Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much to do...can I wear jeans?

Artful's the lucky one. He's already got an awesome tux to wear. And I must say the Fred Astaire tux on him makes me melt. Me, no, no I must scourer the earth for a dress. I thought I knew what I wanted, but then I changed my mind. Most important is the comfort. I mean I have to dance the night away with Artful. Thusly I changed my mind on the dress I was thinking of. That and it was the dress mom wanted me to get, can you say, "I like your sleeves."

Thusly after dragging Artful all over creation all weekend and pretty much everyday after work, I've narrowed it down to three. Here's the options:

Leaning very very heavily towards the second pic, but really loving the third pic. Fortunately all three are available. Yay!! Poor Artful, I think I taught him everything to know about A-lines, Empire Lines, lace etc. And no I wouldn't be ghetto and wear jeans. Crap, now I have to start thinking accessories.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up!!!

To the woman in the office with the horrible taste in music learn to eat and drink like a human being.  Honestly it sounds like a camel drinking water. 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time to update

Sorry for the lack of posts, been a bit busy lately. I got my car back, Yay!!! Though it's not starting properly. Booo!!! My car has a new engine etc, from the one the dealer blew up. It runs great, but thus far I've been having a problem with it not wanting to turn on. I turn the key and nothing happens. It's done it a few times, fortunately when I'm at home and not out. I know its not the battery as I just changed it earlier this year. So I have to drop it off again tomorrow to get them to fix it right. I hope they don't finish destroying my car.

In other news, here is an excerpt from last weekend.

MTG sitting on the couch, flipping through a bridal magazine.....

MTG: There's so much to choose and do for weddings.

Me: You know we don't have to have something extravagant. Maybe something simple. Just a small place with our super close friends and family.

MTG: I'm leaning in that direction too. I really don't want a lot of people there.

Me: We still haven't made a date.

MTG: Yeah I know. Mom and Dad are getting anxious. Yours are too.

Me: I know.

I continued to do the dishes while MTG checked her e-mails.

MTG: When were you planning on doing your LASIK procedure?

Me: I haven't set a date yet. But I'm thinking June. I have my appointment Tuesday to see if my eyes qualify for it.

MTG: Hmmmm.....

Me: What?

MTG: No, I'm looking at some travel e-mails my friend sent me.

Me: Which one?

MTG: S, she's a travel agent.

Me: Anything good?

MTG: Well.....

Me: What?

MTG: Amalfi Coast...Positano.

Me: (Dropping dishes in water and running over to see e-mail.) Lemme see

MTG: See

Me: What, is that for two people or just one?

MTG: (Checking rest of e-mail) For two people.

Me: I have time off. You?

MTG: Yup

Me: Find out more info.

The next day.

MTG: S called. She said she could book us round trip and everything for $XXXX.XX (uber cheap)

Me: Really?

MTG: Yep. Her boss will give us a big discount for one catch.

Me: What's that?

MTG: It would have to be a honey-moon special.

Me: Oh...when would it have to be by?

MTG: Third week in May.

Me: Hmmm....well.

MTG: What do you think about doing a wedding in two weeks?

Me: Sure, why not.

MTG: Something really small. I don't want to get all big. I know a few relatives that would get mad but I just want something small we'll remember.

Me: That sounds fine to me. I already have a tux so I'm set there.

MTG: I know the dress I want already.

Me: Sooo......

MTG: In 2 weeks from next weekend?

Me: 2 Saturdays from now.

MTG: If that sounds okay. Or later then just immediately leave on the trip.

Me: I think the earlier date is better.

MTG: Moi aussi. We'll start a list of invites tomorrow and hopefully have it done by this Tuesday and ready to mail out.

Me: Okay. We can just get some fancy paper and do the invites on the laser printer.

MTG: Sounds good. How's 100 - 120 people sound.

Me: Is that considered small?

MTG: In my family, yes.

Me: Right then.

Thusly within the last week we've found a place to rent for the reception, etc, etc. And I got one of my friends to DJ. Uncles who wouldn't take no for an answer when asking how much to have them cater the wedding. So that's free and taken care of.

Ah and even before I thought of it, MTG already has the song she planning for us to dance to. But per her request she wants to know what you think so here it is. It's a remake of the Bee Gee's "How Deep Is Your Love" only by "The Bird and The Bee". So your input is much appreciated. I like it.

Oh and one more thing to get your opinion on. Has any of you ever had LASIK done? I'm seriously considering it but I wanted to get input from other people first who've had it. MTG had it done but she's the only one I know who's had it. So any input there is appreciated too.

Going to sleep now. Too much to do tomorrow. Will try to update more soon.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Furry Happy Monsters

Muppets and REM. Yay!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If tomorrow never comes

I'm jittery. Really for no good reason. Well..I should find out what the total cost of damage is to my car tomorrow. Although it is under warranty, but still I have to pay for small stuff I'm sure. I've been doing research since I've gotten home. It appears the Catalytic Converter/Engine problem is a huge issue with Nissan cars that Nissan refuses to acknowledge. But really it's not the car itself that has me worried and on edge.

No, no. It's much more serious. To me anyways. For just about an entire week now I have gone without a whole slew of my Mix Tapes (CD's). They're sitting in my car. Yes I have satellite radio, and even the rental they gave me has satellite. But my mixes, oh my wonderful mixes. I haven't had a chance to hear them on the way home from work. And making news ones is not the same. I want my mixes. Grrrrrr!!! Yes I know I'm a total dork for being on edge over my mixes. But that's me.

MTG thinks I'm nuts. She made me a rental car mix, just for kicks. Some how she managed to get me to help her move furniture to her office today. They bought some new desks for her employees, and some file cabinets. Long story short, me and her dad somehow ended up being the delivery guys. Me carrying furniture around with a busted toe and everything. Was not happy after moving the stuff. Or I should say my toe was not happy. Although she made up for it, by cornering me in the stair well for a quick make out. He he. Though to be honest I think she kept kissing me to keep me from complaining about my toe. Hey it worked, for a moment I completely forgot about it.

Now dammit, I want my mixes back!!! Not even the IPod can help. And after reading this over, this post makes no sense what so ever. I think I shall go to sleep now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When it rains it pours

Hello dearest bloggie people. Sorry for the lack of posts again. Life's gone turbo on this end here.

In the past week I've managed to..

A. Break one of my big toes.

B. Get sick..stupid allergies.

C. Have the service department of the car dealership destroy my car on accident.

So beginning with A. I woke up for work, took a shower etc, etc, etc. I was walking towards my dresser that's on my side of the bed. I did this in complete darkness as I didn't want to wake up MTG. I should have turned on a night light or something. I emerged from the bathroom after turning off the lights, and you know how when you turn off the light and step into complete darkness you can't see anything...yep it was like that. Being as I was all, "I remember the layout of the room like the back of my hand", I set out towards my dresser, blind as a bat. I should have at least snapped my fingers for some echo location. But no I was all Mr. Macho I don't need light. Needless to say I walked fast and totally ran into the bench/chest at the front of the bed. SNAP/CRUNCH!!! Me trying not to scream. I hobbled back to the bathroom, turned on the light and saw the damage. My big toe was facing in two different directions, with a giant gash in it squirting blood. SOB!!! It hurt like hell. Stupid as I was, instead of waking MTG up for help, I rolled up a towel, bit down on it grabbed my foot and toe and oh so painfully snapped it back into place. Then took a needle and thread and sewed up the gash and bandaged it up. Needless to say I am no doctor and this is turning out to be a bad idea. MTG woke up anyways from all the commotion of me in the bathroom and much to her protest I was all, "I'm fine" and went to work anyways. Needless to say it's not healing right and after much "I told you so," MTG has scheduled me a doctors appointment for Monday. D'oh!! I am not looking forward to it.

On to part B. This week, we had a storm front move in. Now if you've watched the news it would look like San Antonio was hammered by rain. We got NOTHING! What we got was all the dust and humidity, which kicked my allergies into high gear. Basically by Wednesday I had almost completely lost my voice. But being the odd freak of nature that I am when I get allergies or a cold, I don't get a runny nose. No, no, my sinuses stay blocked up in my head and I hear everything in echo mode. And now that I've partially got my voice back, I can't tell how loud I'm talking. So everyone is telling my that they can't hear me, since I'm trying not to yell. Or they're telling me I'm yelling. D'oh!!

On to part C. So last week I get this coupon from my car company telling me that they're doing free 100 point inspections. Huzzah!! Free!!! So I take it to the dealership, on this past Friday. (Yesterday) MTG drops me off at work which is down the street from the dealership. I figure, they do the quick inspection, do the oil change, and belts and stuff, no biggie, I'll probably have it back by lunch and can just have my friend from work drop me off. So they call me not long after the drop off, you need, yadda, yadda, yadda. I tell them okay fine do it. A few hours go by, and I get another call. The guy on the other end sounds scarred and hesitant. I finally ask him what's up. Long story short, while inspecting the car they managed to destroy the Catalytic Converter, which parts of it got sucked into the engine somehow. And what happens when chunks, of metal end up in your engine? It's not good. What happens when you turn the engine on when there are now chunks of metal in the engine. It basically blows up and catches on fire. Needless to say my jaw dropped at the news. Fortunately since it was their fault their basically giving me a new everything under the hood. And they damn well better. The worst thing is that I couldn't yell. I had no yelling voice yet. I was barley above a whisper. Double dammit!! I think the service guy thought I took the news well. I was needless to say pissed beyond belief. But they at least gave me a free rental. D'oh!!!

Needless to say I've been brooding over the past events. But it's good to vent sometimes. But there's always sunshine when it rains. I was stuck in traffic, today in highway construction, it was a gorgeous day so the windows where down. Out of no where the wind picks up and blows crap into the rental car. Ack!! Needless to say I quickly discarded it out the window. But one of the pieces of crap that blew in was a $50 bill. Hell yeah!!! And since it blew in on the highway, it's finders keepers. I must find a way to blow this money. Hmmm..the used record/CD store?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Observations - Picture time

On my way out the door to work this morning, I noticed this above the door way in the hall. It's a cat, I guess. There are a few other cat silhouettes that MTG bought and spray painted black that hang throughout the house. I just had no idea what this was supposed to be.

Me: Sweetie, what is that? It looks like a Koopa Troopa.

MTG: No, it's supposed to be a calico cat. Why?

Me: Oh. Seriously it looks like a Koopa.

MTG: So you don't like my artistic ability?

Me: Uh...it's nice

I just thought I'd share this with you too. This is what I do in the unused conference room white board at work. It's my own personal graffiti board. Or I just go and draw on it when I need to clear my head. Here's my current work in progress.

I shall have to post a completed pic of Megatron once I'm done. It should fill up the whole board.

And finally I just couldn't stop laughing my butt off when I was with a friend this weekend and we made a U turn in a church parking lot. The sign says it all. See if you make it out.

Figure it out?

Give up?

It says, "Pretend It's Easter, Come To Church!"

Collections getting low me thinks?