Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tortilla Soup Blues

Not long ago, a dear old friend asked me "How is Mix Tape Girls cooking?" To which I simply smiled and said, "uh...."

Albeit in good faith MTG makes dishes with recipes pulled from the net and some that her friends give her. It's hit or miss, most of the time miss. Though I'll give to her that she makes killer pork chops.

Tonight's menu was tortilla soup. Or as I'll put it, boiled chicken with chicken broth, cheese and tortilla chips, unflavored.

As we ate this flavorless dish, we both sat and looked at each other. It looked ok, but we took bites and smiled our, (Ewwww...WTF) smiles. Seeing as she had her heart set on this dish I complemented that it was mmmm..mmm...good.

And now, several hours later, my stomach is rebelling against me. MTG feeling sick, already going to bed, and me sitting here trying to keep the food down, drinking copious amounts of Malox and water. And putting music on my mp3 player. My head is pounding, my sight is slightly blurry, and my mouth watering like it does before I vomit.

Why I decided to blog about this I have no idea. Guess I'm just trying to take my mind off my stomach. Let's hope this is the last foray into Tortilla Soup land.

Off to kiss the porcelain seat I go. Think I'm calling in tomorrow.