Wednesday, March 28, 2007

C1: Hey what happend to your arm? What's with the bandage?

C1 looking at giant bandage on friend's arm.

C1: No You Didn't??!!! Tiggers gone isn't he?!!

M: Yeah I had to take him off.

M got Tigger on a long ago all night bender from a trip we went on. M had too much to drink and was willing to do anything. Anything being a tatoo. I tried to talk him out of it at the time being somewhat sober, but M wouldn't have it.

(flashback a few years ago)

M: Don't tell me what to do. I can do whatever I want. Bring it on fool!!! (In drunken talk)

C1: No man don't do it. Come on, trust me,

M: Quiet menso. I want a ferocious animal on my arm. Like a dragon or a....(spaces out a few mintues)..or a uh.....leprechan. No no!! A tiger, with fangs and everything.

C1: Mire stupido, don't do it. You'll regret it.

M: Silenco cabron. Take me to the shop.

I reluctantly took M to the tatoo shop, knowing he'd do something dumb. He took forever trying to pick out a muy ferocious tiger, but didn't find any to his liking. Thinking that this would end it and we could go home, I was ready to go. I was wrong.

When he couldn't find what he wanted he drew it on a napkin. And of all things, he drew Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh. The tattoo guy stared at him trying not to laugh at his drunkeness. Even trying to talk him out of it. But to no avail. And thus Tigger was put on his right arm.

The next morning M woke up and to his surprise Tigger was there staring him in the face.

M: What happend? How'd I get this? (Said M extremely hung over)

C1: got drunk and wanted to get a tatoo of a ferocious animal. A tiger.

M: What the? You tricked me didn't you??!!

C1: Mire pinche cabron, I tried to talk you out of it.

M got very mad and demand we go back to the tatoo artist. He stormed in.

M: Hey, what's this!!!?? Who put Tigger on my arm??!!

The tattoo guy was still there.

Tattoo Guy: That's what you asked for!

M: No (bleeping) way!! Like hell I did. I would've wanted a real tiger or something.

Tattoo Guy took out the napkin drawing of Tigger he still had on his shelf from the night before and gave it to M, explaining he drew it and asked for it.

M got quiet and pulled his at down on his head almost covering his eyes, and walked out silently holding the napkin and staring at it.

Tattoo Guy and I laughed.

Since then Tigger was always a reminder of going too far. We talked fondly of Tigger, like he was an actual person. Fun times.


C1: Why'd you take it off man?

M: I got tired of looking at that stupid thing everyday. Reminding me of my one crazy night.

C1: It could have been worse. I said.

M: It's ok, I still have the napkin.

C1: At least that. Poor Tigger. R.I.P

C1: Actually I haven't seen Chicken Little yet. (really I haven't)

Mix Tape Girl (MTG): What?! You'll have to come see it.

MTG Sister: (nudges my side) In case you haven't figured out that's your official invite to our house.

I was at lunch with MTG and MTG Sis

Now MTG and I have been friends for years. But out of some paranoid family thing MTG never really invited me to her house. She has a crazy family, so she says. Except once but I couldn't go. Saturday was my first time ever. Not to say I have never met her family before. (First time I met her dad he gave me the iron claw on my shoulders..but that's another story for another time) So anyways plans were made. Me thinking we were just going to watch movies and hang out. Me was wrong.

I go over later that day. Her dad was there. MTG seemed really nervous but happy.

MTG Dad: Would you like a green beer?

C1: Yeah sure.

I figure he's offering me a brew I better take one.

What I didn't know was that her dad was cooking BBQ. MTG didn't tell me to bring anything so I felt kinda bad for just showing up empty handed. MTG didn't tell her dad I was coming either. We were both surprised.

I sat on the couch, and MTG sis gave me the remote to the TV, and said I could change it.

MTG Dad: Sorry they have it on some sappy womans movie (Lifetime Network) You can change it. (Walks into kitchen with MTG and MTG Sis)

I see them all there talking, MTG seems nervous but is busy making fresh chile. I decide that I should change the channel from some awful made for TV movie. I think what's good to put on. I find a western playing on TMC, it looks good, westerns with Robert Mitchum are always good. MTG Dad walks back into living room.

MTG Dad: (with plate in his hand) Hey Robert Mitchum! Thank God someone changed it from that woman's movie.

MTG Dad hands me the plate.

MTG Dad: Hey you like pickles? (and give me plate) If you don't like it just leave it there and I'll eat it. (He walks back to kitchen)

I look at the snack he gave me. Its a pickle COVERED, I MEAN COVERED in CRUSHED RED PEPPER!!! The ultra SPICY kind!!! Now unbeknownst to most people I hate chile. (Bad experience as a child, I swore never again.) I could see MTG Dad glancing at me from the kitchen every so often, while doing whatever he was doing. I put on my best poker face and think, "He's either testing me or trying to kill me." So be it. I quickly ate the pickle, chile and all. I wasn't going to give MTG Dad a reason to doubt me. I quickly drank my beer too washing out the heat.

MTG then walks over with a bowl of chips and salsa and puts it there for me and sits down with me.

MTG: You ok?

C1: Never better.

MTG Sis comes over and puts on chicken little. Well trys to, for some reason the DVD won't play. We end up seeing Elizabeth Town and Hitch. All the while MTG Dad comes in and out from the back yard cooking on the grill. A few friends of her family come over and MTG makes margaritas. Could've used more tequila though. I sit through questions and we eat BBQ. MTG smallest sis mistakes me for someone else and immeditalely jumps on me when MTG Mom and Sis # 2 get home. MTG and family freak out!

MTG: No!! That's not #$#%^&*!! And pulls MTG littlest sis off me.

C1: It's ok, she's just playing.

MTG Mom: I'm sorry.

FYI: MTG littlest sis has downs. But she's a really cute kid.

MTG Little sis starts hopping up and down in the living room and starts removing clothes.

MTG: No!!! We keep our clothes on. (Looks at me) I'm sorry.

C1: Don't worry about it. She's just a kid.

MTG and I finish watching Hitch while the others are busy about the house.

C1: You didn't tell me your where having a BBQ. I should have brought something.

MTG: Don't worry about it.

MTG Dad walks by: Want another beer?

C1: a little while.

C1 philosophy: Don't go to another man's house and drink all his beer, especially when dating his daughter. I was trying to play it cool. Fortunately this time it appeared to be working.

MTG Sis # 2, comes in and sits with us drinking a tiny margartia.

MTG Sis # 2: This is going to make me wonga. And starts talking to me.

MTG is looking at me like, please excuse my family.

Not long after we eat. MTG Sis # 2 sitting next to me with MTG on my other side. MTG Sis # 2 starts spacing out.

MTG Sis #2: I can't really handle my liquor.

C1: I see (said jokingly)

MTG Sis # 2 starts looking wonga. Slurring her words. She really can't hold liquor. She only had not even an ounce or margarita. Which in my opinion needed a heck of a lot more tequila. Before I know it MTG Sis # 2's head is on my shoulder asleep. I sit there and smile trying to ignore this fact. MTG is shaking her head. For some reason the convo quickly changes about me and I end up telling some funny family stories about myself. This amuses everyone there.

The night goes on, a little more weirdness insues. (Think of the weird things that happen on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that was the rest of the night) We end up in the living room again.

MTG: (whispering in ear) I'm so sorry. I'll understand if you want to run out screaming.

C1: It's ok. Believe it or not, this feels pretty good, just like home.

Well not really but it makes MTG feel much better.

It gets late, and I leave.

MTG Mom: Come back whenever you want.

C1: Sure, I definately will.

But next time, don't try to kill me with Atomic Pickles.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wow. Haven't posted in a while. So I will today. What can I say, my head hurts I've completely followed up with all my cases at work, and I'm trying to figure out some quite difficult real estate legal cases but there's so much stuck in my head nothing is working.

We got yelled at this week on Monday!! By our boss!! Yay, how fun. Well my boss is actually one of my very good friends outside work too, so she warned me in advance before she yelled at everyone. And yes it actually hurt listening to it too, even though it really wasn't directed at me, but to like oh....90% of the others in the office. And for whatever reason, God knows why, I heard this yelling voice of my boss/friend and it really got to me. By meaning that I got super pissed. Like "Hulk MAD!!" smash through the walls rip cars in two pissed, minus the turning green and running around in my underpants.

To top it off the hallway, yeah it's a hallway, our conference room, where we meet is always freezing, and I mean sub-zero. So I was pissed and mad, and freezing. And so after the verbal smack down, I sat at my desk steaming but was so cold that I started feeling quite sick. I mean cold down to the bone, and I could not for anything warm up. So my nose started running, etc. The following day I was feeling really naff, all sick and upset. I turned into my one time dark former self for most of the day. So of course, me and my music had to make my dark mix to listen to repeatedly through out the day. You know those dark evil days when your feel bad physically and mentally. So here was the play list:

1. Angel - Massive Attack : Deep and evil beats, gotta love it.

2. Hey F$% You!! - The Beastie Boys

3. Forty-Six and 2 - Tool

4. Hooker with a Penis - Dark and evil, nothing personal meant here to my friend, its just gets the blood going.

5. And I'm Aching - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

6. So What'cha Want - The Beastie Boys

7. Rush (Spritiual Guidance Mix) - Depeche Mode Not a mean song but the remix is ultra dark and fit my mood.

8. Halo (Live) - Depeche Mode - Somehow this sounds darker live

9. Lethal Industry - DJ Tiesto - No words, just hard harsh beats

10. M.I.A. - Foo Fighters

11. Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters

12. All Alone - Gorillaz

13. Minority - Green Day

14. I'm an Adult Now - The Pursuit of Happiness

15. Reign of Tech2000 - The Beatnuts w/some Japanese Artist

16. Club Foot - Kasabian

17. My Friend of Misery - Metallica

18. Don't Tread on Me - Metallica

19. Anarchy in the U.K. - Sex Pistols

20. New Dawn Fades - New Order feat. Moby - Who'd of thought Moby could sound so punk like he does in this song.

21. Battle Without Honor of Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

22. Deuce - The Cardigans

23. Black - Sarah McLachlan

24. Dec 4 - Jay Z

25. Alive - Pearl Jam

26. It's a Dark Day - Rev. Horton Heat

27. Alpha Male - Royksopp

28. Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins

29. I Know It's You - The Crystal Method

30. Mindfields - The Prodigy

31. Firestarter - The Prodigy

32. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths

33. Prison Sex - Tool

34. Sober - Tool

35. Eruption - Van Halen

Anyways I was enjoying my bout of evilness, and then I get the instant message from my boss/friend.

"We need to talk"

Awww.....Crap. I think to myself.

"Alright but be warned that I'm plenty p.o.'d and feeling really sick right now" I reply. Yes I said that.

"I'm considered warned" the reply came.

This was of course three hours before we were to meet, which was after work when pretty much everyone left, I had to stay over.

But by the time the meeting came I was sick and had no evil left in me, the music took it all away. (Thanks music)

Thankfully it turned out ok. She noticed I was plenty pissed and wanted to tell me that she had no problems with me, it was for almost everyone else. She just wanted to make sure I was ok etc. I told her yeah, she's the boss, she's gotta do what she's gotta do. It all worked out. I even stayed an hour and a half late after work, we were just talking etc, about everything else than work. It actually was nice.

But I was still sick. Like dead sick by the time I left. I felt numb. I drove home. And she called.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I'm sick, I don't feel well"

"Oh no. What's wrong?"

"I dunno, but I feel like crap. I ran a fever and everything"

"Poor baby."

"As if."

"Do you have soup or anything, some meds."

"No I don't think so. I'm just going to get some sleep."

"You need to eat and take something."

"I know but I don't feel like it"

"*sigh* Well stay there I'm coming over to make you something, I'll pick you up some meds from the store."

"Uh....(pause) No it's ok, I'll be fine."

"As if, I'll be over in a bit." (click)

What the? I thought, no she's not really coming over. But she did. She made me chicken soup. From a can but still. And got me some herbal med stuff that suppost to take away your symptoms. All I know is that it tastes like sugar. I went to bed and she was there, she changed the sheets and eveything. I was telling her, "No really it's ok." But she did it anyways. Not that I really minded, it was nice being taken care of. I went to sleep, she was still there, for how long after I dunno, but when I woke up the next morning she wasn't there. But my clothes were washed and folded. And a note with some meds telling me to take them every eight hours. I felt much better when I woke up. Not 100% but enough to still go to work. And work was ok, not the best still but ok.

Everyone is scared to do anything, it's odd. Especially with how lax we are about everything in the office. But oh well, nothing lasts forever.

Speaking of nothing lasts forever, at work on the net I saw, Captain America died. I was like "What?!! No way!!" (Ok I read comics ok, by big bro got me hooked years ago. And I mean I read them I don't collect them.) Anyways, if you do read them you probably know about the whole Civil War debacle that went on in the Marvel books. (Which btw is a really interesting read, no seriously) So anyways, I'd thought I'd leave a little tribute here at the end.

Well I did but blogger keeps telling me it doesnt' accept any of the charaters I type.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well it happend. My uncle passed away yesterday. So I'm at home waiting for the numerous family members that are on their way from all over to show up at our house. I know I should feel sad, but I don't. He's not suffering with that cancer crap anymore, so he's got peace now. And that makes me feel good. Though everyone else is crying, etc.

Well I'm not all sad too, because I have too many other things on my mind at the moment too.

And yes "she" is back, and we're supposed to "talk" about everything tomorrow, even though we talked on the phone for over an hour last night. We shall see how it turns out. We've kinda gone through this whole thing before, but not on this level. But still I'm anxious and scared and pretty much petrified at the moment. But as always I have my music playing to keep me calm. Speaking of which I decided to make a response CD, just in case, with songs that she'd like. Well if things turn out the way that their heading...yeah...hmmmm... Anyways I'm making a response CD to the one that she gave me before she went out of town. Here's what I got so far. Oh and this is tentative to change at any moment.

Track listing:

1. Protection - Massive Attack

2. Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain

3. Tired of Being Alone - Al Green

4. Something Sexy About the Rain - Kenny Chesney

5. Here With Me - Dido (Roll's Chilling With the Family Mix)

6. Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

7. Live With Me - Massive Attack

8. Diary - Alicia Keys

9. Miracle - Olive

10. You're Not Alone - Olive

11. If I Fell - The Beatles

12. I'll Be There - Weekend Players

13. To Have and Not to Hold - Madonna

14. It's Probably Me - Sting

15. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

16. All I Ask of You - The Phantom of the Opera

Again it's tentative to change. But it seems ok thus far. We shall see.