. Banana Split, Snickers, Pecan Praline, Mint Chocolate Chip, Sara Lee Cheesecake, and Rocky Road. We bought nuts and banana's to mix in with the mix too.

We checked out and selected a few final non-necessities from the goodies around the register, gums and candies beckoned to us. And made the short drive home, listening to The Beatles White Album. As the street lights flicked by illuminating us ever few feet I tried to wonder who was Prudence, and the story behind Bungalow Bill. We pulled into home while George's Guitar gently weeped.

AD: I miss George, he ruled.

We put away our goodies and made us some sundaes. AD briming with excitement on the Sara Lee Cheesecake ice cream we found. Cheesecake is his kryptonite. I settled for Banana Split and added real banana's and nuts for effect. We turned the TV on in the living room and settled down to eat ice cream and watch Rio Bravo on AMC. Dean Martin is okay in the movie but I like Ricky Nelson better, to me he's much cuter.

About half-way through we finish our ice cream and I turn off the TV as we're really not watching it. We head upstairs and brush our teeth again. It's almost 4:30 am as we slink back into bed. Staring at each other and making faces, still not being able to sleep.

I move closer and put my arms around AD, his breath smelling like mint. We lay there for a few minutes in silence. Then AD almost silently starts siging.

AD: Blackbird signing in the dead of the night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise......

Me: Blackbird signing in the dead of the night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see, all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free...

Before we could get to another verse in we fall asleep, I wake up and notice it's 1 pm on Sunday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm in quite the conundrum. I've 75 songs or a couple of albums to download on before last months downloads reset in a couple of days. I don't have any idea what to download. Anyone have any ideas. Even AD is stumped right now, but he's forgiven due to the crappy week. Any ideas? I have till Sunday when they reset.

Let me know some of your favorites that might be found on emusic. Seriously I need recommendations or else I just might waste a download on the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull soundtrack. Yikes!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Forgive me

It's an hour till midnight. I just got home. I showered and changed and put the blood soaked clothes of mine in a bag. MTG is asleep next to me.

I just put down the dog that was too young to die but too sick to live. Dad called while I was at work, the dog had been vomiting anything it ate since yesterday, its defecating anywhere it lays. The vet said there was nothing you can do, it just happens. Make it as comfortable as possible. You can put her down too. But at the visit she still seemed too healthy to put her down, even the vet told us this.

I got to my parents house after work. They don't live in the city. It's almost an hour drive with traffic. Dad's outside sweeping the drive after the downpour we had today. I park and go inside, dad following closely behind. We pass the kitchen and the fridge is full of pictures. Of of which is our first dog TJ, or as the AKC registered him, Sir Thomas Jinxs, a pure breed Sheltie, around his picture says "World's Greatest Dog." I open the door to the gargage, where the dog mostly stays at night. It's her place to stay, it's her's. The smell of her feces is overbearing. She's crapped all over the garage. Nothing is staying in.

She wags her tail as I approach. Slowly she gets up. I try to carry her outside to the back porch, but she wiggles free and insists on limping there herself. We go outside and there is a glimmer of life in her eyes. Her tail wags slowly, not fast, not with much power. She looks happy. She tries to take a step forward out to the grass, but her hind legs give out and they fall beneth her. I try to console her and hold her close to me as I sit next to her on the floor. Slowly licking my ear as she raises herself and sits next to me.

Dad's gone back inside for something. She gets up fully and now slowly walks out to the grass. She throws up half-way out. This time its just blood. She developed some sort of bone cancer that there aren't even medicines for. I walk up and slowly pet her head. Her face warm and still young looking. I hear the back door open and dad walk out again.

He walks out behind me.

Dad: You have to do it.

Me: Maybe we can take her to the docotor in the morning.

Dad: I don't want her suffering all night.

I curse the fact that the nearest vet is 40 miles from where they live. And there are no emergency animal hospitals. It wouldn't matter her vet would be closed anyways. Dad hands me his pistol. The 9mm still warm from where he was holding it.

I hesitate as she looks at me. Her eyes seem to tell that she knows what's coming. This is the second dog that I will loose to sickness. I can't help feel that despite there not being anything we can do, that I've failed her. I imagine Sir Thomas Jinxs watching me point the pistol at her head. I manage to look her in the eye, I stroke her face, I kiss her on top of her head.

Me: If you see Sir Thomas Jinxs, salute him for me. I love you, please forgive me.

Oddly she seems to understand. She looks like she smiles and turns around on her own accord and sits staring out over the field. I again hesitate, then with one sudden "POP!" she falls to the ground. I couldn't have her dying a slow agonizing death all night.

I dig a hole out in the field and carry her out there and bury her. I can't hold back the tears as I do it. Dad asks if we should keep the collar and tags. I tell him to leave them. They're hers, she'll have them forever. We go back to the house and wash our hands with the water hose. I should have brought a change of clothes but didn't think about it. Her blood on my shirt and jeans from where I carried her.

Dad: No more dogs.

Me: No more

We head back inside. I look out to the field one last time and can't help but mouth "Please forgive me" to her. I hope she does.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Girls and their summer dresses

Now from time to time I read..okay flip through AD's magazine subscriptions. No not the Playboy, though honestly PB, your magazine is basically GQ with bare tits, I've seen worse so I really don't mind AD getting them. Just yet anyways.

So I happened across AD's new GQ. Which just happens to have Gisele half naked on the cover. Hmmm..intriguing. I had to read what the interview was about and secretly loath her perfect body but wish for it at the same time. But while flipping through the magazine, I came across the article "Girls in the their summer dresses" Now its not really an article just pictures of girls in....lets say revealing dresses. But the focus is on the mens suits. So the information given is for the mens suits and accessories. Well I happened upon a dress that I really REALLY like. And now I am on the hunt. Here's a pic, tell me what you think.

All the magazine dress says is "H&M" for the designer. I tried their website but it's really weird and doesn't list much of their clothing. All in all I don't think the dress looks too bad. Hell she's practically my size. Yes I'm all health freak/run everyday kinda gal. But damn do I love that dress. Oh and AD actually already has that suit I think. Unfortunately all my Google searches has come up with dittly squat. So if any of you know where I can get this dress let me know. My search here continues. Maybe just maybe I can get AD to buy it for me.

Who am I kidding I'll buy it myself.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Smooth Moves

After a long and arduous day one likes to come home and find sanity. Today was not that day. But it did make me laugh so hard that I took away a days worth of work crap.

I come home and everything is normal. I can smell the laundry being done and AD is obviously upstairs, no doubt folding clothes. And I walk into the bedroom, and to my amazement, AD is there with a puzzled look on his face staring at a bunch of my bras that have been laid out on the bed.

At first I looked shocked. At least he wasn't trying them on or anything.

Me: What on earth are you doing?

AD: I can't figure out how to fold these things. The best I can do is bunch them up and stuff them in your drawer but then they took up too much room so I had to take them out. So then I took out some folded ones to see how you did it but I got lost.

I stared blankly for a minute.

Me: How can you not know how to fold a bra?

AD: I know how to take them off. (Said with a smile and wink)


I grabbed one, laid it out. Grabbed it by the middle letting it fold in two and then folded it over itself. Easy peasy.

AD: Ohhhhh....

Me: Now clean up the rest.

AD: Please would be nice

Me: Sorry, please.

AD: Want me to wash the one you're wearing?

Me: Smooth move, but not right now.

AD: Curses, foiled again.

Me: No I just said not right now.

AD (Nothing but smiles.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting and hoping

We've always had pets. Mostly mongrels and strays that adopted us. I currently have a cat and a dog that refuse to live with me. So be it. The cat refuses to have anything to do with me after I moved. I can deal with her. My dog can't come over as there is no place for her to go as she's an outside dog and all I have is a concrete courtyard the length of the condo.

I still pay for their food and bills. They're more my parents pets now them mine. My current dog is more my dad's then anything else. After our last dog died, (a shetland sheepdog) I knew I had to get another for my dad. My dad being retired not from old age but forced by polio spends most of his days alone while mom is at work. The animals keep him company. He complains to them and pampers them. They give him something to do. Thus is why I bought my current dog, a black lab golden retriever mix. She was a bundle of energy and basically chewed up the entire back yard. And as much as dad complained, he loved having her.

I fell bad as I was not a kid anymore when I got her so I didn't play with her as much as I probabaly should have. Though she did sleep with me at first, until she liked the way my fingers tasted and then I promptly kicker her out. But she is loved none the less. For a lab mix she's really skinny. In fact boney. I didn't think this was a problem until today.

Lately she's been getting up seeming a little stiff. Her hind legs off center, but seems to bounce back after a few good stretches. But not today. Today dad calls me.

Dad: You better come look at your dog.

Me: Be there after work.

When I get there she's smiling her dog smile happy to see me. She's moving slow. Her back legs wobbly and out of place. I think she's got that hip problem most dogs of her kind get. I feel sorry for her as she's barely 6 years old. I try messaging her back muscles to see if it helps, but nothing. She's still getting about though.

I tell my dad I'll take her to the vet tomorrow.

Dad: If they have to do surgery, don't do it. Pills okay, but no surgery. If it comes to it put her down. She'll only suffer any other way.

My dad is never really one for sympathy. This is as sympathetic as he gets.

Me: We'll see.

I go ahead and give the dog a bath while I'm there. Dad playing with her as she tries to bite the water from the sprinkler. Our last dog died of cancer, but after all he was 16 years old and grew up with me and my brother, he had a good long life. This dog on the other hand as energetic as she is didn't have much in the way of kids to play with. She grew up with...well grown ups. To be fair she's the kind of dog that didn't want to learn and I didn't want to teach her. She know how to sit though, that's about it. Not to say some friends of the family don't come over often and the kids always play with her. But it's not the same.

I didn't cry when our old dog died. Why I dunno. I think I was more happy that he did since he looked miserable for the last year or so. But as I dried this dog off with a towel, she looks into my eyes. She looks happy but confused as to what's going on. She's far too young to be having the pains and problems of an old dog. I start to cry and she licks me. I brush her off and help her inside where she spends the nights in the garage. Her routine is down. Straight through the house to the garage, unless there's cat food out. Then its eat it before getting yelled at then to the garage. But today I carry her and place her on her bed. She doesn't move but has her head raise and tail wagging furiously. I stracth her nose and ask her to just wait till tomorrow and hope for the best. My idignant cat watching from a perch above the cabinets in the gargage.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unlimited Power

It's 7 am, and the light peaks through the blinds in the bedroom. I barely open my eyes and watch as the light slowly rises through the window and finally a spot lands right on my face. I groan and pull the comforter up to hide myself from the day.

AD's already up and taking a shower. I smell the fresh scent of his lime soap and see steam from the shower. I wiggle my legs and feel the ache from dancing nearly non-stop the night before. We attended a wedding of a friend of ours. It was great, and small just like ours. In fact we helped set it up even in the same place. But everything aside we just got to be guest this time and not worry about anything. It was splendid. As soon as the music came on AD took me to the dance floor. And we danced and danced. Waltz's, two steps, cumbia, bachata, salsa, merengue, fox trot, swing, lets we forget disco and just freestyle to some 80's tunes.

But I will say that my favorite part was just slow dancing while being held close by AD. In fact when the DJ didn't have a song he requested, he went out to the record store down the street and bought it and brought it back. It was the perfect song for all the couples.

But that was yesterday. Today I'm feeling it. I'm really sore. My calves and hips, heck everything waist down is achy. Definitely need to work on the whole endurance work outs at the gym. AD finishes his shower and changes, and kisses me good morning. It's not even 8 am yet. He's a bundle of energy ready for the day. Me, I'm not moving just yet.

AD: I'll make some quick breakie and then put the brakes on your tires and then finish those cabinets for your books.

Me: (with my eyes barely opened and more groaning then speaking) ok

And off he goes. I smell the eggs, bacon and pancakes cooking, while I lay in bed. Albeit AD absolutely hates eggs, he knows how to cook them just the way I like them. I finally rouse myself up and shower and change. I'm in slow mo today. Unlike us, our friend had no booze at her wedding so I went to bed already feeling a bit tired. Oh well.

I head downstairs and find the breakfast AD made. He's already outside in the garage, I hear the clank of tools on the ground. As I peak out the screen door he's already got both back tires off and is already dismantling the brakes. I'm taking my first sip of coffee. I finish eating and thumb through the paper. I clean the kitchen and decide to clean the rest of the house. It takes me forever to vacuum and mop and sweep. By the time I finish sweeping the downstairs, AD is already done with the brakes and is proceeding to wash my car by hand.

I barely start mopping when AD comes in for some water. I yell out to wait outside the door as the floor is wet and I'll bring it to him. He waits patiently and I bring him both water and limeade in a couple of huge mugs. He heads back to the garage. And informs me he'll be right back as he needs to drive my car around and test the brakes. He leaves and I finish mopping. I feel like I'm dancing again swaying back and forth with the mop. This actually helps a little as it loosens up my legs. I bow to the mop in gratitude when I'm finished. This dancing partner doesn't talk back though.

I start dusting by the time AD comes back. The next thing I know I'm hearing the table saw going. He's starting on some cabinets he's going to make for my books and nic-nacs. I told him just to by some shelves but he was insistent on making them himself. I head outside for a bit to check on him. Already nailing the sides together as I approach, he asks what color I want the cabinets painted. I tell him black as it will fit in with the mondern look of the upstairs study.

I then notice a big gash on one of his hands.

Me: What happened? Doesn't it hurt?

AD: Oh I cut my hand on one of the old brake rotors when I took it off your car. It's fine.

Me: Let me bandage that at least.

AD: Well...can you wait till I'm done?

Me: Alright, if it's not hurting you.

I return inside and finish cleaning and doing laundry, washing his laundry still seems foreign to me. I manage to gather enough strength to change the bedding and even wash the used linens. Before I know it AD's bringing the cabinets painted in all to hang. They go up in no time. He gets ready to go grab the boxes of my books and things to put up. I have to stop him.

Me: Wait!

AD: What's the matter?

Me: Just stop for a minute and take a break. I can't believe your not tired.

AD: Oh trust me, my legs feel like jelly.

Me: We can put that stuff up later. Just take it easy okay. What do you want for dinner? As in I'm going to go buy dinner cause I'm not cooking.

After the whole, "I dunno what do you want" with the answer "whatever you want", dilema for about 15 minutes I finally decide we're doing fajitas tonight and head out to get some. BTW the brakes work wonderfully. I actually like the way they feel now then before. By the time I get back AD had already reshowered and changed. We eat and sit on the sofa afterwards.

AD: My legs their killing me.

Me: Hello, mine too.

AD: You didn't get any blisters or nothing did you?

Me: Nah. You?

AD: No.

Before he can say anything else or protest I run and grab some stuff to bandage his hand. I fix it up relatively quickly with little fuss from him. Asides from when I accidently poked it too hard with a Q-tip when cleaning out the cut. Again sorry about that sweetie.

After that we sat on the couch for a while with nothing on. Finally AD got up and turned on the stereo and put on the song he requested last night. And we danced one more time before bed.

Here it is.

Say - John Mayer

Thursday, June 19, 2008

That looks good.....hey!!??

I stopped by the bakery today on the way home to pick up a few things. Whilst there I picked up a few sweets too. Small things but got me a nice Pan de Huevo (you might no them as Conchas), all cocoy and everything.

I get home put the bag down change and come back down stairs. I pour me some punch, (can't do milk), and get a plate and take out my Pan de Huevo. looks good all flaky and coco on it. Then it happens, I turn it around and....BAM!!!

Me: What the? There's a bite taken out of this!!

MTG: I just wanted a taste.

Me: Ah man.

I rifle through the bag and see some of the cookies have nibbles too.

Me: Why didn't you just eat these?

MTG: Like I said, I just wanted a taste.

Me: (sigh)

MTG: It was delicious. Thanks sweety.

Me: Your welcome.

MTG comes over and gives me a kiss, cocoy breath and all. My Pan de Huevo had been corrupted. Corrupted I tells you!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I admit, it was me

Alright MTG here's your answers

Were you named after anyone?

Not like a particular person. It's from the Bible or a Herman Mellville novel. Which many moons ago I when I used to work in customer service, you'd have no idea how many people would quote from either book to see if I knew where my name came from. Yes I know okay. I don't know how many times I had to say, no I'm not muslim, and I'm only Irish on St. Pattys Day.

When was the last time you cried?
When I broke my toe a few months back.

Do you like your handwriting?
Oh god no. Did you see my hand written note post a while back? Even I couldn't really read it.

What’s your favorite lunch meat?
Turkey Pastrami.

Do you have kids?
No. And none for now thank you. This is mutually agreed on. (Yes that is MTG)

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Probably not. Honestly I don't get along with people who are just like me. It's like a magnet, opposites attract (nod to Paula) and like polarity doesn't. Besides if there were two of me I'd have to off the other, I don't like competition.

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Who me? As if.

Do you still have your tonsils?
Yep, big thingies in my mouth right. (Wait that doesn't sound right)

Would you bungee jump?
I'm a land animal, my butt stays on the ground at all costs.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
It depends, but rarely do I untie them. My everyday shoes, no, my dress shoes, very much so. I even have the shoe trees for my dress shoes.

Do you think you’re strong?
I suppose. I can bench press MTG for about 5 reps. Though she is a tiny skinny thing.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?
Their smile, it draws me to them like a moth.

Red or pink?

What’s your least favorite thing about your body?
My monkey paw. My hands do not straighten. It doesn't hurt or anything but it looks odd when you notice. I tell people its from my cage fighter training and I'm working on my cauliflower ears.

Who do you miss the most?
I don't know if this is good or bad but no one really. Though I do feel sad when away from MTG. (That'll earn me points right?)

What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
Uhm, typing in bed, not wearing either, or much of anything else.

How about your shirt?
See above

What’s the last thing you ate?
Steak and shrimp. The bosses paid a surprise visit and took us out to dinner. Although this should make me happy, I'm actually quite pissed at some ideas their kicking around. Like taking us from offices to a gigantic room and making it into a cube farm. If this really happens I'm so gone. Needless to say I paid for my own drinks tonight as the allotted 2 maximum wasn't going to do.

What are you listening to right now?
Yelle "A Cause Des Garcons"

Who’s the last person you spoke to on the phone?

If you were a crayon, which color would you be?

What’s your favorite smell?
Lately some Bath & Body works lotion MTG uses, think its cherry blossom or something. Drives me nuts. Grrrrooowwwllll!!

What’s your favorite sport to watch?
Honestly I don't watch sports, really. I know I should turn in my man card, but sports never interested me. I do say however that I get excited with World Cup and Le Tour de France. Why I like those two sports, I have no idea.

What color is your hair?
It looks Brown, but on closer inspection its red with brown, blonde, and black. Like a calico cat or something. What can I say us gyspies have a diverse background.

What color are your eyes?

Do you wear contacts?
Nope, just spectacles. I'm still debating about Lasik.

Favorite food?
Steamed rice and sauteed beef tips with brown gravy. MTG/Beth Thai? Bleech!!

What’s your favorite cereal?
Cinnamon Life

What’s your favorite ice cream?
Superman, which is pretty much extinct in this world. If anyone knows where you can get some let me know.

Favorite dessert?
Cheesecake!!!!!!!!! Om nom nom!!

Scary movies or happy endings?
I'm not picky, either will do.

What’s the last movie you watched?
Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School. MTG had me watch this a little while ago. And truth be told I loved it. So not what I was expecting. Not a girlie movie in the least. And it has that delightful John Goodman. Though it may take a few viewings to put together the bouncing plot.

What book are you reading now?
The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Summer or winter?
Winter, dead of.

Hugs or kisses?
Yes please

What’s on your mouse pad?
It's a touch pad, so nothing.

What did you watch on TV last night?
Nothing, didn't watch any.

What’s your favorite sound?
The sound of silence on the weekend when no alarms go off telling me to get to work.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?
Damn, I can't decide that. That's like asking would you rather like water or air.

What’s the farthest you’ve been from home?

Do you have a special talent?
I can wiggle both my ears.

Where were you born?
On the wagon of a traveling show, my momma used to dance for the money they'd throw.

Who do you want to answer these questions?
Anyone, knock yourselves out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beth's meme by MTG

I'm taking up Beth on her meme request. Here you go. (MTG)

Were you named after anyone?

Nope. Just a common girlie name. But a cute one none the less.

When was the last time you cried?
This afternoon, dad was having a procedure done and I was so worried but couldn't get off of work to be with him.

Do you like your handwriting?
I love it. I'm skilled in calligraphy. I'm often asked to write invitations and such for friends. I love writing in different styles.

What’s your favorite lunch meat?
Hmmm...Mickleberry ham.

Do you have kids?
No. And none for now thank you. This is mutually agreed on.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
I'd have to warm up to me first. I've been told I kind of give a cold shoulder if you don't really know me. But I'd eventually be my friend. But I'm working on not seeming so serious.

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Every day.

Do you still have your tonsils?
I do

Would you bungee jump?
Not so much, no.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Yes I do. But seeing as I'm always in high heels it's not really too big of a problem.

Do you think you’re strong?
I do. I don't let myself get pushed around by anybody. I'm a take charge kinda gal.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?
the hair. I don't know why but I always remember the hair.

Red or pink?

What’s your least favorite thing about your body?
My obliques. But I'm taking classes to work on them.

Who do you miss the most?
My family, not that I don't see them, but I'm getting used to not seeing them everyday like I did before getting married. Though we do talk everyday.

What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
Just some denim cut-offs.

How about your shirt?
White tank top

What’s the last thing you ate?

What are you listening to right now?
VHS or Beta, AD got me hooked

Who’s the last person you spoke to on the phone?

If you were a crayon, which color would you be?

What’s your favorite smell?
AD's Brooks Brothers cologne. Drive me wild. ;)

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

What color is your hair?

What color are your eyes?
Do you wear contacts?
Not since I had PRK done a few years back.

Favorite food?
Thai Thai Thai!! (Beth if/when we meet, we will go for Thai. AD hates it but still goes with me.)

What’s your favorite cereal?
Special K with Strawberries.

What’s your favorite ice cream?
Häagen-Dazs caramelized pear and toasted pecan

Favorite dessert?
Tres leches

Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy ending.

What’s the last movie you watched?
Made of Honor

What book are you reading now?
None, haven't had time lately.

Summer or winter?
Summer gal.

Hugs or kisses?
Yes please

What’s on your mouse pad?
Van Gogh

What did you watch on TV last night?

What’s your favorite sound?
A margarita being poured

Rolling Stones or Beatles?

What’s the farthest you’ve been from home?

Do you have a special talent?
I've many. But few will see or know of them.

Where were you born?
In Texas (sorry I'm still too scared to give full details of me)

Who do you want to answer these questions?
AD and anyone else who cares to do so.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vesti la giubba

I suppose everyone keeps something from their past. Some embarrassing pieces of history. Like most packrats I keep a lot of unnecessary junk. Upon organizing our record collection together Mix Tape Girl and I came across THE BOX.

I think just about every man has THE BOX. You know that special place where yo keep cherished memories and or porn. No my box doesn't contain porn, I proudly display that. Just kidding. No my box contains those embarrassing letters, notes, pictures, numbers, trinkets from past girlfriends. And MTG found it, awe crap!

MTG violently shaking THE BOX: "What's in here?"

Me starring like a deer caught in head lights: "Uh"

MTG opens THE BOX and looks at me with a huge grin. Taking the box to the bed she spills the contents out. I sit opposite from her and start looking at all the junk I've accumulated.

MTG: So when did this start?

Me: Years ago, hence the box being an old British Knights shoe box. I just kept trinkets from girls from my past.

MTG: Everyone?

Me: I think so. Even the ones I really didn't like.

MTG: There's so much stuff here. Can you name all of them?

Me: I usually don't kiss and tell but I've nothing to hide so here it goes.

Kathy, Michelle, Beverly, Jessica, Beverly again (yes the same one), Florence, Maria, (picking up Flo's and Maria's pics and pointing out, same year same time, but not really what it sounds like), Laura, Lilliana, Mary, I think I have missed a few.

MTG giggles uncontrollably: What you had one every year?

Me: In school, pretty much yeah.

MTG: No way, I would have never had you pegged for that.

Me: Tiss true. To be honest most of these girls I never really went after, they came to me for whatever reason. Go fig. (It should be noted that as macho as this sounds, it's true. I never went after these girls, the exceptions being Beverly and Michelle. They stalked me, and I have no idea why to this day.)

MTG: What do you mean they stalked you.

Me: Okay take Kathy for instance. I actually didn't really like her. I just gave in.

MTG: How so?

Me: She used to corner me everyday and kiss me and drag me by the arm everywhere with her. Hence when you see her pic (holding up pic) you'll notice the scratched out eyes, the blackend teeth from my pen, and the devil horns. And she told everyone I was her BF and she was going to marry me when we grew up. I should note this is in grade school, I still hate her.

MTG: You so nuts. You're keeping a grudge from grade school?

Me: Yes of course!!

MTG: Okay, Florence next. (Holding up the pic)

Me: Florence was more of a really good friend than a GF for most of the time. Again I never went after her. I just remember the first time she sat in front of me on a bus in school (9th grade) during a field trip and starred at me the whole time. Literally starring at me. I thought she was weird or at least possessed. And then she stalked me during lunch at school, until finally she came and talked to me.

MTG: What?

Me: Yes, she would wait after my last class before lunch and then follow behind me. Like 4 yards back. I caught on and messed with her and made sudden twists and turns and literally ran down the stairs at school to get away at first. Then she finally came up and told me "Are you trying to avoid me?" I dunno how but we became instant best friends after that.

MTG laughing uncontrollably: Are you nuts? You hooked up with this girl who was obviously stalking you?

Me: Well..when you put it that way. Yeah. But she really was nice, and my only ever asian girlfriend.

MTG crying as she's laughing so much. Sorting through the pictures and picks one up: This one.

I grab the picture and look at it. It's Laura, I look at our picture hugging each other. Oh man.

Me: This is Laura. I will honestly say asides from you, this is my only other serious relationship.

MTG gets quiet.

Me: This is when my gypsy family moved out to the middle of nowhere USA (Think rural like Napoleon Dynamite), where the only school activities were the FFA or nothing. I was actually in the in crowd when I moved there. I suppose because I came from the big city. Lets just say Laura taught me a lot about growing up. "Vesti la giubba".

MTG: Put on the costume?

Me: It's a thing I will alway remember. I would say that if by some odd chance we would have stayed there things would have gotten really serious between us.

MTG: Like married?

Me: Maybe. I dunno. But as always my crazy gypsy family decided to move again just as I was getting comfortable. Pulling me out of school without warning and taking off.

MTG: Did you get to say goodbye at least?

Me: Briefly. I think she thought I was playing. Never saw her again. I spent the following year being anti-social and wearing a hoodie and black jeans everyday in protest for moving so much. That's when Lilliana stepped in. (I hold up Lilly's pic)

MTG takes Laura's pic and the others and the trinkets, boondoggle key chains, slap bracelets, notes and puts them back in the box. The box is pretty much falling apart.

MTG: I'll put this back where I found it.

Me: No you can toss it. I don't need it anymore.

MTG: But it has stuff from your past.

Me: I don't need stuff from girls from my past. I have a future with you, so what's the point. I'll always have my memories. Unless I get Alzheimer's.

MTG: Are you sure? I don't care if you keep it. It doesn't bother me.

Me: I'm sure. (I say while sorting through more of our CD's we're combining) You know between us we have like 4 albums of "Fleetwood Mac". Do you want to take a couple to trade at CD Exchange?

MTG: Yes, put it in the exchange pile on the table.

Me: BTW do you have a BOX?

MTG: I have no such thing. My trinkets are out in the open.

Me: Huh?

MTG: You see those ceramic gnomes? Let me tell you about them.

Me: Oh dear....

On another note, shout out to Coaster Punchman for the shout out on his blog. Like I say I felt like I won an Oscar when he mentioned me. I don't mind being stalked by other awesomely awesome bloggers. Go have a look over at his blog when you have a chance. Can't go wrong there. Oh and on a side side note, CP is the only person to ever have talked to Mix Tape Girl, via the Mary Tyler Moore Service. Which she loved by the way. Though CP you might not have know you talked to MTG at the time. Just thought you might like to know.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

So what are you waiting for?

Yay, finally back home. I'd bore you with all the wedding details but that's not me. MTG can handle that if she so desires. Very jet-lagged and really p.o'ed at my stupid laptop. Vista sucks, it's turning my word docs into unreadable formats,and it seemed to have erased or changed the format and saved the wedding/vacation/honeymoon pics in some unfindable place. Vista I hate you. Fortunately MTG has a back up on her trusty XP. Damn you Windows I will have revenge.

Anyways, today I got my first real feel for what this marriage business is all about. Things have been rosey but now I understand what dad and grandpa and every other male relative and married friend meant by being patient and understanding.

After coming home and finding rotting fruit, expired milk, moldy bread, and a slew of other perishables, that had perished, we went to the grocery store. Not that we've never gone together before but this time I learned something, I mean really learned something.

We had our list and were going down the isles. Me pushing the cart and MTG grabbing this and that. Asking me which do I prefer. Which I find funny as when I used to go with my mum as a kid, it was never, "Which do you prefer?" No, no, it was. "Grab the generic brand!" (Back then generic was this white plain package with no pictures or colour, just like "POTATO CHIPS" in black bold letters.) And my complaining, "Why can't we get real chips?" solicited the response, "You'll get what I feed you." Thusly I feel spoiled when MTG asks me which brand of a certain item I prefer. To be honest I'm used to generic, but I'm easy that way.

So anyways we get most our items and head to the register. We pass the pharmacy and on the way and MTG stops. "I forgot to get shampoo. Wait for me here." No problem, the shampoo and soaps are just a few isles over. I see MTG take off in that direction.

About 15 minutes pass and I'm standing by the pharmacy still. I try to act cool, but its hard as I'm left standing by the condoms, adult lube, and deodorant. I'd reach over to act like I'm reading the ingredients of some vitamins but they are no where near by, so I'm left staring at the brightly coloured condom boxes marked, ribbed, small, medium, large, and oddly enough this store carries flavoured condoms too. So I stand there feeling like a perv. About 5 minutes later I'm joined by and elderly gentleman and a middle aged man. Apparently this is a popular spot to leave your spouse, whilst a wife goes and get things she 'forgot'.

The two other gentlemen sit down opposite the isle on the pharmacy waiting seats. I start getting annoyed. I take out my mobile and call MTG. Her mobile rings in her purse which is still in the basket that I'm watching. 'Damn it" I mutter to myself. The two men chuckle. I think about going and trying to find her but then think that if I leave the spot she told me then she'd go looking for me and we'd be staying even longer. I think it best to keep staring at the condoms. I can't help to think that it was my older brother who taught me about condoms and not my dad. And how his advice to me was, "Don't get XL. Medium or Large will do. XL are for porn stars with horse dicks." This information was much more poignant than my dad's talk about sex which went like, "You know about sex right?" I respond, "Yes, don't right now." To which dad replied, "Glad we had this talk."

The older gentleman finally tells me, "You might as well sit down, she'll be a while longer." I smile and take his advice. My legs are getting sore from standing in the same spot for nearly 40 minutes. My hands have the store logo imprinted on them from leaning on the basket.

The middle-aged gentleman asked, "Just married?" "Yes," I reply softly, "Barely a month." "This'll happen all the time," the older man says. "You mean, just leaving me here while she goes and gets something?" I reply. They both answer together, "Yup."

The older gentleman, gets up and fishes a bag of cookies from his basket. He sits back down and opens them up, taking one out and offering the other gentleman and I some. I accept, quickly munching down the Mother's Frosted Animal Shortbread cookies. I remind myself to pick some up before we leave...when we leave.

"60" years says the older gentleman. "34" says the other. "3 weeks," I mutter. They both laugh. "You'll figure it out" the middle-aged man says, the older nodding his head in agreement. I'm told about their wives and kids while we wait, being given pearls of wisdom. Before long the middle-aged gentleman's wife comes to collect him. MTG and the older gentleman's wife happen to come back at the same time. "Just remember to get something to snack on while you wait", the older gentleman tells me while we part. "I will" I reply.

MTG: "Who's that?"

Me: "Just a nice man I met while waiting for you."

"Oh. Sorry I took so long. I found some nice pants for your nephew while on my way to the shampoo. And then this was on sale.....blah, blah,blah" I nod my head while she talks not really taking it in.

Me: "Can we get some animal cookies before we go?

MTG:"Yeah okay."

Monday, May 12, 2008


Just a quick update. Everything went splendidly, and all is well. I even got to break dance to "Da Funk" too. Oh yeah!! But I'll tell that part later. Thanks for all the kind comments. You all rock!

AD & Mrs. AD

Friday, May 09, 2008

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.....

I pull into my drive way. The garage opens and I pull in, there's boxes of party stuff all over the place. I try my best to avoid smashing anything.

As I walk into the courtyard I can see all the wedding supplies and table sets all over the living room. I open the door and some of the specialty napkins for the tables scatter about off the sofa. A bunch of my family wanted to throw a bachelors party, but I wasn't up for it. Not to say that they aren't currently having one without me. The last thing I feel like doing is getting drunk tonight.

The house was filled with relatives all week, but everyone left today to stay with other relatives so MTG and myself have our home to ourselves. Though tonight MTG is staying at her parents house one final time.

I remembered to pick up my tux from the cleaners as MTG was reminding me to do all day. I feel itchy because I had a hair cut too and haven't had a chance to bathe. All I could think of is everything that we did today. I place the folder with the new marriage license on the counter. I put my keys on it so that I won't forget to take it tomorrow afternoon. Note to self take this document or else the J.P. won't be happy.

I finally shower and change. Fortunately they let us into the venue we rented for tomorrow, today so we can set most everything up. But I still have to get up early and do more things. All the tables are set up, chairs, most of the arrangements, flower thingies.

I head down stairs and force myself to eat something. I'm too nervous to eat, but I know if I don't I won't feel well in a while. I heat me up a few left overs and pour me an extra large Jack and Coke.

I'm thinking about earlier when MTG was starting to go banana's. I had to pull her aside and tell her to calm down, cause when she's getting nervous she was making me nervous and everyone else nervous and we weren't getting anywhere. We got through it. I think we drove around the city about 15 times today. I had to fill up my car twice.

I pop in Lost in Translation for no reason other than I love Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. It's only dialogue and I'm basically ignoring it anyways. I find myself wrapping more eating utensils as I sit and watch the movie, taking care to make the bows around the napkins just like MTG's mom showed me to do. I also find that I'm quickly running out of Jack and Coke and go pour me some more.

I come across some table decorations that I have no idea how they work. I decide it best not to mess with them and have my mom or MTG's mom tell me how to set them up tomorrow. The Jack finally kicks in and I start to feel a little relaxed, not much but anything helps. I can't help but think of all the family and friends who were kinda upset that we didn't register anywhere. I told them what for, we didn't need anything.

I giggle as I think about the baker who is doing our cake and how he looks exactly like the Swedish Chef. How MTG and I had to hold back from laughing the whole time we went to check on the cake today. Fortunately he can bake and only looks like the Swedish Chef. I get a call from my uncle about the briskets he's cooking overnight for tomorrow. Asking me about certain sides to prepare. We figure it out pretty quick. My dad and my uncles will be up all night cooking. But they insist on doing it, and I don't protest.

My best friend who is the DJ for our wedding calls me with any last minute changes to the set playlist, and what kind of stuff to play when we let him decide. I make one request for later on in the night. I ask for Daft Punk's "Da Funk", because I have to break dance one more time.

I finish what I'm doing down stairs and wash the dishes. I feel odd because I have no music on and the movie is the only noise I can hear. I turn off the movie and head upstairs. Taking the tux from it's suit bag and arranging the shirt and bow tie and shoes and everything just so for tomorrow.

I notice all of MTG's things are basically here now. My one closet to her three. When we moved it all in earlier this week she joked that she was marrying me for the closet space. I knew about her shoes but didn't think she could fill one closet full of them. I turn on the stereo but turn it off. I can't find anything that I can play that doesn't make me antsy or nervous.

I lay down on my bed alone, one last time. It seems odd but I gotten used to MTG being here. I decide to try sleeping in the middle like I used to but somehow end up on the side of the bed I've seemed to have unconsciously chosen. I'm tired but I can't sleep. I toss and turn and see the clock. It's barely after 10 pm. I hear nothing from the speakers,which is odd because there is always music. I notice the lights from my cell phone, the cable box the TV standby, the stereo, and various electronics. They light the room eerie greens, blues and reds. I decided that's what's keeping me awake and get up and either unplug or cover the lights up so I can't see them. It doesn't help. I lie awake staring at the ceiling fan make shadows out of the dim light from the window. I can't sleep.

After a few minutes my mobile beeps to tell me a text has been received. It's MTG. "Can't sleep. Hope you're okay. I love you. See you tomorrow morning." I close the phone without responding. A few seconds later it beeps again. MTG is reminding me of more things we have to get done early tomorrow. I simply reply with an "K luv u 2". I set my alarm for 5:15 am, which should give me time to do some things before life gets officially turbo.

I can't stand the silence and put the stereo to random. I giggle to myself and tap my toes as Bananarama plays first. I lay in silence and think of nothing as Jeff Buckley strums on his guitar. And I find myself slowly falling asleep as Frank Sinatra sings to the girl he loves.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Let the craziness begin

Me: Dammit they put cheese on my burger. I specifically asked for no cheese.

MTG: Just scrap it off.

Me: I am. (fussing while getting cheese on my fingers)

MTG: Hmmm...I'm marrying the only man in the world that thinks cheese on a burger is unholy.

Me: It is, nasty stuff.

MTG: But you eat it on other things. What's the difference?

Me: It's just nasty. Ick!! Don't be knockin' my preferences. I don't tell you you're weird cause you put ketchup on your eggs.

MTG rolls her eyes and finishes eating her left overs from last night.

Me: I can't believe you took those left overs.

MTG: There's plenty of food here.

Me: You crazy. That piece of chicken is barely bigger than a chicken nugget, and what, I count literally 6 sauteed spinach leaves. I can eat that with one bite. All of it.

MTG: Tais-toi!

Me: Want a bite of my tasty burger. Yum, yum.

MTG: Okay fine.

MTG takes a tiny nibble.

Me: That's it?

MTG: Look buster. If I even gain one pound before Saturday, I'll kill you. (She says while pinching my neck.)

Me: Challenge accepted. Muahahahahahahahaha!!! (evil laugh)

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Me: What are you doing here?

MTG: I took off early today. I thought it would be nice to go to lunch together.

Me: Oh yeah sure. Let me just finish sending out this e-mail.

MTG: Did you know a car flipped in the parking lot right outside the building?

Me: No way!!

I run to the window and look at the wreck, my face pressed against the glass like a kid. The the other ladies in the office are looking out too.

Me: Awesome!

The other ladies show more concern. What can I say I work in an office full of grandmas. And I kid not when I say the median age is 58.

Me: They must have taken the turn too soon into the drive way and hit the elevated part and flipped over.

MTG: Probably on their cell phone and missed the turn. Uhmmm...lunch?

Me: Oh yeah, hang on.

I finish my e-mail and we take off. We take off and head the opposite direction to avoid the traffic and emergency vehicles in the parking lot.

MTG drives and really doesn't say anything, which seemed really odd. I try to imagine what's going on in my head.

We pull up to a cafe that's near by my work and go in. We find a booth and I slide in to one side and as normal expect MTG to slide in on the other side. Instead she slides in right besides me.

Before I can ask her what's up, the waitress comes for our drink order. We both know what we want already and order our drinks and lunch at the same time.

MTG looks tired. I'm not sure what to say so I simply ask her, "What's wrong?"

MTG: Nothing, really.

Me: Are you sure?

MTG: Yes, I just...I just wanted to see you that's all.

Me: Aww..too sweet.

MTG: I just had a hard time sleeping last night and weird dreams and...I guess I just wanted to see you.

Me: I think you're just stressing out.

MTG: I am. Just got the jitters that's all. Don't worry I'm not running.

Me: Well I'd be lying if I didn't say I got the jitters too.

MTG giggle and leans over and kisses my cheek, leaving lipstick lips on me. I reciprocate. (no lipstick though)

MTG: I got the dress.

Me: Which one?

MTG: Pic # 3

Me: Nice. You looked amazing in that one when you tried it on.

MTG: Thanks.

Our lunch comes and we talk more. MTG finally relaxes and I get her to laugh enough to have Diet Coke come from her nose.

MTG: I hate it when you make me laugh when I'm drinking. This always happens.

Me: It's a talent.

MTG: (running her finger over the rim of her glass) You know it's been almost 10 years since we meet each other.

Me: Can you believe it?

MTG: Doesn't seem like that long.

Me: If memory serves me right, it's you that really started talking to me.

MTG: Really?

Me: Yeah when we first worked together, I mean you trained me and stuff and then moved depts, then I didn't see you for a while. Then out of the blue you sent me a message saying, "Can you make me laugh?"

MTG: And you did.

Me: And I did.

MTG: And you have been since.

Me: Try to anyways.

I'm not sure what else to do so I hold MTG's hand in mine. She squeezes it hard and puts her head on my shoulder.

MTG: Do you remember when you first asked me out?

Me: Yeah, you shot me down.

MTG: Well, I said I can't. Not at the time.

Me: I still took it as a no.

MTG: I really meant yes, but I was too afraid to say so.

Me: That information could have been most useful back then.

MTG: I'm sorry.

Me: It's okay, things worked out even better.

MTG: They did.

We finish our lunch and MTG drives me back to work. I go back to my office and the grandma's are going over me.

Pterodactyl Lady: Look! Look! He's got lipstick all over.

Me: Not all over.

Lady that drinks and eats most unhuman: Ahhhhh...what were you up to during lunch?

Me: Oh you know lunch and making out.

OHHHHHHHHH!!! They all say in unison. I can't help but blush. But I didn't rub the lipstick off. That's just for me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much to do...can I wear jeans?

Artful's the lucky one. He's already got an awesome tux to wear. And I must say the Fred Astaire tux on him makes me melt. Me, no, no I must scourer the earth for a dress. I thought I knew what I wanted, but then I changed my mind. Most important is the comfort. I mean I have to dance the night away with Artful. Thusly I changed my mind on the dress I was thinking of. That and it was the dress mom wanted me to get, can you say, "I like your sleeves."

Thusly after dragging Artful all over creation all weekend and pretty much everyday after work, I've narrowed it down to three. Here's the options:

Leaning very very heavily towards the second pic, but really loving the third pic. Fortunately all three are available. Yay!! Poor Artful, I think I taught him everything to know about A-lines, Empire Lines, lace etc. And no I wouldn't be ghetto and wear jeans. Crap, now I have to start thinking accessories.