Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It would be nice to be at home writting this. But do forgive me if there are typos, this time around. Nope I'm not at home, I was there for a few hours last night and this morning. Instead I'm typing on my way back to Mexico, but only to pic up some meds for my uncle who is dying of cancer. I saw him last night right after I got off the plane. We went over, to his house. My cousins were there and my aunt. He was in bed a bag of bones struggling to breath. He was tripping on morphine and babbling in and out of consciousness. Fortuantely unlike my other uncle that recently passed away from cancer, his insides where not bloated, looking like he was about to burst. (TMI I know) My uncle opened his eyes for a brief moment last night. They are dialated, all black, no life in them. I've seen this look many times before unfortunately. But yet here we are driving to back to Mexico to get some sort of home remedy that might help him, (though he probably won't make it through the weekend).

The old country road were on is extremely bumpy and uneasy. My laptop is bouncing up and down with the truck, and my wireless card is threating to pop off from my mobile. But still...here we go.

Pop has my Beatles mix I made for him on. The his window is open and the music is blaring, but you can hardly hear the music from the noise of the wind and the thud of the tires from the pavement.

Monterrey was fun I sorted out a lot of things there. I must've listened to the CD she gave me about 15 times. Analyzing, scrutinizing. But I think the best part was listening to it with some friends and one of my uncles and cousins.

We talked about the songs, laughed at them, trying to understand them. And I wrote down their thoughts on them. Which I think were pretty good. Or at least they were when we had the CD playing while sitting in the back yard at night looking at the city and stars and kicking back a few.

And yes she called. But its weird at how it happend. Ok I'm in Mexico and there is no signal what so ever for my mobile to pick up from my mobile carrier. But non-the-less I had my mobile on. "NO SIGNAL" it said.

"Mira, you're not going to get a call." said one of my cousins. "You got no signal."

"I know." I said.

Just then, (Ring). Ok actually "Enjoy the Silence" plays on my mobile, but its the same thing.
"What the?" I say.

My cousins and friends look at me, like "How the hell..."

R: "Hey"
C1: "Hey, how are you?"
R: "I'm ok. Just having a little fun."
C1: Don't know what to say so I say, "Awesome"
R: "Yeah.... So are doing ok? What are you up to?"
C1: I explain where I am etc.
R: "You didn't tell me you were going out of town?"
C1: "Last minute holiday."
R: "Oh ok. Well have fun."
C1: "No problems there."
R: "Uhm...I wanted to let you know that I won't be able to call tomorrow. I'm going to be busy, so I'll try to call you Monday."
C1: "Oh ok..well...be careful. And have fun too. (she's on a business trip)"
R: "As if...I'm working."
C1: "You know what I mean."
R: "Silly"
C1: "Well I better go. (my phone signal was fading out fast and it sounded awful)"
R: "Ok, goodnight"
C1: "Goodnight. Oh btw"
R: "Yeah?"
C1: "I love the mix you made me"
R: (giggles) "I hoped you would"
C1: "We'll talk later."
R: "Yeah..."

We say a few more words. I'm act all stupid in front of everyone.

"Aye mi amor. Mi queres mucho." my friend says making kissing noises at me. Everyone laughs.

"Cabron!" I say and give him a smack on the head.

We go out (btw they have great clubs/chillout places in Monterrey) an have fun.
We got home a little early. 2 am, and I sat out on the patio with my uncle, aunt, some cousins and friends, and I play the CD for them. Here's what we come up with.

The playlist on the mix CD is as follows.

1. White Flag - Dido
We all like this one. Good way to start. Nice and warm but kind of vauge. Kind of, not too much.

2. Pictures of You - The Cure
I love this song. She know it. We figure that's why it's here.

3. I'm Wrong About Everything - John Wesley Harding
A little odd but a good song for a couple. I like its slowness. My aunt told my uncle he sold hear this song more often.

4. Turn Me On - Norah Jones
I laugh at this one. It's so...I don't know how to describe it...hot? Maybe. It's pretty straight forward. My friends look at me at this one. Is that a clue?

5. You Don't Know Me (Live) - Ray Charles
Ok, hidding meaning here? We weren't sure but its one of my favorite songs anyways.

6. Here With Me - Dido
This one is obvious. Or so we all thought.

7. Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
Don't know if this is for me or her. But I love Sarah so its good anyways. My aunt liked this one too.

8. Drown In My Own Tears - Ray Charles
Again cryptic, but I think it was supposed to be. Ray mulling over why his significant other is at home yet. Hmmm...this one makes us think.

9. Center of the Sun - Conjure One (Solarstone's Chill Out Mix)
I love this song for obvious reasons. The chill mix is awesome, the third stanza where the boy and girl get together is amazing. Good choice.

10. Most of the Time - Bob Dylan
Great Dylan song. We ponder over this one, but can't come up with a reason other than its a good song.

11. Cold Blooded Old Times - Smog
We laughed. It's kinda scary but in a good way. You'd have to hear it for yourself.

12. These Words (I Love You, I Love You, I Love You) - Natsha Beddingfield
She likes this song I know. That's why its on here.

13. Fallen For You - Sheila Nicholls
Hmmmm....Yeah this is obvious too.

14. Cool - Gwen Stefani
We're not sure if this has a true meaning. I know she loves this song. I figure that's why its there. I shall have to ask when the time comes.

15. I Love You - Sarah McLachlan
Blantantly there for a reason. If this song isn't straight forward enough I don't know what is. It left me numb in a good way. Plus its cool listening to under the stars.

16. In My Life - The Beatles
I love this song, always have, always will.

17. Always See your Face - Love
Melancholy song, but good, we all like it.

18. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
Wow. My uncle tells stories about the Beach Boys. Awesome song.

19. Glasgow Love Theme - ?
No words just music. Really good music. We all love it.

20. I Believe (When I Fall It Will Be Forever) - Stevie Wonder
This did it for me. For everyone else too. Who can say it better than Stevie? Enough said.

Well I'm going to stop typing. Looking at the screen and typing and the noise and being in a moving vehicle is making me very nauseaous.

Again excuse the typos etc, I don't have the strength to to go back and read what I wrote.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Cause Life Ain't Nothing But a Good Groove, A Good Mix Tape Will Put You in the Right Mood." - Beastie Boys - Professor Booty

I have a surprise for me today. She made me a mix tape. Well CD but same thing. I made her one for her trip, I didn't expect or care if she had made one for me too. It's just something we do.

Track listing

1. White Flag - Dido
2. Pictures of You - The Cure
3. I'm Wrong About Everything - John Wesley Harding
4. Turn Me On - Norah Jones
5. You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles
6. Here With Me - Dido
7. Stupid - Sarah McLachlan
8. Drown in My Own Tears - Ray Charles
9. Center of the Sun - Conjure One (Solarstone's Chilled Out Remix)
10. Most of the Time - Bob Dylan
11. Cold Blooded Old Times - Smog
12. These Words (I Love You) - Natasha Beddingfield
13. Fallen for You - Sheila Nicholls
14. Cool - Gwen Stefani
15. I Love You - Sarah McLachlan
16. In My Life- The Beatles
17. Always See Your Face - Love
18. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
19. Glasgow Love Theme
20. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) - Stevie Wonder

She called me and asked me if I found it yet. I hadn't noticed it yet, but I found it. Now I have to listen, and analyze. :)